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Clearwater Tech is a recognized leader among the largest manufacturers and distributors in the high-tech motion control and factory automation industry in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring over 25, 000 parts online, Clearwater Tech has exactly what you are looking for. Now more than ever Clearwater Tech is your destination for the industrial factory automation parts.

Sentrol Industrial 2804T 2807T 2808T High Security Explosion Proof Magnetic Contacts Distributors

GE Security - Sentrol Industrial

2840T Series Explosion-Proof Magnetic Contacts Screw Terminals

The Sentrol 2800T Series magnetic contacts are designed for High Security hazardous environments. The rugged die-cast aluminum housing with conduit fittings meets UL requirements for hazardous locations. The contacts are balanced, triple-biased SPDT switches that make defeat with external magnets virtually impossible. The contacts feature tamper circuits that are actuated by removal of the face plate or by introduction of an external magnet. The terminals are located inside the housing providing additional protection from tampering or accidental shorting.

Optional features include pry tamper loop for alarm in case of contact removal, current limiting device for circuit protection, and a housing approved for Class1 Group B and Class III environments.

IDEC PS6R Series 480W Switching Power Supply Distributors


A Complete Solution to Your DC Power Needs

IDEC Corp. proudly announces the launch of PS6R - a new stage in the evolution of industrial power supplies. Highly efficient and ultra compact, PS6R power supplies offer a built-in expansion slot that allows use of DC-DC converters, allowing users to add 5V and 12V outputs with a simple plug-in module. It's like having three power supplies in one! At only 85mm wide, the 480W PS6R power supplies take up less space than most 240W power supplies, making them ideal for applications where high power is required but panel space is limited. As well as being able to add outputs, with the addition of a branch terminal module, you can also add extra + and - slots.

Safety won't be comprised with PS6R power supplies! An indicator alarm contact (NPN transistor) closes when the output voltage has fallen below 80%. These power supplies are designed for any industrial or machine application where reliable DC power (even in multiple voltages) is required. With a steady power source and a 93% efficiency level, PS6R power supplies keep energy consumption low while maintaining high-output power ratings (up to 20A), as well as being parallel-capable for increased power.

SEW Eurodrive MOVITRAC LTE-B Inverter Drives Distributors

SEW Eurodrive

MOVITRAC LTE B in Degree of Protection IP20 & NEW in IP66

The MOVITRAC LTE-B series consists of a series of products in three sizes for implementing cost efficient and easy to operate drives with 3-phase induction motors in a power range of 0.37 kW to 7.5 kW in IP66 degree of protection, and a power of 11 kW in IP20.

MOVITRAC LTE-B controls the speed of the motor by means of a voltage/frequency controller. A digital controller combined with the latest IGBT power semiconductor technology makes for a compact and robust solution for universal drive applications. The product is designed for simple operation and installation and therefore offers userfriendly programming and startup. Another advantage is that the overall costs of the drive solution are kept to a minimum.

Whether MOVITRAC LTE-B is used with or without filter depends on the regulations applicable in the various countries where the product is used.

  • Without filter: permitted in America, Asia, and Africa
  • With filter: suited for use worldwide
Weidmuller 2 & 4 Changeover Contacts DRM Series Relays Distributor

DRM Series Relays with 2 or 4 Changeover Contacts

The new DRM miniature relays complement Weidmuller's wide range of proven electromechanical and solid-state devices. DRM relays offer functionality to meet industrial standards, at an economical price point.

The DRM is available in 2 and 4 changeover contact versions for AC and DC voltages to suit most industrial and commercial applications.

DRM relays are available with LED status indication, as well as a test lever for quick and easy commissioning and troubleshooting. The relay bases are DIN-rail mountable and feature high quality screw terminals.

You place stringent demands on your relay combinations in industrial environments. Our D-SERIES relay modules were designed specifically for challenging industrial applications. Let's connect.

From sales to shipping CTi Automation is committed to meeting your requirements for the right product, on time. Our mission is to be the source most preferred by engineers and buyers to design, prototype, test and manufacture electronics. CTi Automation is committed to meeting requirements and creating total customer satisfaction with on-time performance, order accuracy and the highest quality of service. This is accomplished through our commitment to continual improvement of our people, our suppliers, and our processes.

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Protection Against Transient Voltage Spikes:

Power filters & transient voltage suppressors are very cheap PLC system insurance. Power filters protect your PLC system from noise and voltage spikes on the incoming power lines. Be sure that all devices in your system (PLCs, DC power supplies, etc.) are powered from the load side of the power filter. Transient Voltage Suppressors will drastically reduce voltage spikes that occur when de-energizing inductive loads.

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Banner Lights

On-Axis Vision Lighting provides even, diffused illumination for flat, reflective surfaces. A beam splitter directs the light rays along the same axis as the camera lens. Reflective surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright. Surfaces at an angle to the camera and non-reflective surfaces appear dark. Linear array lights provide high-intensity illumination of large areas, at long distances. Available in 3 housings: nickel-plated aluminum (IP68),

SUNX Sensors

The NA1-11 & NA1-11-PN is an area sensor that utilizes a unique cross-beam detection method to accurately detect small and thin objects. With a wide 100mm sensing height, as well as a 1m length detection distance, this sensor can be used in a wide range of possible applications. The sensor thickness is a mere 10mm, providing simple mounting due to the lack of space necessary for integration. A convenient high visibility, 55mm indicator