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ABB Low Voltage Drives

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ACS800-01 Wall-Mounted Drives

The wall-mounted drive, ACS800-01 offers all that you need up to 200 kW. All important features and options are built inside the drive: line choke, EMC filter, brake chopper etc. The user gets everything in a single and complete IP21 or IP55 package. Still the drive is also extremely small. A wide range of software alternatives makes this drive suitable for any application. Built-in options include:

  • IP55 protection degree
  • Brake chopper (in frame sizes R4-R6)
  • EMC filter for 1st environment
  • EMC filter for 2nd environment
  • Analog and digital I/O extension modules
  • Fieldbus modules
  • Pulse encoder interface module
ABB ACS800 Single 0.75hp to 6000hp Industrial Inverters Distributors

If you are looking for ABB ACS800 Drives, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the ABB ACS800 Industrial Fan Inverters that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for ABB ACS800 VFD Pump AC Drive technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheet or product selection guide page links.

Cabinet-Built ACS800-07 Drive

The cabinet-built drive, ACS800-07 offers standardized configurations that can be adapted to any application. It covers a wide power range up to 2800 kW and is very compact, the largest drive is only 3.2 meters wide. It is available with IP21, IP22, IP42, IP54 and IP54R protection degrees. A wide range of built-in options is available and application engineering services can be offered when customization is needed. Accessories for ACS800-07 include:

  • Analog and digital I/O extension modules
  • ATEX approved motor protection
  • Brake chopper and resistor
  • Cabinet heater

The ACS800-U7 has an extensive range of built in features and options. Typical option choices include extended I/O and fieldbus options, line contactor, EMC filtering, common mode filtering and du/dt (voltage rise) filtering, all mountable within the single cabinet.

ABB ACS800-07 Cabinet-Built Drive Distributor


ACS800-11 Wall-Mounted Regenerative VFD

The wall-mounted regenerative drive, ACS800-11 is equipped with active supply unit. It offers a full performance regenerative drive in a single compact package. All important features and options including an LCL line filter and EMC filter are built inside the drive. The power ratings start from 5.5 kW and go up to 110 kW. It is available with IP21 protection degree. Built-in options include:

  • EMC filter for 1st environment
  • EMC filter for 2nd environment
  • Analog and digital I/O extension modules
  • Fieldbus modules
  • Pulse encoder interface module
  • Motion control and other control solution software
ABB ACS800-11 Wall-Mounted Regenerative Drives Distributors

ACS800-37 Cabinet-Built Low Harmonic Inverters

The ACS800-37 cabinet-built drive is a low harmonic solution in the power range of 37 kW up to 2700 kW. It offers a unique harmonics solution that is incorporated into the drive. Like other cabinet-built single drives, it has a wide range of standardized configurations and is available with IP21, IP22, IP42, IP54 and IP54R protection degrees. Application engineering services can be offered when customization is needed.

The ACS800-37 drive offers an easy solution to the problem of harmonics. The solution itself is incorporated in the drive, eliminating the need for any additional filtering equipment or complicated and large multi-pulse transformer arrangements.

ABB ACS800-37 125Hp to 2800Hp Stand-Alone Single Ultra Low Harmonic Cabinet-Built Inverters Distributor

ACS800-02 Free Standing Inverter

The ACS800-U2 single drive is a unique, extremely compact bookshelf-style unit with a new innovative free-standing enclosure. The power ratings start from 125 Hp and go up to 600 Hp continuous load rating. It is available only in UL Type 1 protection class.

The ACS800-U2 drive is extremely compact without sacrificing user-friendliness. When using bookshelf mounting, even side-by-side installation is possible. In addition to bookshelf mounting, the ACS800-U2 offers the possibility for flat type (sideways) mounting, making it possible to optimize depth instead of width. The ACS800-U2 has an extensive selection of built in features and options. Standard features include an AC choke for harmonic filtering and drive protection, extensive and flexible I/O, user-friendly control panel with Start-up Assistant feature and a silent, long lifetime cooling fan.

ABB ACS800-02 (45kW to 560kW) ACS800-U2 (60Hp to 600Hp) Free Standing Single Industrial Inverters Distributors

ACS800-17 Cabinet-Built Regenerative Drives

The ACS800-17 offers you a complete regenerative drive in a single, compact cabinet-built package. The drive includes everything that is needed for regenerative operation, including line filter. The active supply unit allows full power flow both in motoring and regenerating modes.

Compared with other braking methods such as mechanical and resistor braking, the energy savings can be significant with the ACS800-17. The braking energy is returned to the AC Line network, not wasted as heat. Handling of waste heat may also be a problem if braking power is significant. As no external braking devices are needed with the ACS800-17, installation work is simpler and the space requirement for installation is less.

ABB ACS800-17 125Hp to 2600Hp Stand-Alone Regenerative Cabinet-Built Single AC Drives Distributor

ACS800-31 Wall-Mounted Low Harmonic Drive

There is increasing concern among end users and power companies about the harmful effects of harmonics. Harmonic distortion may disturb or even damage sensitive equipment connected in the same environment. Harmonic standards are thus becoming stricter and there is a growing demand for low harmonic solutions.

The ACS800-U31 drive offers an easy solution to the problem of harmonics. The solution itself is incorporated in the drive, eliminating the need for any additional filtering equipment or complicated and large multi-pulse transformer arrangements. The ACS800-U31 eliminates low order harmonics with the active converter controlled with DTC, and high order harmonics with an LCL line filter.

ABB ACS800-31 (5.5kW to 110kW) & ACS800-U31 (7.5Hp to 125Hp) Wall-Mounted Low Harmonic Inverters Distributors

ACS800-04 Single VFD Modules

ACS800-04 drives are single drive modules that are optimised for building into customers' own cabinets. They have been designed to minimise the cabinet space used, make cabinet assembly as easy as possible, and give maximum flexibility. The power range is from 0.55 to 1900 kW. All the drives, regardless of the power and voltage, have the same customer interface and I/O making system design and training easier.

The units have everything necessary built-in. That includes, for example, built-in chokes for harmonic filtering as standard, built-in braking chopper and built-in EMC filtering (both are optional in some frame sizes), making cabinet assembly easier.

ABB ACS800-04 Industrial Inverter Modules 0.55kW to 2900kW Distributor

R-Series Fieldbus Adapter Modules

The R-series fieldbus adapter modules are flexible plug-in adapters that provide fast and simple universal connectivity to all major controllers. Universal connectivity means ABB low voltage drives connect to virtually all controller brands and communication networks, allowing users to choose the best network to meet their needs.

Network connectivity of products provides simplified interface for control and management of drives; improving quality, productivity, flexibility and scalability. Fieldbus networks also offer a cost reduction in wiring costs, compared to traditional I/O connections.

ABB's complete product portfolio of drives and fieldbus adapters make ABB drives ideal for many different industrial applications in industries such as; water & wastewater, pumps & fans, alternative energy, pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil and gas.

ABB RDNA-01 (+K451) DeviceNet Fieldbus Adapter Modules Distributors
Fieldbus Adapter Modules

Our industrial factory automation supplies istributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho USA stocks some ABB industrial pump & fan AC drive products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct ACS800-17 drive in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have ACS800-31 drive in stock in Boise, Idaho USA or need to get them from ABB Group; Clearwater Tech can get ACS800-37LC drive to you fast and save you some money! It will be very helpful if you have the wall-mounted drive part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for cabinet-built drive that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for low harmonic drive, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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