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ABB Low Voltage Drives

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ABB drives brings together a world leading and recognised brand - ABB - the number one supplier for variable speed drives and a product range that is simply the widest available from any manufacturer. ABB drives is a reference for drives users the world over that signifies reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity, throughout the lifecycle of a drive.

If you are looking for ABB Drives, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the ABB Low Voltage Frequency Inverters that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for ABB VFD Drive technical information (data-sheets) please use the Cut Sheets OR Product Selection Guide page links.

Why did ABB introduce two products ACS 150 & ACS 355?

Two low voltage AC drive market segments exist from fractional horsepower to approximately 10/15 horsepower at 480Vac. One segment requires low price with a good feature set while the other segment requires a much more comprehensive feature set at a higher price point. As such, ABB designed two products so you wouldn't be forced to offer the higher feature product at the lower price point nor turn away orders because the lower price product didn't have the necessary features. The combined unit volume for these two products is reported to be in excess of 1.4 million units per year with annual revenue of over $450 million. These two products fill the gap between ACS55 and ACS550 products completely.

What is a harmonic?

A harmonic is a sinusoidal component of the voltage wave from and is a multiple of the fundamental frequency (60Hz in the US). Non-linear loads such as diode and thyristor rectifiers, other power electronic converters and fluorescent lights cause some distortion of AC line voltage and current. This distortion is called electrical harmonic. High harmonic content may disturb or damage the sensitive electronic equipment connected to the same AC line network.

What is a low harmonic AC drive?

A low harmonic AC inverter is a drive or drive package that produces less harmonic distortion to the AC line than conventional AC drives.

What is special in ABB's ultra low harmonic drive?

ABB's ultra low harmonic drive solution uses advanced harmonics mitigation technology that does not require external filters or multi-pulse transformer. These drives utilize an active front-end rectifier with a LCL (inductor - capacitor - inductor) filter. The low line harmonic content of the ACS800-U31 and ACS800-37 AC drives fulfil the strictest harmonic requirements including IEEE519-1992 at the drive's input terminals. This makes ABB's ultra low harmonic drive a simple and compact solution for low harmonic AC drive.

What is an LCL filter?

An LCL filter is a filter which consists of a inductor (L), a capacitor (C), and another inductor (L) arranged in a T-section configuration. Each input phase of the ACS800-U31 and ACS800-37 includes a symmetrical set of these components. The inductors are series power components that carry the full current of the drive.

Why should I use a low harmonic drive?

As usage of electronic and electrical equipment increases, users and utilities are becoming more concerned about the harmful effects of harmonics. This is leading to more stringent power quality requirements.

Do harmonics only come from AC drives?

No, AC line harmonics are caused by many electrical devices and are an overall system issue, not just associated with AC drives. The goal of low harmonic AC drives is to contribute less harmonic distortion to the overall system.

Which one is more important, current or voltage harmonic distortion?

In principle, one can consider the current distortion generated by an AC drive as fixed, i.e. it does not depend on the character of the network. The voltage distortion depends on the quality of the network. The higher the impedance of the network (weaker the network), the higher voltage distortion is caused by a given current distortion. That is why harmonic requirements are typically given as current distortion. For example, IEEE519-1992 gives maximum allowed current distortion values based on a network's short-circuit ratio.

Why does the line current look distorted at no load?

The absolute value of the current harmonics generated by the drive is independent of the load current, meaning that the absolute value of the harmonics is nearly the same at no load as at nominal load. That is why the current waveform looks distorted even when the load current is very low. This is not an issue as the harmful effects of harmonics depend on the absolute harmonic content based on nominal load. For example, the standards like IEEE519-1992 refer to harmonic content as a percentage of the total load current.

Why does the ACS800-37 drive have main contactor (up to R8i) or main air circuit breaker as a standard (nxR8i)?

The main contactor or circuit breaker is used as part of the pre-charging circuit of the DC bus capacitors.

Is a braking chopper available for the low harmonic drives?

Yes. The ACS800-U31 includes DC bus connection terminals and an external braking chopper (NBRA type) may be applied. For ACS800-37, cabinet built choppers and resistors are available and may be ordered with a plus code.

Is ACS800-U31 available with NEMA type 12 enclosure?

The ACS800-U31 is not available in a NEMA Type 12 enclosure. For NEMA Type 12 application requirements, it is recommended to apply the ACS800-U31 in a separate enclosure rated for the level of protection needed. Please contact engineered drives, your local panel shop or system integrator for further information.

What types of promotional materials are available?

In addition to ACS150 and ACS350 Technical Catalogs we have developed two videos. One video covers the ACS150 and ACS350 sales tools and how to use them and the other is an ACS350 Product Video. The Sales Tool Video is intended for internal distributor training while the Product Video is intended for customers. CD's containing these videos are contained in the Product Launch Package.

Are price page tables available in Excel format so I can load my business system?

Yes, both ACS150 and ACS350 price pages in Excel format are contained in the Product Launch Material CD.

Can a GFCI circuit breaker be installed on the AC power feeding a drive, or will the drive cause it to trip?

The AC Drive most likely will cause the GFCI protection device to trip. The reason the AC Drive will cause this tripping of the GFCI is the Common Mode Current or Common Mode Noise (CM Noise) that the VFD is producing. The high rate that the IGBT is switched on and off is around (1 - 16 kHz). This switching creates Common Mode Electrical Noise. The Common Mode Noise is the current that appears on a conductor with respect to ground. This Common Mode Noise can and will travel throughout the plants ground system and even beyond. This Common Mode Noise can affect the operation of the application, and other equipment in the plant by interfering with signals from sensors, computers, PLC's, telephone and radio. The VFD does provide ground fault protection on the output of the VFD.

What is a regenerative AC drive?

A regenerative AC drive (also known as four quadrant) is a drive with the ability to return energy (power) back to the supply line. The ACS800-U11/ACS800-17 has line side IGBT supply makes this possible and an active filter that keeps the supply a clean sinusoidal wave form. Conventional non-regenerative AC drives have a passive diode supply that cannot return energy to the supply line. The ability to return energy to the supply line allows you to save energy by regenerating the load energy to the line instead of to a braking chopper and external resistor. This eliminates the need for braking chopper, resistor hardware, and extra wiring for most regenerative.

Can I use my existing ACS800-U2/ACS800-U4/ACS800-U7 drive spare module for the ACS800-17?

No, even though many of the electrical components in the both drive modules are the same, the mechanical design is different. ACS800-17 drive is using ACS800-104 modules, that cannot be exchanged with the ACS800 stand alone drive modules.

Is the ACS800-U11 available with NEMA Type 12 enclosure?

The ACS800-U11 is not available in a NEMA Type 12 enclosure (IP55). For NEMA Type 12 application requirements it is recommended to apply the ACS800-U11 in a separate enclosure rated for the level of protection needed. Please contact engineered drives, your local panel shop, or system integrator for further information.

What is an LCL filter?

An LCL filter is a passive filter which consists of a reactor (L), a capacitor (C), and another reactor (L) arranged in a T-section configuration. Each input phase of the ACS800-U11 includes a symmetrical set of these components. The inductors are series power components that carry the full current of the drive.

Why would I use Braking chopper in a regenerative drive?

For applications requiring braking even when there is incoming supply line loss, the braking chopper will provide braking down to approximately 10% motor base speed. Therefore, in applications where it is critical the load is stopped quickly even if there is power loss, a brake chopper is a good solution.

Can a circuit breaker be used instead of fuses to protect the drive?

No, circuit breakers do not provide sufficient short circuit protection. Fast blow fuses (semiconductor fuses) are recommended for drive protection such as Bussman type JJS T-class fuses. See the drive hardware manual for recommended fuse sizing and types. For the ACS800-17 aR fuses are included and must be used as supplied. Contact ABB logistics of Bussman directly for replacement.

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