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Accu-Coder Encoders

Our magnetic encoder modules are flexible, cost effective feedback solutions. They consist of a modular housing containing the encoder's hall-effect sensor and signal processing circuitry, as well as a separate magnetic target that is affixed to a rotating shaft.

Accu Coder Model 30M Incremental Encoder Modules Distributors

Model 30M

New from Encoder Products Company, the Model 30M is a compact, modular incremental encoder with advanced magnetic sensing and signal processing technology. Featuring resolutions up to 1024 CPR, commutation channels, several output types and two supply voltage options, it can be configured for a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer feedback applications.

An optional centering and gap-setting tool enables quick and easy installation. With a non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to IP69K, the Model 30M can be applied in environments where dirt, dust and liquids are present.

If you are looking for Accu-Coder 30M Encoder Modules, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Accu-Coder magnetic encoder module that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Encoder Products Company (EPC) incremental encoder module technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.


  • Large Air Gap and Tolerance to Misalignment
  • Up to 1024 CPR (4096 PPR with Quadrature Counting)
  • Optional 2, 4 or 8-Pole Commutation
  • Sealing Options to IP69K
  • Temperature Range -40° to 120° C
  • Easy Alignment and Installation

There are numerous ways to successfully install an EPC Model 30M in your application. EPC's Applications Department is available to help identify and design the most cost-effective and easiest installation method for your application. The majority of applications can have the centering and gapping features designed into an adapter between the device it is being mounted to and the Model 30M.


  • Servo/stepper motor feedback
  • Mobile equipment speed and steering sensing
  • Timber processing machinery
  • Studio lighting and stage equipment control
  • Rotary valve position monitoring and control
  • Solar panel positioning
  • Vending machines
  • Punch presses
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Robotics

Whether we have Accu-Coder encoder modules in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Encoder Products Company to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get Accu-Coder 30M magnetic module to you fast and save you some money. Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some Accu-Coder products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct Accu-Coder 30M incremental module in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the Accu-Coder magnetic encoder modules part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Accucoder incremental encoder modules that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Accu-Coder encoder module, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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