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L-GAGE LT3 Series
L-GAGE LT7 Series


The New M12 Sensor from Contrinex with a body length of only 50mm and an operating range of 50m has been developed by CONTRINEX for use in hostile environments that prohibit the use of photoelectric and fiber optic sensors and where even inductive devices are susceptible to failure. Protected to IP67, immune to interference from other light sources, resistant to high shock levels and protected against the effects of

Datalogic Sensors

In Through-Beam Sensors the light emission is infrared and the signal is robust over long ranges. The emitter (S100***G00) and the receiver are provided in the same package and with a unique order number. The use of the rectangular SLIT (0,5/1/2 mm x 19 mm), available as accessory, allows to reduce the power and the openess of the light beam, in order to avoid optical interference between adiacent sensors and to narrow the light beam

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Banner Q3X Series Versatile Rugged Laser Contrast Sensors Distributors
Q3X Series

Q3X Series

The Q3X Sensor is an Expert laser diffuse contrast sensor for low contrast detection application. Some models of the Q3X are able to ignore targets beyond a factory-set background suppression distance. This innovative combination of low contrast diffuse sensing of targets while ignoring objects beyond the region of interest eliminates the biggest problem of diffuse mode sensing, namely changing background conditions affecting the contrast detection.

The normal sensor state is Run mode. From Run mode, the switch point value can be changed and the selected TEACH method can be performed.

The secondary sensor state is Setup mode. From Setup mode, the TEACH mode can be selected, all standard operating parameters can be adjusted, and a factory reset can be done.

If you are looking for Banner Laser Sensors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at info@clrwtr.com we will do our best to help you find the Banner PicoDot Laser Precision Sensor that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Banner Laser Precision Sensor technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Banner Q4X Series Versatile Rugged Laser Distance Sensors Distributors
Q4X Series

Q4X Series

The Q4X Sensor is a Class 1 laser CMOS sensor with a bipolar output. The normal sensor state is Run mode. From Run mode, the switch point value and LO/DO selection can be changed and the selected TEACH method can be performed. The secondary sensor state is Setup mode.

From Setup mode, the TEACH mode can be selected, all standard operating parameters can be adjusted, and a factory reset can be done.

The display is a 4-digit, 7-segment LED. The main screen is the Run Mode screen, which shows the current distance to the target in millimeters.

Class 1 lasers are lasers that are safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions of operation, including the use of optical instruments for intrabeam viewing.

Banner L-GAGE LE250 Laser Gauging Sensors Distributors
LE Series

L-GAGE LE Series

The L-GAGE LE Laser Gauging Sensor is a Class 2 visible, bore-sighted laser displacement sensor designed for precise, color-insensitive measurements. The working range of the sensor is 900 mm (35.4 in), from 100 mm to 1000 mm (3.94 in to 39.37 in). A 2-line LCD shows the real-time distance measurement, in either millimeters or inches, and the analog output measurement, in milliamps or volts, when the sensor is in Run mode.

Models with Current or Voltage Analog Outputs are available. This manual provides the display information and the navigation paths for the Current models with the Voltage model text in parentheses if it is different than the Current model.

Three LED indicators provide ongoing indication of the sensing status.

Banner L-GAGE LH Series High Speed Precision Laser Displacement Sensors Distributors
L-GAGE LH Series

L-GAGE LH Series

High speed, high precision, non-contact measurement sensor which provides accurate and stable displacement or thickness measurement on wood, metal, rubber, ceramic, and plastic parts.

  • Extremely accurate, robust and self-contained laser displacement using a 1024 pixel CMOS linear imager
  • Precise narrow laser spot for easy alignment to the target
  • Reliable and accurate measurement results on real world targets, such as machined metal, wood, ceramic, paper and painted targets
Banner L-GAGE LT3 Series Long-Range Time-of-Flight Laser Sensor Distributor
L-GAGE LT3 Series

L-GAGE LT3 Series

The L-GAGE LT3 Laser Distance-Gauging Sensor utilizes "time-of-flight" technology to provide precise, long-distance gauging at the speed of light. The microprocessor-controlled laser distance-gauging sensor features a unique design that provides exceptional accuracy and range at much lower cost than competitive laser gauging devices.

Precise performance and low price make the LT3 an ideal solution for a variety of precision inspection applications. LT3 laser distance-gauging devices provide exceptional sensing ranges and gauging accuracy.

Banner L-GAGE LT7 Series Self-Contained Retroreflective Diffuse-Mode Laser Distance Sensors Distributors
L-GAGE LT7 Series

L-GAGE LT7 Series

  • Offered in retroreflective models with two discrete outputs (PNP) for extremely long ranges up to 250 m
  • Available in diffuse models with two discrete outputs (PNP) and one 4-20 mA output for long-range background suppression up to 10 m
  • Provides two alarm outputs with ongoing LCD display for easy troubleshooting
  • Features TEACH-mode programming, using integrated pushbuttons or serial interface
  • Continually displays sensing distance in millimeters or hundredths of an inch
  • Delivers excellent ±10 mm linearity
  • Offers choice of RS-422 or SSI-compatible serial connection
Banner L-GAGE Laser Gauging Sensors Class 2 Visible Laser Displacement Sensor with Both Analog Discrete (Switched) Outputs Distributor
L-GAGE LG5 & LG10 Series

L-GAGE LG5 & LG10 Series

  • Provides 12 to 30V dc supply voltage with either an NPN or PNP discrete output, and a 4-20 mA or 0-10V dc analog output
  • Automatically scales the analog output over the width of the programmed sensing window
  • Features outstanding maximum resolution of 3 µm for flat white targets
  • Available in ranges of 45 to 60 mm (LG5) and 75 to 125 mm (LG10)
  • Lets you pick the exact range you need with the push of a button
  • Offers remote programming for added security and convenience
  • Uses push-button programming for three output response speeds
Banner WORLD BEAM QS186LE Laser Emitter Class 1 & 2 Lasers for Use with Modulated Photoelectric Receivers Distributors
QS18 Series


  • High-performance sensing with visible Class 1 or Class 2 lasers, depending on model
  • Available in opposed, diffuse, retroreflective and adjustable-field sensing modes
  • 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
  • Long sensing ranges & Ideal for confined areas
  • Available with five beam shapes
  • Narrow effective beam for small object detection and precise position control
  • Bright LED status indicators with 360° visibility
Banner PD49 Series Ruggedized PicoDot Polarized Retroreflective & Convergent Laser Sensors Distributor
PicoDot Series

PicoDot PD45 & PD49 Series

  • Convergent and retroreflective-mode laser sensor delivers precise position detection, inspection and counting.
  • Powerful retroreflective models offer long-range retroreflective sensing.
  • Fixed-field technology in the convergent-mode models ignores objects beyond the maximum sensing distance.
  • Convergent models have precise 0.25 mm beam width at the convergent focus point.
  • Retroreflective models have a precise, narrow beam to sense small objects at close range or larger objects to 10.6 m.
  • Power supply is 10 to 30V dc, with NPN or PNP outputs
  • Models are available with compact lightweight housing (PD45 models) or with environmentally sealed housing (PD49 models).
Banner M12 Class 1 Laser Emitter for Use with Modulated Receiver Distributor

M12 Laser Emitters

Conventional modulated infrared LED photoelectric emitters are designed with beam divergence angles of several degrees. As a result, most emitters are easily aligned to their receivers by simple line-of-sight methods. In sharp contrast to conventional photoelectric emitters, M12 laser emitters have a beam divergence of only 0.03° (0.5 milliradians) at 25° C (77°F) ambient temperature. The visible red beam of the laser emitter is easily seen in subdued lighting. At opposed distances of up to 10', attach a sheet of white paper directly in front of the receiver lens.

Banner WORLD-BEAM QS30 Midsize Photoelectric Sensors Distributors


The QS30 is unlike other high-power sensors that require massive housings, synchronization wires and a much longer barrel format with fewer mounting options. The compact, self-contained QS30 outperforms larger sensors and features a wide range of convenient mounting options using either the 30 mm barrel, integral sidemounting holes or a series of available brackets. Innovative new circuitry results in superior range and immunity to crosstalk, electrical noise and sunlight. In addition to the standard 10 to 30V dc format, the QS30 is available in a universal voltage model with 12 to 250V dc or 24 to 250V ac operation.

  • High power sensing with ranges up to 200 m.
  • Diffuse, opposed, retroreflective, fixed- or adjustable-field and laser sensing modes.
  • Universal voltage models for 12 to 250V dc or 24 to 250V ac operation, in addition to the widely used standard 10 to 30V dc format.
  • Smallest sensor with integrated e/m relay.
  • Wide variety of special application sensing modes including; high-gain, laser and ultra-sensitive models.
Banner Q45 Photo Electric Sensors Distributor
Q45 Series

Banner Q45 Photoelectric is an advanced one-piece, rugged sensor with outstanding optical performance.

  • Uses extremely rugged design that exceeds NEMA 6P and IEC IP67 standards and withstands 1200 psi washdown
  • Features highly visible LED indicators for Power, Signal and Output
  • Accommodates output timing logic or 7-segment LED signal strength display on standard models
  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse, convergent, laser, and glass or plastic fiber optic sensing modes
  • Available in models for dc, ac, ac/dc universal voltage power and bus network compatible connection
  • Offered in laser diode retroreflective and NAMUR models
Banner Q60 Series Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Q60 Series

Banner Q60 Series - Long-Range Adjustable-Field Sensors

  • Detects objects within a defined sensing field, ignoring objects located just beyond the sensing field cutoff
  • Features two-turn, logarithmic adjustment of sensing field cutoff point from 0.2 to 2 m
  • Offers infrared, visible red LED or laser sensing beam
  • Uses rotating pointer to indicate relative cutoff point setting within sensing range
  • Available with standard 10 to 30V dc and bipolar NPN/PNP outputs or 12 to 250V ac and 24 to 250V ac with e/m relay output
  • Features easy push-button or remote programming of light/dark operate and output timing
  • Uses continuous status indicators to verify all settings at a glance

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some Banner Engineering products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct L-GAGE LG5 and LG10 Series sensor for your application in the Pacific Northwest USA. We can proudly say that we carry more WORLD-BEAM QS18 series sensor in stock than any other Banner Engineering distributors in the Pacific Northwest region. Whether we have WORLD-BEAM QS30 Expert series sensor in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to get them from Banner Engineering; Clearwater Tech can get WORLD-BEAM QS30 Standard series sensor to you fast and save money!

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Please be aware that we cannot sell Banner Engineering products out of our Area of Primary Responsibility (APR).

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