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Banner Engineering's miniature photoelectric sensors are extremely compact, conveniently fitting into limited spaces with barrel, rectangular and T-shaped housings. Sensors have high-power performance for close range detection. Six sensing modes are available with an opposed mode sensing range up to 4 m.

Banner WORLD-BEAM Q12 Series Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors


Replace thousands of sensors with one universal sensor family. WORLD-BEAM sets new standards for innovative universal housing designs and sensing modes that fit almost any mounting situation and application. With WORLD-BEAM, you can replace most existing sensors, incorporate the latest sensing technology in your products and take up less space.

You'll achieve greater versatility and superior performance. World standard photoelectric that fits almost anywhere. About the same height as a US quarter and only 8 mm wide, the Q12 is the smallest WORLD-BEAM. It fits in the most confined spaces and is completely self-contained.

With its miniature size and broad range of available operating modes, WORLD-BEAM Q12 Series photoelectric sensors are ideal for a wide variety of applications in the material handling, packaging, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, document handling and assembly industries.

If you are looking for Banner Miniature Photoelectric Sensors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Banner WORLD-BEAM Q12 series emitter that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Banner S12-2 receiver technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Banner S12-2 Emitter/Receiver Pair Photoelectric Sensor Distributor

S12/S12-2 Series

The S12-2 series was developed as an economical emitter and receiver pair for long range detection of objects such as pallets and forklifts at doorway entrances. Standard 2 m (6.5 ft) cable models are listed. To order the 3-pin 150 mm (6 inch) pigtail with threaded Pico-style M8 connector models, replace the suffix "-2M" with "-Q3" on the model number. For example, S12-2NAEL-Q3. Cabled emitters with beam inhibit use the white wire to error-proof wiring in the cabinet. QD models use the standard pinout and the beam inhibit (pin 4) wire color is determined by the cordset used, but is typically black.

Banner M12 Series Metal Barrel Sensors Rugged Self-Contained Sensors in a 12 mm Threaded Barrel Distributors

M12 Series

Banner's M12 family of sensors offers a full complement of sensing modes, all packaged in a compact yet rugged metal housing. Their popular 12-mm threaded barrel design allows them to mount easily into tight spaces, with the excellent performance expected of much larger sensors. The single turn Gain potentiometer on most models and two Signal LEDs (positioned on either side of the housing for visibility) provide easy alignment and configuration for reliable sensing. Note that when the signal LED is not ON, the green Power LED is visible through all three LED ports.

Banner T8 Opposed-Mode Miniature Self-Contained Emitter & Receiver Distributor

T8 Series

T8 Series self-contained miniature sensors are designed for precision sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remote sensors and fiber optic cable.

The T8's sensing range is many times greater than that of the typical 8 mm diameter inductive sensor.

And it provides a low-cost alternative to diffuse (bifurcated) fiber optic sensors.

Typical applications for Banner Engineering's T8 series include mounting on compact conveyors, packaging machines, circuit board and semi-conductor wafer handling equipment, document handling equipment, robot end-effectors, feeder bowls, between the rollers of narrow conveyors, or as replacements for damaged small-diameter inductive proximity sensors.

Banner VSM Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensors in Stainless Steel Housing Distributors

VSM Series

The VSM robust metal sensors are a complement to Banner's already popular and extensive line of miniature sensors. An extended sensing range and tiny stainless steel housing make them an ideal replacement for range limited proximity sensors, and for areas previously only accessible to remote sensors and fiber optic cable.

The tightly collimated beam and selfcontained housing of the VSM are suitable for very precise, small object sensing applications in the automotive, food and beverage, semiconductor and electronics, assembly, metal stamping and other industries where significant mounting space restrictions are common. Built for outstanding performance and durability. These sensors have a specified minimum detection range on a 90% reflectivity diffuse white card, but the maximum detection range varies with target reflectivity, target angle, and sensor tolerance.

Banner VS2 Series Opposed-Mode Miniature Self-Contained Sensor Distributor

VS2 Series

VS2 Series miniature self-contained sensors are designed for precision sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remote or fiber optic models. Typical applications include mounting inside vibrating feeders and electronic component handling equipment, where larger sensors will not fit.

Cabled models have 2 m (6.5') integral cable; 2-wire for emitters, 3-wire for receivers. QD models have 3-pin 150 mm (6.5") Pico-style QD pigtail. QD models require mating cable.

Banner VS3 Series Miniature Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

VS3 Series

VS3 Series miniature self-contained sensors are designed for retroreflective sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remote or fiber optic models. Typical applications include mounting on small feeder tracks, packaging machines, and conveyors, where larger sensors will not fit. The VS3 is supplied with a Banner model BRT32X20AM retroreflective target.

The coaxial optics of the VS3 allow the retroreflective target to be placed as close to the sensor lens as needed - there is no "blind" response area, as is typical of most retroreflective sensors.

Other retroreflective materials may be substituted. For example, using the standard BRT-3 target, the range becomes 400 mm (16"); standard BRT-THG retroreflective tape yields a 150 mm (6") range.

The VS3***XLP series should be used for general sensing applications like packages, small parts, mirror-like surfaces, or documents. They are most effective when used with the supplied micro-prism reflector.

Banner SB12T Series Emitter/Receiver Pair With Snap-In/Threaded Barrel Distributor

SB12 Series

Long-range sensing from a small, affordable package. The SB12's modified range meets the manufacturer's 20 m requirement and its compact design fits into existing door framework. These sensors do NOT include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to allow their use in personnel safety applications. A sensor failure or malfunction can cause either an energized or de-energized sensor output condition. The SB12T Emitter/Receiver pair is a cost effective sensor for large volume OEM applications. The threaded mounting system works with any material with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 10 mm (0.02" to 0.393").

Banner VS1 Series Miniature Convergent-Mode Sensors Distributors

VS1 Series

VS1 Series miniature self-contained sensors are designed for precision sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remote or fiber optic models. Typical applications include mounting inside vibrating feeders and electronic component handling equipment, where larger sensors will not fit. The sensing energy of a convergent-mode sensor is concentrated at the specified focus point.

Convergent-mode sensors are less sensitive to background reflections, compared with diffuse-mode sensors. Contact the factory if background reflections are a problem.

Included with each sensor is a hardware packet containing two stainless steel M2 x 0.4 x 16 mm Phillips pan-head machine screws, flat washers, lock washers, and hex nuts.

To mount the sensor, use the supplied flat washer against the front surface of the sensor housing, between it and the screw head. If mounting to one of the optional brackets, place the lock washer against the back of the bracket, followed by the nut. If mounting directly to a threaded hole, place the lock washer between the screw head and the flat washer.

Banner VS4 Series Self-Contained Miniature Sensor Distributor

VS4 Series

VS4 Series miniature self-contained sensors are designed for precision sensing in narrow areas previously accessible only to remote or fiber optic models.

Typical applications include mounting inside small conveyors and electronic component handling equipment.

  • Totally self-contained miniature sensors
  • 10 to 30V dc operation
  • Visible red sensing beam, 660 nm
  • Up to 1.0 m (39 in) sensing range
  • Choose dark or light operate models
  • Choose models with NPN (sinking)
  • or PNP (sourcing) output
  • 2-wire and 3-wire hookup; output load capacity to 50 mA
  • Choice of integral cable or quick-disconnect pigtail

Banner Q08 Series Opposed Mode Sensors Distributors


Banner model Q08 emitters and receivers are very small, rugged, and powerful infrared opposed-mode ("through-beam") sensor pairs contained within die-cast metal housings only 8 mm deep. Sensing range is 20 inches. Q08 emitters and receivers are totally selfcontained and are powered from 10 to 30V dc.

Q08 opposed sensor pairs are ideal for sensing of parts on small conveyors and for other similar short-range opposed-mode sensing uses. The size of these powerful compact sensors makes them especially useful in applications with limited space.

A synchronizing wire connecting the emitter and receiver "gates" the receiver to look for a light signal only during the instant when the emitter sends a light pulse from its infrared LED. This produces exceptionally high immunity to electrical noise and false signals. The modulated infrared sensing beam, along with polysulfone lenses on both the emitter and receiver, result in extremely high immunity to interference from visible ambient light. Model Q08 receivers have a solid-state output capable of switching loads of up to 150 mA dc, continuous. Four output types are offered: NPN sinking/light operate, NPN sinking/dark operate, PNP sourcing/light operate, and PNP sourcing/dark operate.

Banner M12 Class 1 Laser Emitter for Use with Modulated Receiver Distributor

M12 Laser Emitters

Conventional modulated infrared LED photoelectric emitters are designed with beam divergence angles of several degrees. As a result, most emitters are easily aligned to their receivers by simple line-of-sight methods. In sharp contrast to conventional photoelectric emitters, M12 laser emitters have a beam divergence of only 0.03° (0.5 milliradians) at 25° C (77°F) ambient temperature. The visible red beam of the laser emitter is easily seen in subdued lighting. At opposed distances of up to 10', attach a sheet of white paper directly in front of the receiver lens.

Banner Q10 Series Miniature Self-Contained DC Sensors Distributors

Q10 Series

Installation Sheet

  • Features a thin 10 mm housing
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN
  • or PNP output, depending on model
  • Available in dark- or light-operate models
  • Available in opposed and diffuse sensing modes
  • Provides single-turn sensitivity adjustment on diffuse models
  • Features epoxy-encapsulated circuitry
  • Leak-proof IP67 (NEMA 6P) construction with hermetically sealed optics

Banner Q14 Series Miniature Self-Contained DC Sensor Distributor

Q14 Series

Installation Sheet

  • Features EZ-BEAM technology, with specially designed optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments
  • Offers economical opposed mode sensing in 7.5 mm thick housing
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
  • Available in dark- or light-operate models
  • Rated IP54 (NEMA 4) with hermetically sealed optics

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some Banner Engineering products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct Banner M12 metal sensor for your application in the Pacific Northwest USA. We can proudly say that we carry more Banner T8 series emitters in stock than any other Banner Engineering distributors in the Pacific Northwest region. Whether we have Banner VSM stainless steel sensor in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to get them from Banner Engineering; Clearwater Tech can get Banner VS2 opposed-mode sensors to you fast and save money! It will be very helpful if you have the Banner VS3 series miniature sensor part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Banner SB12 receiver that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Banner VS4 series sensors, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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SUNX Sensors

The Ultra-Small PM-44 & PM-54 Series of u-shaped photoelectric sensors provides a wide range of 29 different models to suit any of your application needs. With the industry's smallest size, the PM series plays a key role in the miniaturization of your equipment. All models are equipped with two outputs, one for Light-ON and the other for Dark-ON sensing. This increases the versatility of the sensor for use in existing applications.


The Pinpoint Visible-Red LED light beams that are emitted allow the sensors to detect extremely small targets at a variety of different distances. Whether diffuse sensing with background suppression (LHR), through-beam (LLR) detection, or polarized retro-reflective (LRR) sensing is chosen, accurate readings are made with C-12 sensors because of the intensity of the LED emissions. The diffuse (LHR) sensors accurately discern the target