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Use the SI-LS31xxx series safety limit switches to monitor the position of a guard to detect the movement, opening, or removal. A "guard" can be a gate, door, cover, panel, barrier or other physical means that separates an individual from a hazard. Safety switches will issue a signal to the machine control system to prevent or stop (halt) hazardous situations when the guard is not in the proper position. These Safety switches are designed for non-locking guarding applications, unless another means of locking is provided.

Banner SI-LS31R Series 31 mm Limit-Switch-Style Machine Switches With Rotary Hinge Actuator Distributor

SI-LS31 Series

The SI-LS31xxx series safety limit switches are considered a Type 1 interlocking device per ISO 14119 that are mechanically actuated by an uncoded rotary or linear actuator (cam or "dog") typically mounted on or part of the guard. A variety of actuating systems are available: plunger (dome), roller plunger, spindle-mount lever roller, and lever.

The normally closed safety contacts are of a "positive-opening" design. Positive-opening operation causes the contacts to be forced open, without the use of springs, when the actuator is disengaged or moved from its home position. In addition, the switch(es) must be mounted in a "positive mode", to move/disengage the actuating system and actuator from its home position and open the normally closed contact, when the guard opens.

If you are looking for Banner SI-LS31 Series Switches, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Banner SI-LS31 safety limit switch that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Banner SI-LS31 safety position switch technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.


  • Limit-switch style (EN 50047 and Type 1 per ISO 14119) where actuating elements are integrated with the enclosure
  • Positive opening safety contacts (IEC 60947-5-1) (not dependent on springs)
  • Can be used for safety or non-safety interlocking and position monitoring
  • Choice of actuating systems: plunger, roller, spindle-mount lever, and two lever styles
  • Actuator head rotatable in 90° increments
  • IP65 glass-reinforced thermoplastic switch housing; addition of screw to wiring chamber door to minimize defeat
  • Insulated device (IEC 60947-5-1) on all models with plastic housings
  • When properly interfaced or used with an appropriate controller, two switches monitoring an individual guard can achieve safety category 4, per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1)
  • Typical applications include monitoring sliding (laterally) gates and guards on machines and in safety fencing systems

All mounting hardware is supplied by the user. Fasteners must be of sufficient strength to guard against breakage. Use of permanent fasteners or locking hardware is recommended to prevent the loosening or displacement of the actuator and the switch body. The mounting holes in the switch body accept M5 screws.

Safety limit switches and their actuators (cams, dogs, etc.) must be mounted such that the position cannot be changed after installation/adjustment. Mount the switch securely on a solid, stationary surface that can accommodate the forces of actuator movement. The loosening of mounting hardware must be prevented (for example, lock washers, thread-locking compound). The use of slots should only be used for initial positioning. Pins, dowels, and splines can be used to prevent movement of the switch and the actuator (cam).

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