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Contrinex inductive devices work according to one of three different technologies. All involve the generation of an alternating magnetic field that emerges at the sensing face. The presence of a conductive, generally metallic, object influences this field in a way that can be detected and evaluated by built-in electronics. All Contrinex ASIC sensors are IO-Link enabled in PNP NO versions.

CONTRINEX Basic Inductive Sensors for Normal Environments Distributors


Contrinex standard inductive sensors have a worldwide and well-deserved reputation for uncompromising accuracy and exceptional reliability. With best-in-class sensing distances between 1.5mm and 15mm, the Contrinex standard range offers fit-and-forget operation, delivering world class performance and a highly attractive total cost of ownership.

Available in sizes from M8 to M30, with optional Ø8 plain and 8mm square-section models, Contrinex inductive sensors are ideal for general position-sensing and presence-sensing applications in almost any industry, and are available in embeddable or non-embeddable variants. With a choice of hard-wired, hermetically sealed connecting cables or integral metal connectors, Contrinex standard sensors utilize application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that ensure highly repeatable results at operating temperatures between -25°C and 75°C.

Contrinex inductive devices work according to one of three different technologies. All involve the generation of an alternating magnetic field that emerges at the sensing face. The presence of a conductive, generally metallic, object influences this field in a way that can be detected and evaluated by built-in electronics. All Contrinex ASIC sensors are IO-Link enabled in PNP NO versions.

If you are looking for CONTRINEX Inductive Switches, please call us on (844) 331-9380 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the CONTRINEX basic sensors that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for CONTRINEX miniature switch technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

CONTRINEX Miniature Smallest Size Inductive Sensor Distributor


Size is often a critical constraint when selecting sensors for position- or presencesensing. The Contrinex Miniature range, which includes the smallest self-contained inductive sensors on the market, meets this constraint without compromising on functionality. Sensors from this range use either Classics, Extra Distance or Full Inox technology.

Classics and Full Inox Miniature sensors are IO-Link enabled in PNP NO versions. Available in plain and threaded sizes from Ø 3 to M5 and as a 5 mm square-section type, Miniature range inductive sensors are ideal for applications where space is limited, including tool-selection, robotic position-sensing and control of micro-mechanisms.

Extremely robust, thanks to chip-scale package (CSP) technology, a glass-fiber reinforced substrate and vacuum encapsulation, the Contrinex Miniature range delivers long-term reliability and maximum uptime, even in the most demanding environments. The low mass and high switching frequency of these sensors makes them particularly suitable for high-dynamic applications where inertia is a major consideration.

CONTRINEX Extreme Inductive Sensors for Harsh Environments Distributors


Only the toughest sensors survive the most extreme environments, and Extreme range inductive sensors from the Full Inox family are ideally equipped for the job. Thanks to one-piece stainless steel (V2A/AISI 303) construction and a hermetically sealed cable entry, Extreme sensors are corrosion-resistant, impervious to oil, and pressure-resistant to 80 bar. Rugged, reliable and highly accurate, the Extreme range is at home in the most challenging circumstances.

Developed to withstand the harshest industrial operating conditions, Extreme sensors are rated to IP 68 and IP 69K, delivering fit-and-forget performance with minimal downtime. With operating distances up to 40 mm, the Extreme range senses both ferrous and non-ferrous materials with Factor 1 performance, and is available in sizes from M8 to M30 and C23.

The Full Inox family is based on Contrinex's patented Condet technology. These one-piece stainless steel sensors are not only the most durable on the market, they also offer long operating distances on any conductive metal.

CONTRINEX Pressure Resistant up to 100 bar (1451 psi) Inductive Sensor Distributor

Extra Pressure

Dependable, accurate presence and position-sensing at pressures up to 100 bar requires world-class performance and build quality. The Extra pressure range of pressure-resistant inductive sensors delivers exactly that, operating continuously in permanently pressurized conditions. This makes the range especially suitable for offshore installations, the chemical industry, motor lubrication systems and atomic fuel element monitoring.

A stainless-steel housing with bonded ceramic or brazed sapphire sensing face and protection class IP 68 guarantees robustness and exceptional reliability in miniature packages sized from Ø 3 to M8.

The Extra pressure range is also ideal for high-vacuum environments and satellite applications, offering fit-and-forget capability and a sealed cable-entry that ensures no loss of service or interruptions to production.

Sensors from this range use either Classics, Extra Distance or Full Inox technology and have equivalent electrical properties. For optimum impermeability, LED and connector versions are not available in this range.

CONTRINEX High Pressure Resistant up to 500 bar (7255 psi) Inductive Sensors Distributors

High Pressure

For reliable, accurate sensing in the most demanding pneumatic and hydraulic applications, Contrinex offers a unique range of High pressure sensors with permanent operating pressures of 100 to 500 bar and peak pressures up to 1000 bar.

Suitable for operating temperatures up to 100°C and resistant to more than 1 million pressure cycles, their IP 68 and IP 69K protection and oil impermeability make them the robust, reliable choice for the hydraulic industry. Fit-and-forget operation virtually eliminates sensor replacement costs. Exceptional performance and world-class quality are assured in sizes from M5 to M18.

Contrinex High pressure sensors are available in either Extra Distance or Full Inox versions. Both of these patented technologies ensure durability without compromising on usable operating distance. Sensor construction is simple and robust, with the whole electronic unit, ferrite core and coil included, safely on the no-pressure side. Sealed connection is by means of either flexible PU cable or an integral connector.

The stainless steel housing is heat shrunk onto the ceramic disk, making the sensor mechanically resistant, exceptionally impervious, and outstanding for applications with high dynamic pressure stress, such as piston-control applications. With operating distances of up to 3 mm, they are gas-tight and meet protection class IP 68.

CONTRINEX Temperature Resistant up to 120°C (248°F) Inductive Sensor Distributor

Extra Temperature

Inductive sensors from the Extra temperature range offer the ideal solution for position and presence-sensing applications at temperatures from as low as minus 40°C up to 120°C. Industrial processes often generate heat, resulting in temperatures that would damage a standard sensor, but the stainless-steel construction and robust electronics of Contrinex Extra temperature sensors ensure reliable, accurate operation and minimal downtime, even in the most demanding environments.

Sensors from this range use either conventional Classics or all-metal Full Inox technology. Individually compensated for repeatable, highly accurate operation across the full operating temperature range, Extra temperature inductive sensors accommodate sensing distances up to 25 mm, minimizing the risk of collision damage.

Available in sizes from M5 to M18, the Extra temperature range delivers best-in-class performance at elevated temperatures in the harsh environments of the automotive, molding and metal-processing industries.

CONTRINEX High Temperature Resistant up to 230°C (446°F) Inductive Sensors Distributors

High Temperature

Contrinex high temperature inductive sensors are designed for continuous operation at temperatures from 0°C up to 180°C (up to 230°C with remote electronics). The range is ideal for the harshest environments, including automotive paint shops, metal-treatment plants and glass manufacturing.

High temperature sensors use conventional Classics technology. Embeddable, non-embeddable and quasiembeddable versions are available. For temperatures up to 180°C, sensors feature built-in amplifiers and connection by means of a 2 m silicone or Teflon cable is standard.

For 230°C types, the amplifiers are built into an M12 stainless-steel housing, which is connected by means of a standard 3 m Teflon cable, and thus removed from the hot area. Stainless steel construction and sensing distances up to 25 mm minimize the risk of mechanical damage during operation, ensuring maximum plant availability and a highly attractive total cost of ownership. Contrinex high-temperature sensors are available in sizes from M8 to M50.

CONTRINEX Washdown Eolab Approved Inductive Sensor Distributor


Washdown inductive sensors are certified to operate continuously and reliably in the harsh conditions of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring uninterrupted production. With Ecolab approval and rated to IP 68 and IP 69K, they are pressure resistant up to 80 bar, food safe and corrosion resistant.

Washdown sensors are available in conventional Classics technology, size M12, or Full Inox technology, sizes M12, M18 and M30. Full Inox types have a totally impervious one-piece housing in stainless-steel (V4A / AISI 316L), including the sensing face. They are therefore highly resistant to the corrosive chemicals used for clean-in-place or wash-down processes. With Factor 1 on steel and aluminum and extended sensing ranges up to 40 mm, Full Inox technology minimizes the possibility of impact damage - a common hazard in confined operating spaces.

Washdown sensors meet the increasingly demanding sensing needs of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, delivering best-in-class performance with an attractive total cost of ownership.

CONTRINEX Analog Output Inductive Sensors for Distance Control Distributors

Analog Output

Engineers needing a reliable, repeatable, highly accurate means of measuring the position of a target object should look no further than Contrinex Analog output inductive sensors. This range of sensors has been developed on the platform of Extra Distance technology for excellent temperature stability, repeat accuracy, and the best long-range sensing capability on the market.

With a measurement range of zero to 40 mm and detection accuracy on the micron scale, the Analog output sensor range is ideally suited for measuring linear, angular and rotational position. They offer world-class performance and an attractive total cost of ownership in applications from vibration monitoring and end-position approach regulation, to position monitoring, metal sorting and sheetmetal forming.

Analog output inductive sensors are available in sizes from M8 to M30, with the option of an 8 mm square-section model. Voltage outputs are included for all sizes, while sizes M12 and above feature both voltage and current outputs.

Repairing and servicing equipment on site can be difficult and costly at best, and sometimes impossible. In these circumstances, robust, highly reliable sensors are vital for continuous operation in environments that may be challenging in the extreme. Exposure to dirt and dust, impact, vibration, seawater, corrosive chemicals and extremes of temperature and pressure are all part of a regular day's work.

CONTRINEX Weld-Immune Inductive Sensor in Welding Cells Distributor

Weld Immune

Contrinex Weld-immune inductive sensors are ideal for the hostile working environments found in automotive factories and other industrial welding plants. The range includes sensors from two technology platforms: Classics and Full Inox. Classics devices, with protection class IP 67, are available either in PTFE-coated cylindrical brass housings or a PBTP 40 x 40 mm cubic form.

They resist solder and the strong magnetic fields present during industrial welding processes. They have identical operating distances on steel and non-ferrous metals.

Weld-immune sensors built on the Full Inox platform have a long operating distance and Factor 1 on steel and aluminum. One-piece, stainless-steel (V2A / AISI 303) construction makes these sensors the most durable on the market, ensuring minimal down-time. These practically indestructible sensors withstand the welding environment for years, resisting electromagnetic fields, welding spatter, cleaning and impacts. All Weld-immune sensors are embeddable and have an integral S12 connector.

CONTRINEX 2-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensors Distributors


The 2-Wire range of DC, AC/DC and NAMUR sensors is constructed on the Classics technology platform and includes sizes from Ø 3 to M30, plus a 5 x 5 mm square-section type. Devices are available for embeddable or non-embeddable mounting and connection is by means of cable or connector. With a sensing range up to 15 mm, Contrinex 2-Wire sensors ensure optimal equipment utilization.

  • Two-wire sensors for series connection
  • DC and AC/DC types
  • NAMUR types with switching frequencies up to 10,000 Hz
  • Sizes from Ø 3 mm to M18 and 5 x 5 mm

Filling machines are widespread in many industries, including solids handling, chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical, often operating continuously around the clock. Industrial sensors detect containers, lids, labels and caps, measure fill levels and more, and play a vital role in keeping automated filling equipment running reliably, accurately and with minimal downtime. When handling bulk solids or aggressive chemicals, or working in environments that may operate harsh clean-in-place routines, choosing robust, highquality sensors is essential to maximize operational efficiency and minimize total cost of ownership.

CONTRINEX Special Requirements Inductive Proximity Sensor Distributor

Special Requirements

For double-sheet detection, sensors from the Full Inox family are used. Its patented inductive technology enables discrimination between one and two conductive metal sheets of a defined thickness, achieving sensitivity of 0.8 - 1.2 mm per sheet. This discrimination aids in the prevention of double feeds into blanking and forming processes which ultimately saves damage to tooling. The one-piece, stainless-steel construction of these sensors makes them the most durable on the market. They withstand the impacts that are a common hazard in double-sheet detection applications close to moving sheet metal, ensuring minimal down-time.

  • Double sheet detection (steel and aluminum) with sensitivity of 0.8 - 1.2 mm per sheet
  • Full Inox: extremely robust one-piece stainless-steel housing
  • Corrosion resistant
  • IP 68 and IP 69K
  • Pressure resistant up to 80 bar

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some CONTRINEX products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct CONTRINEX extreme sensors for your application in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have CONTRINEX extra pressure sensors in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from CONTRINEX to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get CONTRINEX high pressure switches to you fast and save you money! It will be very helpful if you have the CONTRINEX extra temperature switches part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for CONTRINEX high temperature sensors that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for CONTRINEX washdown inductive switches, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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