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SymCom Monitor

The Model 601 can be used as a stand-alone product or the communication port can be used to form a network and monitor the motors with a SymCom remote monitor and/or SCADA, PLC, or PC. It can be used with an optional RS-485 module allowing up to 99 Model 601, Model 777, or Model 77C units to be linked together. From the computer, an operator can control the motor, view the operating parameters, or log information. Software sold separately.

Toshiba Modules

The GCF612is a multi function serial communications module for the V2000 Series S2T PLC. It communicates directly with the S2T CPU via the station bus. The GCF612 has three modes of operation. All three modes can be used simultaneously. Computer Link mode allows multiple V2000 S2T CPUs to be connected to higher level controller (master computer, MMI/OIS, or the T-PDS programming software.