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VLT Decentral FCD 300 Drive

The VLT Decentral FCD 300 is a complete frequency converter designed for decentral mounting. Reduces the need for central control panels and space consuming motor control cabinets are eliminated. The need for long screened motor cables is also reduced.

  • 1/2HP - 5HP
  • Mounted on the wall close to the motor, or directly on the motor
  • IP 66, a corrosion resistant coating
  • CE, also IEC 61000-3-2, UL, and C-tick
  • Twin part design makes commissioning and service easy
Danfoss VLT Decentral FCD 300 Frequency Inverters Distributors
VLT Decentral FCD300

If you are looking for Danfoss Decentral Products, please call us at (844) 331-9376 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Danfoss VLT OneGearDrive inverter that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Danfoss VLT Decentral FCD 300 VFD technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Decentral FCD 302 Drive

The VLT Decentral Drive FCD 302 is the new generation of the highly successful VLT Decentral FCD 300, based on the VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 platform. It combines the key features of both products in a completely re-designed enclosure, made for best fit on direct machine mounting.

  • IP 66/IP 69K/NEMA 4X, corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Profibus DP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET as built-in options
  • Connection of encoders, resolver, and functional safety as pluggable application options
  • Integrated service switch/circuit breaker available
  • Integrated power looping terminals
  • Internal 24V DC supply for external sensors/actuators
  • Adapts to any brand of motor and geared motor, permanent magnet motors as well as induction
Danfoss VLT Decentral FCD 302 Frequency Converters Distributors
VLT Decentral FCD302

VLT DriveMotor FCM 300

The VLT FCM 300 Series is a very compact alternative to the traditional solution with a VLT frequency converter and motor as separate units. No panel space is required. The DriveMotor is placed on the machine.

  • 380V - 480V, 3/4HP - 10HP
  • Pre-set adaptation between drive and motor giving precise and energy efficient control
  • Meets the EMC directive
  • IP 55 enclosure, optionally IP 56 and IP 66
  • RS 485 protocol as standard and Profibus as built in option
Danfoss VLT DriveMotor FCM 300 Integrated Inverter-Motor Solution Distributors
VLT DriveMotor FCM 300

VLT OneGearDrive System

The OneGearDrive is designed especially for use in the food and beverage industry. It comes in two versions, the HygienicDrive and the Standard version. The HygienicDrive is certified for use in clean rooms and the pharmaceutical industry. The compact construction of the OneGearDrive makes it especially suitable for mounting on transport and conveyor systems.

In both versions the complete smooth, easy to clean surface without cooling fins prevents pockets of dirt from forming and allows cleansing agents to drain off freely. The fanless motor avoids the risk of air-borne germs and dirt particles being drawn in and then expelled back into the surrounding air.

Danfoss VLT OneGearDrive Inverters System Distributors
VLT OneGearDrive

Whether we have VLT OneGearDrive drives in stock in Boise Idaho or need to ship direct from Danfoss to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get VLT Decentral FCD300 drive to you fast and save you some money. Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some VLT Decentral FCD 302 VFD enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct VLT Decentral FCD302 inverter in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the VLT DriveMotor FCM 300 inverters part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for VLT Decentral FCD300 drives that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Danfoss Decentral Products, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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