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The tubular S50 series is a wide photoelectric sensor line offering through beam, proximity and retroreflex polarized optic functions, available with both LED and laser emission models, radial and axial optics, 2m cable or M12 4-pole connection in plastic housing.

The miniature S41 series is a photoelectric sensor basic line offering through beam, retroreflex polarized and proximity models with both red or IR LED emission, also available with or without trimmer adjustment and M8 4-poles or 2m cable connection.

The S60 photoelectric sensor series offers all the most advanced optic functions in a standard 50x50x15mm compact housing.

The Maxi S2 sensor series, enclosed in sturdy plastic housing, have been developed to guarantee the complete protection of the control panel and connection terminals.

Datasensor S60 Series Universal Compact Photoelectric Distance Sensors Distributors

If you are looking for Datalogic Sensors, please call us at 800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Infra Sensors that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Datasensor technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

There are millions of inductive sensors deployed in almost every area of factory automation. They detect metal objects contactless and are distinguished by a long operating life and extreme robustness. The Datalogic Automation inductive family provides the right solution to market requirements, offering a wide range of cylindrical and rectangular standard sensors with one or two set switching distances, available also with two, three or four wires connection models, short and standard housing and cable or connector version. Stainless steel version for both harsh environments Ex-zone or for FOOD applications.

  • Wide range: suitable practically for all the industrial applications
  • Stainless steel versions: suitable for food applications
  • 1X and 2 X operating distances: high detection reliability and precise reading
  • 2, 3 or 4 wire connection: flexible connection system to meet customer applications
Datasensor IS Series M18 Inductive Proximity Switches Distributor

SE4-14 PLUS series safety light curtains are available in different models with heights ranging from 150 to 1200 mm, 14 mm resolution and operating distance reaching 6 m. Each model has one or more advanced functions: EDM, Blanking and Cascade.

SE2-35 safety light curtain series are suitable for hand protection of operators exposed to risks.

Each SE4-30 PLUS model has one or more advanced functions: EDM, Blanking and Cascade. Specific dip-switches, guarantee a rapid and safe configuration.

The SF2-50 safety light curtains series are available with ten standard heights ranging from 300 to 1500mm, 50 mm resolution, operating distance reaching 15m and compact dimensions (31x32mm).

The new SG2 BODY BIG safety light curtain series thanks to its new housing together with the innovative design optical-electronic platform ensures the performance of high-level safety light curtain required in the material handling market.

Datalogic SG4 Body Reflector Base Muting Series Safety Screens Distributors

The DS1 AREAscan series are compact multibeam light grids suitable for the detection and measurement of objects with different shapes and dimensions. The DS2 series covers controlled heights ranging from 15 to 250 cm, with 5 m operating distances for 6 mm resolution versions, or 10 m for 25 mm resolution versions. DS3 are optoelectronic multibeam devices that can be used to detect, measure and control the position of objects, also transparent and small.

The S80 series offers class 2 laser distance sensors with time of flight measurement provides the S80-Y0 and S80-YL0 proximity sensors with respectively a 0.3 - 4 m distance, or from 0.3 to 7 m with scalable range and the S80-Y1 and S80-Y2 retroflex sensors, with operating distances reaching 20 or 100 m, that measure the distance from a reflector mounted on the object.

Ultrasonic M18x1 ABS tubular sensors of the US18 series are available in models with axial or radial acoustic emission and with discrete bipolar output (1 NPN and 1 PNP) or with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue output.

Datasensor S80 Series Laser Distance Sensor with Time of Flight Measurement Distributor

The identification product group of Datalogic develops and manufactures Auto ID solutions with a complete range of devices with laser and RFID technology able to ensure traceability of industrial processes and to streamline material sorting in logistics applications.

  • Laser Bar Code Scanners
  • Image-Based 2D Readers
  • RFID
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Bar Code Accessories
Datalogic DS2200 Ultra Compact Laser Scanner Distributors

The wide range of auxiliary functions available completes the excellent performances offered by the controllers of the THE series, with standard 48x96 mm format and single and double display versions. The main PID control action adjusts itself automatically to the optimum parameters with the AT initial autotuning, or with the ADT permanent autoadaptive function; while the auxiliary outputs can be programmed on 16 different alarm functions or fixed points.

The controllers of the THQ series are characterised by remarkable regulation precision, in particular in heat-sealing and thermoforming operations typical of the automatic packaging.

The TH-T temperature controller series offers a complete range of solutions able to satisfy many varied industrial automation needs, including basic models suitable for more simple and cost-effective applications and advanced models created specifically for the more evolved control and interface systems.

Datasensor TH-T Series Standard 1/16 DIN Basic and Advanced Temperature Controllers Distributor
Temperature Controller

The DataVS1 vision sensor series is the easiest solution for machine vision applications. The setup does not require a PC and it is very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC unit, the external configurator with 3.5" colour display. The sensor setting is carried-out through three simple steps: region of interest definition, control type selection, parameter adjusting. DataVS1 is able to carry-out many different kinds of control such as presence/absence verification, position, object counting and OCV.

The DataVS2 vision sensor series presents all the characteristics able to solve artificial machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way. The sensor is configured via PC through Ethernet interface. The configuration software has been developed in order to lead the customer through the inspection creation process step by step.

The SCS1 Smart Camera offers visual inspection functionalities, with the simplicity, dimensions and price of an advanced sensor. SCS1 is a completely integrated device and can work in a stand-alone mode, without any external control unit.

Datasensor DATAVS1 Series Vision Sensors Distributor
Smart Cameras

The Matrix 2000 is a fully integrated bar code 2D reader that combines a LED lighting system, image capturing, decoding and communication interfaces in a single compact product. Rugged construction and ESD Safe versions make this reader suitable for industrial applications in all the main industries.

The Matrix 200 is the Datalogic Automation bar code 2D reader offering excellent reading performances and extreme ease of use. Thanks to innovative optical features, advanced software functions and complete connectivity options, Matrix 200 is the cost-effective solution for applications with limited space.

The Matrix 410 is the modular, flexible and versatile compact bar code 2D reader for industrial applications embedding 1.3 and 2.0 megapixel sensors. Matrix 410 features excellent performances in reading and verifying, easy setup, thanks to the X-PRESS interface and patented Blue Diamonds system, ease of use, extreme flexibility, high versatility and industrial strength.

Datalogic MATRIX 200 Compact 2D Imagers Distributor
Barcode Readers

Incremental & Absolute Encoders

Incremental encoders produce sinusoidal or square wave outputs, which give an incremental number of pulses per revolution of the shaft. The resolution is defined as Pulse Per Revolution (PPR). The signals start at the power up and the shaft position is not retained when encoder is switched-off, so they can be used to control rotation speed and direction, but can't provide absolute position.

Absolute encoders generate a multi-bit digital data information, providing the actual angular position of the shaft. Single-turn absolute encoders repeat the code for every shaft revolution. Multi-turn absolute encoders increase the code at each shaft revolution. Shaft position is retained when the absolute encoder is switched-off, so it can provide the absolute position, as well as rotation speed or direction.

Datalogic ENC58 Series Incremental Rotary Encoder Distributor

The LED lighting modules of the Datalogic Automation IML series represent an excellent solution for typical industrial automation lighting requirements. LED technology ensures high efficiency,low consumption, long life (40.000 hours - half brightness) and low heat generation. The light produced, with a colour temperature close to 5500 K, guarantees extremely natural lighting that can be compared to solar light. Thanks to the elegant design and extremely compact dimensions, the IML illuminators can be easily installed in very small spaces.

The solid-state illuminator SIL series has been developed to offer a complete range of industrial lighting solutions for machine vision or general harsh environment industrial lighting applications. The illuminators of the SIL series are fully integrated devices: optics, electronics and LED driver unit are built inside the same housing. Many different models are available according to the format (Line, Area, Ring, Spot and Backlight), the LEDs (red, white, IR, blue, green) and the emission angle.

Datalogic SIL Series Solid-State Illuminators Distributors
LED Lighting Modules

Datasensor SpA, present on the international market for over 30 years and with Datalogic brand until 1999, is the Italian leader in the development, production and commercialisation of photoelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement and inspection for industrial automation. The specialisation of the Datasensor company in the development of components for automatic machinery has led to its growth and now satisfies all the automation needs in the manufacturing industry, packaging and packing, automatic materials handling. Consequently, Datasensor can boast an unique experience, further consolidated as a problem solver, representing one of its main competitive advantages.

Datalogic products are present worldwide by the sales offices, as well as a qualified distribution network. They are also present as brand label products by the most important international companies operating in the Industrial Automation. Thanks to partnerships with reference customer manufacturers, Datalogic focus on anticipating the expectations of a continuously evolving market, developing a complete range of high-performance, easy-to-install, high-quality products. Our manufacturing mission is based on the know-how heritage, perceptible in the continuous product evolution. This patrimony is confirmed by the continuous improvements in assembling processes and management, as well as in the implementation of the most avant-garde technologies. Datalogic believe that product development has to be supported by the manufacturer's technological skills in order to combine tradition with innovation, performances with reliability.

Datasensor has always strived to create an international Network of companies that supply products, services or know-how cooperating in the value chain. In particular, in the product supply chain the company has consolidated important technological partnerships that allow Infra International to consider some of these partners today as extensions of Datasensor. Thinking globally, suppliers have been searched throughout the world, in locations offering specialist know-how, cost or logistic advantages, in order to best complete the production process. Solid and certified companies have been selected if presenting adequate dimensions, technologically vanguard and able to supply satisfactory cost and quality levels. Datasensor has progressively consolidated the experience by first testing the supply of parts or subassemblies, then accessories and finally finished products, that were always verified by the headquarters organisation, certified or completed applying "Made in Italy" labels. The need to carry-out internally adaptations and completions has become today useless thanks to the evolution achieved by some partnerships. Thus, beginning from July 2006 different accessories and some product lines will be commercialised with the Made in, of the Partner country where the product is manufactured. DataSensor ensures the total product quality under its own brand and is always directly responsible, as the global supply program as well as the manufacturing delocalisation has been included in the Total Quality Management (TQM) of Infra DataSensor.

The company Datalogic offers a wide range of high performance optical, inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors that provide solutions to many industrial detection problems. A thirty-year experience in designing and in manufacturing Switches for industry has made Datalogic the leader in developing innovative ideas for the production of optical sensors since the beginning of the1970's. Due to the knowledge the company gained over the years, Datalogic continues his innovative challenge to exceed the heights of automation and flexibility already achieved.

The Datasensor Group announces to have boosted its sales activity in Asia, with the opening of a new commericial subsidiary in India. This decision has been taken thanks to the important growth and high potenzial offered by this geographical area. Datasensor India will have the responsibility to offer better support to local distributors and to develop business opportunities in collaboration with its partners, conscious that the development of technological products requires an ever growing technical service and support. The results achieved stimulate Datasensor SpA to decisively continue on this road and, according to a precise commercial strategy, to invest directly in markets with good present and future potential growth.

Whether we have Datasensor Sensors in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Infra International to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get Datalogic Switches to you fast and save you some money! Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some Datalogic Sensor products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct Photoelectric Sensor in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the Datalogic Safety Screens part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Datasensor Vision Sensor that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Infra International, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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