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This page consists of some User Manuals, Operating & Installation Instructions for the DataSensor product line. please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at if you cannot find the DataSensor Photoelectric Sensor technical information (User Manuals) that you are looking for. If you need help selecting a DataSensor Sensor for your application, please use Product Selection Guide OR Datasensor Datasheets page links.

Description File Size
Datasensor AS1 Series Light Grids Sensors 161 KB
Datasensor DS1 Series Light Grids Sensors 183 KB
Datasensor LD46 Series Luminescence Sensors 200 KB
S5 Series M18 Multifunction Sensors 99 KB
S5-5-D50-92 Fixed Distance Background Suppression 137 KB
SDS5-5 Series Sensors 91 KB
SDS10-5 Background Suppression 274 KB
S10 Series M18 Photoelectric Sensors 157 KB
S50-PH/MH Series Laser 134 KB
S50-PA/MA Foreground/Background Suppression 125 KB
S50-Mx Series Tubular Sensors 124 KB
S50-PA/MA Luminescence 130 KB
S50-PA/MA Contrast 123 KB
S51-MA/MR Series Universal Tubular Sensors 99 KB
S41 Series Miniature Switches 83 KB
S40-PR Series Miniature Switches 79 KB
S40-PH-B03 Series Miniature Switches 118 KB
S40-PH-C03 Series Miniature Switches 114 KB
S40-PH-M03 Series Miniature Switches 108 KB
S3 Series Miniature Switches 101 KB
S15 Series Tubular Sensors 270 KB
SL5 Series Tubular Sensors 78 KB
S3Z Laser Series Sensors 107 KB
S3Z Series Miniature Sensors 90 KB
SMall Series Miniature Switches 107 KB
Datasensor S60 50x50 Block-Style Basic Series Sensors 322 KB
Datasensor S62 50x50 Block-Style High Performance Series Sensors 1, 351 KB
Datasensor S65 Series Color Detection Sensors 222 KB
Datasensor S80 Series Laser Distance Sensors 879 KB
DataSensor S81 Series Laser Distance Sensors 185 KB
DataSensor SCS1 Series Smart Camera Sensors 4, 542 KB
Datasensor SR21 Series Fork/Slot Sensors 140 KB
DataSensor SRF Series Slot Sensors 390 KB
DataSensor THT Series Temperature Controllers 1, 530 KB
Datasensor TL46 Series Contrast Sensors 751 KB
Datasensor US18 Series Ultrasonic Sensors 650 KB
Datasensor US30 Series Ultrasonic Sensors 283 KB

DataSensor SpA, present on the international market for over 30 years and with DataLogic brand until 1999, is the Italian leader in the development, production and commercialisation of Photoelectric Sensors for detection, safety, measurement and inspection for industrial automation. The specialisation of the DataSensor company in the development of components for automatic machinery has led to its growth and now satisfies all the automation needs in the manufacturing industry, packaging and packing, automatic materials handling. Consequently, DataSensor can boast an unique experience, further consolidated as a problem solver, representing one of its main competitive advantages. DataSensor products are present worldwide by the sales offices, as well as a qualified distribution network.

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Leuze Sensors

The Housing is consistently designed for preventing bacterial carry-overs with its scratch resistant and non-diffusive plastic screen. The unique fastening concept, which consists of a mounting trunnion with 12 mm diameter and G6 fit, ensures a gas-tight connection between sensor and machine. Leuze Electronic 53 series sensors were specially designed for sensitive hygiene applications, e.g., in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

ABB Relays

The Measuring Range can be extended up to 690 V AC and 1000 V DC by using the coupling unit CM-IVN. It can be configured to the requirements of the applications and therefore used multi-functional. All devices are available with two different terminal versions. You can choose between the proven screw connection technology (double-chamber cage connection terminals) and the completely tool-free Easy Connect Technology (push-in terminals).