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DATASENSOR Absolute Rotary Encoders

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AMT58-SSI Series

AMT58 is the absolute encoder multi-turn standard industrial line, recommended for its price/performance ratio, very high resolution and accuracy for advanced applications.

AMT58 is also available with the most common modular Fieldbus interfaces, or even Ethernet based integrated Fieldbus interfaces, offering the highest resolution and accuracy for precision motion control and length measurement.

The typical applications for this encoder can be found in motion control, automated machinery, length measurement and positioning.

User's Manuals

Datalogic AMT58-SSI & Fieldbus Series Multi Turn Absolute Encoders Distributors
AMT58 Series

If you are looking for Datalogic AMT58 Series Multi Turn Absolute Rotary Encoders, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find Infra AMT58 series integrated fieldbus encoder that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Datasensor AMT58 series modulated fieldbus encoder technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminium anticorodal metal case Ø58 mm
  • Solid shaft Ø6 or 10 mm, hollow shaft Ø15 mm
  • Reducing sleeves to 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11, 12 mm
  • Resolution 13x12 bit (8192 x 4096) up to 16x14 bit (65536 x 16384)
  • Gray SSI tree output signal
  • Modular Fieldbus interface models: CANopen, Devicenet, Profibus
  • Integrated Fieldbus interface models: CANopen, Devicenet, EtherCAT, Profibus or Profinet

This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Motion control
  • Automated machinery
  • Length measurement and positioning

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes Description
95B081140 AMT58-H15-13x12-C15
95B081120 AMT58-H15-13x12-M12
95B081130 AMT58-H15-13x12-M23
95B081080 AMT58-S06-13x12-C15
95B081060 AMT58-S06-13x12-M12
95B081070 AMT58-S06-13x12-M23
95B081110 AMT58-S10-13x12-C15
95B081090 AMT58-S10-13x12-M12
95B081100 AMT58-S10-13x12-M23
95B081190 AMT58-FBUS-CB
95B081200 AMT58-FBUS-DN
95B081180 AMT58-FBUS-PB
95B081170 AMT58-H15-16x14-FBUS
95B081150 AMT58-S06-16x14-FBUS
95B081160 AMT58-S10-16x14-FBUS
95B081630 AMT58-S10-13x12-CB
95B081640 AMT58-H15-13x12-CB
95B081650 AMT58-S10-13x12-DN
95B081660 AMT58-H15-13x12-DN
95B081220 AMT58-S10-13x14-EC
95B081680 AMT58-H15-13x14-EC
95B081610 AMT58-S10-13x12-PB
95B081620 AMT58-H15-13x12-PB
95B081210 AMT58-S10-13x14-PN
95B081670 AMT58-H15-13x14-PN

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes Description
95B081310 Flexible Aluminium coupling Ø10 mm
95B081330 Flexible standard plastic coupling Ø10 mm
95B081340 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 6 mm
95B081350 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 8 mm
95B081360 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 10 mm
95B081370 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 11 mm
95B081380 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 12 mm
95B081390 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 9.52 mm (3/8")
95B081400 Ø58 Encoder fixing clamps (3 kits)
95B081410 Ø58 Encoder mounting bell
95B081420 Ø58 Encoder mounting L-bracket
95B081430 Ø58 Encoder mounting square flange
95B081290 Absolute encoder conn. ccw M23 8-poles with 5m cable
95B081450 Absolute encoder conn. ccw M23 8-poles with 10m cable
95B081470 Absolute encoder conn. ccw M23 8-poles without cable
95B081230 Metal M12 8-poles female conn. with 5m cable
95B081240 Metal M12 8-poles female conn. with 10m cable
95B081250 Metal M12 8-poles female connector without cable
95ASE1170 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 3m cable
95ASE1180 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 5m cable
95ASE1190 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 10m cable
95ASE1200 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 15m cable
95ASE1210 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 25m cable
95A252700 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 50m cable
95ACC2550 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female connector without cable
95B081690 Canopen/Devicenet 2 connectors kit
95B081700 Canopen/Devicenet output cable
95B081710 Canopen/Devicenet input cable
95B081720 Profibus 3 connectors kit
95B081730 Profibus power supply cable
95B081740 Profibus input cable
95B081750 Profibus output cable
95B081770 Ethercat/Profinet programming cable
95B081780 Ethercat/Profinet input-output cable
95B081790 Ethercat/Profinet input-output plug

Whether we have AMT58 Fieldbus series encoders in stock in Boise Idaho or need to ship direct from Datalogic Italy to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get AMT58 CANOpen series encoders to you fast and save you some money.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some AMT58 ProfiNet absolute multi-turn rotary encoder enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct AMT58 Profibus absolute multi-turn rotary encoder in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.

It will be very helpful if you have the Datalogic AMT58 EtherCAT series encoder part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for AMT58 DeviceNet series encoder that you are looking for in seconds.

If you do not have the part numbers for AMT58 Profibus series multi-turn absolute rotary encoders, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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