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DATASENSOR Compact Sensors

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S60 Series

The S60 series, standard 50x50x15 mm compact housing, offers all the most advanced optic functions, as well as the universal, available with safety class 1 laser emission. The series presents a complete range of models, including retroreflex with coaxial optics and polarisation filters for the detection of shiny and/or transparent objects, background suppression, contrast sensors with white light emission for the detection of coloured marks, the sensor with UV emission for the detection of luminescence references and the distance sensor with analogue output.


Datasensor S60 Series Universal Compact Photoelectric Distance Sensors Distributors

S60 Series

If you are looking for Datasensor S60 Compact Sensors, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find Infra S60 Series Sensor that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Datasensor S60 Series Switch technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

The basic models for presence detection present trimmer sensitivity adjustment, while the models with the advanced optics are microprocessor controlled and have the patent-covered EASY touch setting, which gives rapid and precise setting of the switching threshold, with the possibility of remote control, keyboard block and selection of the output delay function. The S60 series offers versions with cable or M12 connection that can be rotated for either straight or right-angle positions. All versions have NPN or PNP output and standard configuration conforming to the EN 60947-5-2 standard.


  • Complete range of optic functions, basic, advanced and laser class 1
  • Models with coaxial optics for polarised retroreflex, contrast and luminescence sensors
  • Trimmer or EASY touch setting with Remote, Keylock and Delay functions
  • Standard cable or M12 connection with standard NPN or PNP configuration

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide range: suitable for all the industrial applications
  • Laser models: high detection repeatability for a precise reading
  • Cable or M12 4-pole connection: flexible connection system to meet customer applications

This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Automatic warehouses

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes Description
956201000 S60-PA-5-U08-PH lumines pnp no M12
956201010 S60-PA-5-U08-NH lumines npn no M12
956201020 S60-PA-5-W08-PH contras pnp no M12
956201030 S60-PA-5-W08-NH contras npn no M12
956201040 S60-PA-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
956201050 S60-PA-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
956201060 S60-PA-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
956201070 S60-PA-5-G00-XG emitter M12 10...30Vdc
956201080 S60-PA-5-M08-PH bgd-sup pnp no M12
956201100 S60-PA-5-T51-PP rrx-tra pnp no-nc M12
956201110 S60-PA-5-C11-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
956201120 S60-PL-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
956201140 S60-PL-5-F01-PP receive pnp no M12
956201150 S60-PL-5-G00-XG emitter M12 10...30Vdc
956201160 S60-PL-5-M08-PH bgd-sup pnp no M12
956201180 S60-PA-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
956201190 S60-PA-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
956201200 S60-PA-5-C11-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
956201210 S60-PA-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
956201220 S60-PA-5-M08-NH bgd-sup npn no M12
956201250 S60-PA-5-T51-NN rrx-tra npn no-nc M12
956201260 S60-PL-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
956201270 S60-PL-5-F01-NN receive npn no M12
956201280 S60-PL-5-M08-NH bgd-sup npn no M12
956201300 S60-PA-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
956201310 S60-PA-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
956201320 S60-PA-2-C11-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
956201330 S60-PA-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
956201340 S60-PA-2-G00-XG emitter cable 10..30Vdc
956201380 S60-PA-2-T51-PP rrx-tra pnp no-nc cable
956201390 S60-PA-2-U08-PH lumines pnp no cable
956201400 S60-PA-2-W08-PH contras pnp no cable
956201410 S60-PL-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
956201420 S60-PL-2-F01-PP receive pnp no cable
956201430 S60-PL-2-G00-XG emitter cable 10..30Vdc
956201440 S60-PL-2-M08-PH bgd-sup pnp no cable
956201460 S60-PA-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
956201470 S60-PA-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
956201480 S60-PA-2-C11-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
956201490 S60-PA-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
956201530 S60-PA-2-T51-NN rrx-tra npn no-nc cable
956201540 S60-PA-2-U08-NH lumines npn no cable
956201550 S60-PA-2-W08-NH contras npn no cable
956201560 S60-PL-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
956201570 S60-PL-2-F01-NN receive npn no cable
956201580 S60-PL-2-M08-NH bgd-sup npn no cable
956201620 S60-PA-5-B51-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
956201630 S60-PA-5-B51-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
956201640 S60-PL-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
956201650 S60-PL-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
956201660 S60-PL-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
956201670 S60-PL-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
956201700 S60-PA-5-Y03-NV distance npn no M12
956201710 S60-PA-5-Y03-PV distance pnp no M12

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes Description
95ACC5310 ST-5018 protective bracket S60
95ACC5320 ST-5019 protective bracket S60
95ACC5330 ST-5020 fixing bracket S60
95ACC5340 ST-5021 fixing bracket S60

Whether we have S60 through beam sensor in stock in Boise Idaho or need to ship direct from Datalogic Italy to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get S60 receivers & emitters to you fast and save you some money. Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some S60 retroreflex polarized sensor enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct S60 retroreflex versions for transparent objects in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the S60 diffuse proximity sensor part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for S60 background suppression sensors that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for S60 polarised retroflex sensor, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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