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Kubler Encoders

The Incremental Miniature Encoders type 2400 / 2420 with their optical sensor technology offer a resolution of up to 1024 PPR. With a diameter of just 24 mm this encoder is ideal for use where space is tight. Thanks to their non-contact magnetic scanning technology the miniature-format encoders 2430 and 2440 guarantee exceptional ruggedness - and this with a resolution of up to 256 pulses per revolution. As a result of their compact outer diameter

Datalogic Encoders

The AMT58-SSI & Fieldbus series is the absolute encoder multi-turn standard industrial line, recommended for its price/performance ratio, very high resolution and accuracy for advanced applications. AMT58 is also available with the most common modular Fieldbus interfaces, or even Ethernet based integrated Fieldbus interfaces, offering the highest resolution and accuracy for precision motion control and length measurement.