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FRENIC-5000G11S/5000P11S Series Drives

Dynamic torque-vector control system performs high-speed calculation to determine the required motor power for the load status. FUJI's key technology is optimal control of voltage and current vectors for maximum output torque.

  • A high starting torque of 200% at 0.5Hz. (180% for 40HP or larger models.)
  • Achieves smooth acceleration/deceleration in the shortest time for the load condition.
  • Using a high-speed CPU quickly responds to an abrupt load change, detects the regenerated power to control the deceleration time. This automatic deceleration function greatly reduces the inverter tripping.
FUJI Electric FRENIC 5000P11 5000G11 Series VFD Drives With Dynamic Torque Vector Controls Distributors
FRENIC 5000P11 & 5000G11 Series

If you are looking for FUJI Electric FRENIC-Standard Drives, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the FUJI FRENIC-5000G11S Series VFDs that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for FUJI Electric FRENIC-5000P11S Inverters technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

  • Feedback control with PG enables the inverter to execute "vector control with PG" by adding an optional PG feedback card to obtain higher performance.
    • Speed control range: 1:1200
    • Speed control accuracy: ±0.02%
    • Speed control response: 40Hz

New On-Line Tuning System

  • On-line tuning to continuously check for variation of motor characteristics during running for high-precision speed control.
  • This tuning function also available for a second motor, which allows high-precision driving of the second motor by changeover operation between two motors.

Advanced, Convenient Functions

  • 16-step speed with timer control, rotating motor pick-up control for conveyance machinery
  • Automatic energy-saving operation, PID control, cooling fan on/off control, line / inverter changeover operation for fans and pumps
  • Rotating motor pick-up control : Restarts motor without any shocks, by detecting motor speed where motor is coasting after momentary power failure occurs.
  • Automatic energy-saving operation function : Minimizes inverter and motor loss at light load.

Intelligent Keypad Panel

  • Copy function: Easily copies function codes and data to other inverters.
  • Six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese) are available as standard.
  • Jogging (inching) operation from the Keypad or external signal
  • Remote operation using optional extension cable (CBIII-10R-***)

Extensive Product Line

  • Two series are available: G11S series ranging from 1/4 to 600HP for general industrial machines and P11S series ranging from 7.5 to 800HP for fans and pumps.
  • Totally-enclosed casing (NEMA1) (up to 30HP as standard).
  • Optional NEMA1 enclosure available for 40HP or larger models.

Reduced Motor Wow At Low Speed

  • Motor wow at low speed (1Hz) reduced to less than 1/2 of that achieved by conventional inverters, with the dynamic torque-vector control system, in combination with the Fuji's unique digital AVR.

Environment-Friendly Features

  • Provided with low-noise control power supply systems which minimize noise interference on peripheral devices such as sensors.
  • Equipped with terminals for connecting DC REACTOR that can suppress harmonics.
  • Complied with EMC Directive (Emission) when connected to optional EMC compliance filter.

Global Products, Communication

  • Conforms to major world safety standards : UL, cUL, T?V (up to 30HP), EN (CE marking)
  • Equipped with RS-485 interface as standard.
  • Connection to field bus: PROFIBUS-DP, Interbus-S, DeviceNet, Modbus Plus (Option)
  • Universal DI/DO : Monitors digital I/O signal status and transmits to a host controller, helping to simplify factory automation.

Protective Functions, Simple Maintenance

  • Protection
    • Motors with various characteristics can be used by setting thermal time constant for the electronic thermal overload protection.
    • Input phase loss protective function protects the inverter from damage caused by disconnection of power supply lines.
    • Motor is protected with a PTC thermistor.
    • Input terminals for auxiliary control power supply (2HP or larger models) : Alarm signal output will be held even if main circuit power supply has shut down.

  • Excellent Maintainability

    The items below can be monitored on the Keypad panel and making it easy to analyze the cause of trip and to take preventive measures.

    • Input/output terminals check
    • Life expectancy of main-circuit capacitors
    • Inverter on-load factor
    • Accumulated operation time
    • Inverter operating condition (output current, heat sink temperature, input power, etc.)
    • Detailed data on trip cause

Other Useful Functions

  • Side-by-side mounting (up to 30HP) saves space when inverters are installed in a panel.
  • The uniform height (10.24inch(260mm)) of products (up to 10HP) makes it easy to design panels.
  • User-definable control terminals: Digital input (9points), transistor output (4points), and relay contact output (1point).
  • Active drive feature: Performs prolonged acceleration at reduced torque, monitoring the load status to prevent tripping.
  • Stall prevention function is provided as standard. Active or inactive can be also selected.

Standard Specifications

  FRENIC5000G11S Series For General Industrial Machines FRENIC5000P11S Series For Fans And Pumps (Variable Torque Loads)
Applicable Motor Rating [HP] 230V 460V 230V 460V
1/4 FRNF25G11S-2UX - - -
1/2 FRNF50G11S-2UX FRNF50G11S-4UX - -
1 FRN001G11S-2UX FRN001G11S-4UX - -
2 FRN002G11S-2UX FRN002G11S-4UX - -
3 FRN003G11S-2UX FRN003G11S-4UX - -
5 FRN005G11S-2UX FRN005G11S-4UX - -
7.5 FRN007G11S-2UX FRN007G11S-4UX FRN007P11S-2UX FRN007P11S-4UX
10 FRN010G11S-2UX FRN010G11S-4UX FRN010P11S-2UX FRN010P11S-4UX
15 FRN015G11S-2UX FRN015G11S-4UX FRN015P11S-2UX FRN015P11S-4UX
20 FRN020G11S-2UX FRN020G11S-4UX FRN020P11S-2UX FRN020P11S-4UX
25 FRN025G11S-2UX FRN025G11S-4UX FRN025P11S-2UX FRN025P11S-4UX
30 FRN030G11S-2UX FRN030G11S-4UX FRN030P11S-2UX FRN030P11S-4UX
40 FRN040G11S-2UX FRN040G11S-4UX FRN040P11S-2UX FRN040P11S-4UX
50 FRN050G11S-2UX FRN050G11S-4UX FRN050P11S-2UX FRN050P11S-4UX
60 FRN060G11S-2UX FRN060G11S-4UX FRN060P11S-2UX FRN060P11S-4UX
75 FRN075G11S-2UX FRN075G11S-4UX FRN075P11S-2UX FRN075P11S-4UX
100 FRN100G11S-2UX FRN100G11S-4UX FRN100P11S-2UX FRN100P11S-4UX
125 FRN125G11S-2UX FRN125G11S-4UX FRN125P11S-2UX FRN125P11S-4UX
150 - FRN150G11S-4UX FRN150P11S-2UX FRN150P11S-4UX
200 - FRN200G11S-4UX - FRN200P11S-4UX
250 - FRN250G11S-4UX - FRN250P11S-4UX
300 - FRN300G11S-4UX - FRN300P11S-4UX
350 - FRN350G11S-4UX - FRN350P11S-4UX
400 - FRN400G11S-4UX - FRN400P11S-4UX
450 - FRN450G11S-4UX - FRN450P11S-4UX
500 - FRN500G11S-4UX - FRN500P11S-4UX
600 - FRN600G11S-4UX - FRN600P11S-4UX
700 - - - FRN700P11S-4UX
800 - - - FRN800P11S-4UX

G11 Model Cross Reference - For GE Drives

GE Catalog Number GE Model Number FUJI FRENIC-G11 Model No.
D6501 6KG1123F25X1B1 FRNF25G11S-2UX
D6502 6KG1123F50X1B1 FRNF50G11S-2UX
D6503 6KG1123001X1B1 FRN001G11S-2UX
D6504 6KG1123002X1B1 FRN002G11S-2UX
D6505 6KG1123003X1B1 FRN003G11S-2UX
D6506 6KG1123005X1B1 FRN005G11S-2UX
D6507 6KG1123007X1B1 FRN007G11S-2UX
D6508 6KG1123010X1B1 FRN010G11S-2UX
D6509 6KG1123015X1B1 FRN015G11S-2UX
D6510 6KG1123020X1B1 FRN020G11S-2UX
D6511 6KG1123025X1B1 FRN025G11S-2UX
D6512 6KG1123030X1B1 FRN030G11S-2UX
D6513 6KG1123040X1B1 FRN040G11S-2UX + NEMA1-30G11-2 
D6514 6KG1123050X1B1 FRN050G11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6515 6KG1123060X1B1 FRN060G11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6516 6KG1123075X1B1 FRN075G11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6517 6KG1123100X1B1 FRN100G11S-2UX + NEMA1-75G11-2 
D6518 6KG1123125X1B1 FRN125G11S-2UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 
- 6KG1123040X9B1 FRN040G11S-2UX 
- 6KG1123050X9B1 FRN050G11S-2UX
- 6KG1123060X9B1 FRN060G11S-2UX
- 6KG1123075X9B1 FRN075G11S-2UX
- 6KG1123100X9B1 FRN100G11S-2UX
- 6KG1123125X9B1 FRN125G11S-2UX
D6551 6KG1123F25X4B1 -
D6552 6KG1123F50X4B1 -
D6553 6KG1123001X4B1 FRN001G11W-2UX
D6554 6KG1123002X4B1 FRN002G11W-2UX
D6555 6KG1123003X4B1 FRN003G11W-2UX
D6556 6KG1123005X4B1 FRN005G11W-2UX
D6557 6KG1123007X4B1 FRN007G11W-2UX
D6558 6KG1123010X4B1 FRN010G11W-2UX
D6559 6KG1123015X2B1 FRN015G11W-2UX
D6560 6KG1123020X2B1 FRN020G11W-2UX (???)
D6561 6KG1123025X2B1 FRN025G11W-2UX (???)
D6562 6KG1123030X2B1 FRN030G11W-2UX (???)
- 6KG1123040X8B1 -
- 6KG1123050X8B1 -
- 6KG1123060X8B1 -
- 6KG1123075X8B1 -
- 6KG1123100X8B1 -
- 6KG1123125X8B1 -
D6519 6KG1143F50X1B1 FRNF50G11S-4UX
D6520 6KG1143001X1B1 FRN001G11S-4UX
D6521 6KG1143002X1B1 FRN002G11S-4UX
D6522 6KG1143003X1B1 FRN003G11S-4UX
D6523 6KG1143005X1B1 FRN005G11S-4UX
D6524 6KG1143007X1B1 FRN007G11S-4UX
D6525 6KG1143010X1B1 FRN010G11S-4UX
D6526 6KG1143015X1B1 FRN015G11S-4UX
D6527 6KG1143020X1B1 FRN020G11S-4UX
D6528 6KG1143025X1B1 FRN025G11S-4UX
D6529 6KG1143030X1B1 FRN030G11S-4UX
D6531 6KG1143040X1B1 FRN040G11S-4UX + NEMA1-30G11-2 
D6532 6KG1143050X1B1 FRN050G11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4
D6533 6KG1143060X1B1 FRN060G11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4 
D6534 6KG1143075X1B1 FRN075G11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4
D6535 6KG1143100X1B1 FRN100G11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6536 6KG1143125X1B1 FRN125G11S-4UX + NEMA1-110G11-4 
D6537 6KG1143150X1B1 FRN150G11S-4UX + NEMA1-110G11-4 
D6538 6KG1143200X1B1 FRN200G11S-4UX + NEMA1-160G11-4 
D6539 6KG1143250X1B1 FRN250G11S-4UX + NEMA1-160G11-4 
D6540 6KG1143300X1B1 FRN300G11S-4UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 
D6541 6KG1143350X1B1 FRN350G11S-4UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 
D6542 6KG1143400X1B1 FRN400G11S-4UX + NEMA1-315G11-4 
D6543 6KG1143450X1B1 FRN450G11S-4UX + NEMA1-315G11-4
D6544 6KG1143500X1B1 FRN500G11S-4UX + NEMA1-400G11-4 
D6545 6KG1143600X1B1 FRN600G11S-4UX + NEMA1-400G11-4 
- 6KG1143040X9B1 FRN040G11S-4UX 
- 6KG1143050X9B1 FRN050G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143060X9B1 FRN060G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143075X9B1 FRN075G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143100X1B1 FRN100G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143125X1B1 FRN125G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143150X9B1 FRN150G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143200X9B1 FRN200G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143250X9B1 FRN250G11S-4UX 
- 6KG1143300X9B1 FRN300G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143350X9B1 FRN350G11S-4UX 
- 6KG1143400X9B1 FRN400G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143450X9B1 FRN450G11S-4UX 
- 6KG1143500X9B1 FRN500G11S-4UX
- 6KG1143600X9B1 FRN600G11S-4UX 
D6569 6KG1143F50X4B1 FRNF50G11W-4UX
D6570 6KG1143001X4B1 FRN001G11W-4UX
D6571 6KG1143002X4B1 FRN002G11W-4UX
D6572 6KG1143003X4B1 FRN003G11W-4UX
D6573 6KG1143005X4B1 FRN005G11W-4UX
D6574 6KG1143007X4B1 FRN007G11W-4UX
D6575 6KG1143010X4B1 FRN010G11W-4UX
D6576 6KG1143015X2B1 FRN015G11W-4UX
D6577 6KG1143020X2B1 FRN020G11W-4UX (???)
D6578 6KG1143025X2B1 FRN025G11W-4UX (???)
D6579 6KG1143030X2B1 FRN030G11W-4UX (???)
- 6KG1143040X8B1 -
- 6KG1143050X8B1 -
- 6KG1143060X8B1 -
- 6KG1143075X8B1 -
- 6KG1143100X8B1 -
- 6KG1143125X8B1 -
- 6KG1143150X8B1 -
- 6KG1143200X8B1 -
- 6KG1143250X8B1 -
- 6KG1143300X8B1 -
- 6KG1143350X8B1 -
- 6KG1143400X8B1 -
- 6KG1143450X1B1 -
- 6KG1143500X8B1 -
- 6KG1143600X8B1 -

P11 Model Cross Reference - For GE Drives

GE Catalog Number GE Model Number FUJI FRENIC-P11 Model No.
D6600 6KP1123F25X1B1 FRNF25G11S-2UX
D6601 6KP1123F50X1B1 FRNF50G11S-2UX
D6602 6KP1123001X1B1 FRN001G11S-2UX
D6603 6KP1123002X1B1 FRN002G11S-2UX
D6604 6KP1123003X1B1 FRN003G11S-2UX
D6605 6KP1123005X1B1 FRN005G11S-2UX
D6606 6KP1123007X1B1 FRN007P11S-2UX
D6607 6KP1123010X1B1 FRN010P11S-2UX
D6608 6KP1123015X1B1 FRN015P11S-2UX
D6609 6KP1123020X1B1 FRN020P11S-2UX
D6610 6KP1123025X1B1 FRN025P11S-2UX
D6611 6KP1123030X1B1 FRN030P11S-2UX
D6612 6KP1123040X1B1 FRN040P11S-2UX + NEMA1-30G11-2 
D6613 6KP1123050X1B1 FRN050P11S-2UX + NEMA1-30G11-2 
D6614 6KP1123060X1B1 FRN060P11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6615 6KP1123075X1B1 FRN075P11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6616 6KP1123100X1B1 FRN100P11S-2UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6617 6KP1123125X1B1 FRN125P11S-2UX + NEMA1-75G11-2 
D6618 6KP1123150X1B1 FRN150P11S-2UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 
- 6KP1123040X9B1 FRN040P11S-2UX 
- 6KP1123050X9B1 FRN050P11S-2UX
- 6KP1123060X9B1 FRN060P11S-2UX
- 6KP1123075X9B1 FRN075P11S-2UX
- 6KP1123100X9B1 FRN100P11S-2UX
- 6KP1123125X9B1 FRN125P11S-2UX
- 6KP1123150X9B1 FRN150P11S-2UX
D6650 6KP1123F25X4B1 -
D6651 6KP1123F50X4B1 -
D6652 6KP1123001X4B1 FRN001G11W-2UX
D6653 6KP1123002X4B1 FRN002G11W-2UX
D6654 6KP1123003X4B1 FRN003G11W-2UX
D6655 6KP1123005X4B1 FRN005G11W-2UX
D6656 6KP1123007X4B1 FRN007P11W-2UX
D6657 6KP1123010X4B1 FRN010P11W-2UX
D6658 6KP1123015X4B1 FRN015P11W-2UX
D6659 6KP1123020X4B1 FRN020P11W-2UX (???)
D6660 6KP1123025X4B1 FRN025P11W-2UX (???)
D6661 6KP1123030X4B1 FRN030P11W-2UX (???)
- 6KP1123040X8B1 -
- 6KP1123050X8B1 -
- 6KP1123060X8B1 -
- 6KP1123075X8B1 -
- 6KP1123100X8B1 -
- 6KP1123125X8B1 -
- 6KP1123150X8B1 -
D6649 6KP1143F50X1B1 FRNF50G11S-4UX
D6619 6KP1143001X1B1 FRN001G11S-4UX
D6620 6KP1143002X1B1 FRN002G11S-4UX
D6621 6KP1143003X1B1 FRN003G11S-4UX
D6622 6KP1143005X1B1 FRN005G11S-4UX
D6623 6KP1143007X1B1 FRN007P11S-4UX
D6624 6KP1143010X1B1 FRN010P11S-4UX
D6625 6KP1143015X1B1 FRN015P11S-4UX
D6626 6KP1143020X1B1 FRN020P11S-4UX
D6627 6KP1143025X1B1 FRN025P11S-4UX
D6628 6KP1143030X1B1 FRN030P11S-4UX
D6630 6KP1143040X1B1 FRN040P11S-4UX + NEMA1-30G11-2 
D6631 6KP1143050X1B1 FRN050P11S-4UX + NEMA1-30G11-2
D6632 6KP1143060X1B1 FRN060P11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4 
D6633 6KP1143075X1B1 FRN075P11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4
D6634 6KP1143100X1B1 FRN100P11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-4 
D6635 6KP1143125X1B1 FRN125P11S-4UX + NEMA1-55G11-2 
D6636 6KP1143150X1B1 FRN150P11S-4UX + NEMA1-110G11-4 
D6637 6KP1143200X1B1 FRN200P11S-4UX + NEMA1-110G11-4 
D6638 6KP1143250X1B1 FRN250P11S-4UX + NEMA1-160G11-4 
D6639 6KP1143300X1B1 FRN300P11S-4UX + NEMA1-160G11-4 
D6640 6KP1143350X1B1 FRN350P11S-4UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 
D6641 / D6642 6KP1143400X1B1 / 6KP1143450X1B1 FRN400P11S-4UX + NEMA1-90G11-2 FRN450P11S-4UX + NEMA1-90G11-2
- - -
D6643 6KP1143500X1B1 FRN500P11S-4UX + NEMA1-315G11-4 
D6644 6KP1143600X1B1 FRN600P11S-4UX + NEMA1-315G11-4 
D6645 6KP1143700X1B1 FRN700P11S-4UX + NEMA1-400G11-4 
D6646 6KP1143800X1B1 FRN800P11S-4UX + NEMA1-400G11-4 
- 6KP1143040X9B1 FRN040P11S-4UX 
- 6KP1143050X9B1 FRN050P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143060X9B1 FRN060P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143075X9B1 FRN075P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143100X1B1 FRN100P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143125X1B1 FRN125P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143150X9B1 FRN150P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143200X9B1 FRN200P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143250X9B1 FRN250P11S-4UX 
- 6KP1143300X9B1 FRN300P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143350X9B1 FRN350P11S-4UX 
- 6KP1143400X9B1 / 6KP1143450X9B1 FRN400P11S-4UX / FRN450P11S-4UX
- - -
- 6KP1143500X9B1 FRN500P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143600X9B1 FRN600P11S-4UX 
- 6KP1143700X9B1 FRN700P11S-4UX
- 6KP1143800X9B1 FRN800P11S-4UX
D6699 6KP1143F50X4B1 FRNF50G11W-4UX
D6669 6KP1143001X4B1 FRN001G11W-4UX
D6670 6KP1143002X4B1 FRN002G11W-4UX
D6671 6KP1143003X4B1 FRN003G11W-4UX
D6672 6KP1143005X4B1 FRN005G11W-4UX
D6673 6KP1143007X4B1 FRN007P11W-4UX
D6674 6KP1143010X4B1 FRN010P11W-4UX
D6675 6KP1143015X4B1 FRN015P11W-4UX
D6676 6KP1143020X2B1 FRN020P11W-4UX (???)
D6677 6KP1143025X2B1 FRN025P11W-4UX (???)
D6678 6KP1143030X2B1 FRN030P11W-4UX (???)
- 6KP1143040X8B1 -
- 6KP1143050X8B1 -
- 6KP1143060X8B1 -
- 6KP1143075X8B1 -
- 6KP1143100X8B1 -
- 6KP1143125X8B1 -
- 6KP1143150X8B1 -
- 6KP1143200X8B1 -
- 6KP1143250X8B1 -
- 6KP1143300X8B1 -
- 6KP1143350X8B1 -
- 6KP1143400X8B1 / 6KP1143450X1B1 -
- - -
- 6KP1143500X8B1 -
- 6KP1143600X8B1 -
- 6KP1143700X8B1 -
- 6KP1143800X8B1 -

Whether we have FUJI Electric VFDs in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Fuji Electric Corp. of America (FECOA) to any USA cities (New York Los Angeles Chicago Houston Philadelphia Phoenix San Diego Dallas San Antonio Detroit San Jose Indianapolis San Francisco Columbus Austin Baltimore Milwaukee Boston Washington El Paso Seattle Denver Charlotte Fort Worth Portland Oklahoma City Tucson New Orleans Las Vegas Cleveland Long Beach Albuquerque Kansas City Fresno Virginia Beach Atlanta Sacramento Oakland Mesa Tulsa Omaha Minneapolis Honolulu Colorado Springs St. Louis Wichita Santa Ana Pittsburgh Arlington Cincinnati Anaheim Toledo Buffalo St. Paul Corpus Christi Aurora Raleigh Newark Lexington Fayette Anchorage Louisville Riverside Bakersfield Stockton Birmingham Jersey City Norfolk Baton Rouge Hialeah Lincoln Greensboro Plano Rochester Glendale Akron Garland Madison Fort Wayne Fremont Scottsdale Montgomery Shreveport Lubbock Chesapeake Mobile Des Moines Grand Rapids Richmond Yonkers Spokane Augusta Glendale Tacoma Irving Huntington Beach Arlington Modesto Durham Boise Winston Salem); Clearwater Tech can get FUJI Electric Inverters to you fast and save you some money!

Our FUJI distributors warehouse stocks some FUJI Electric Inverter products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct FUJI FRENIC-5000G11S/5000P11S Series Drives in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the FRENIC Inverter part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for FUJI FRENIC-5000G11S Series General Industrial Machine Drives that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for FUJI FRENIC-5000P11S Series Variable Torque VFDs, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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Trans-Coil reactors are designed to be floor-mounted or wall-mounted. Large open-style devices should be panel mounted by incorporating a bracket that would act as a shelf to support the reactor and/or enclosure. When installing an open style device in an existing control cabinet, drive cabinet, motor control center, or other large enclosure, the reactor should be mounted in the lower half of the cabinet to prevent hot spots or pockets of heat

SEW Drives

The Reversible Gear Unit Housing allows for variable installation since two mounting positions can be implemented with a single version. This means a reduced number of variants for operators and original equipment manufacturers. Influencing factors, such as operational reliability and ease of maintenance, have been particularly taken account of in the design of the robust housing, low-noise gearing, and cooling system. Efficient project planning tools,