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Hitachi VFD Drives

Hitachi America, Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of AC variable frequency drives (industrial inverters) that are utilized for an array of applications in the Americas. Hitachi industrial AC variable frequency drives are equipped with several advanced features, and deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility. Hitachi holds deep expertise in manufacturing new generation AC variable frequency drives that offer high level functionality and accuracy.

How can I get access to all the parameters available on the inverter?

Please review the inverter manual, and navigate through the menu to change parameter B037 to 00.

What parameter should I change for an external speed reference?

Please change the speed reference parameter A001 to 01

What is the parameter setting to enable for external directional or RUN command from the terminals?

Please change parameter A002 to 01

What terminal is assigned for FORWARD in the SJ700 and L700 inverters?

Terminal FW is the FORWARD RUN. No programming changes are required. Please review the manual for the proper wiring configuration.

How could I limit the inverter output voltage to the motor?

Please adjust parameter A045 to the proper value for your application and motor.

Which parameter do I use to select the correct numbers of motor poles in Hitachi inverters?

Please utilize parameter H00, and adjust to the correct number of motor poles. The factory default is 4, however, you may select from 2, 4, 6 and 8.

What parameter has to be changed for the proper motor output voltage?

Please utilize parameter A082 to adjust the voltage to the proper value.

How can I set motor full load amp in Hitachi inverters?

Please set the motor protective features using parameter B012 and set to the motor amperage.

How could I select the correct Volts per Hertz control mode in Hitachi inverters?

Please change parameter A044 to the correct setting for the application.

How could I select the maximum frequency in Hitachi inverters?

Please adjust parameter A004 to set the maximum frequency.

How could I select the base frequency of the motor in Hitachi inverters?

Please set the base frequency using parameter A003. This does not need to match the maximum frequency. It can be lower or higher.

How can I set the lower frequency limit in Hitachi inverters?

Please set parameter A062 to the desired operational low frequency limit in Hz.

How can I set the upper frequency limit in Hitachi inverters?

Please set parameter A061 to the desired operational high frequency limit in Hz.

What parameter do I use to control deceleration time in Hitachi Inverters?

Please adjust parameter F003 to the correct deceleration time. Please keep in mind, that some deceleration times may not be possible due to inertia or application specific constraints.

What parameter selects the direction of the keypad Run command with regards to the motor rotation?

Please utilize parameter F004 to select direction desired.

What parameter do I use to control acceleration time in Hitachi Inverters?

Please utilize F002 to set the acceleration time. Please keep in mind that the selected time is limited by application specific constraints, such as inertia and torque requirements.

What parameter enables the DC braking in Hitachi inverters?

You may use parameter A051to enable the DC injection braking feature.

What parameter enables dynamic braking in Hitachi Inverters?

Please utilize parameter B095 to enable dynamic braking.

What parameter enables duty cycle for dynamic braking Control in Hitachi inverters?

Please utilize parameter B090 to adjust the dynamic braking ratio.

How do I know which parameters assigned for which intelligent input terminals?

Parameters C001 through C007 or C008 correspond to each control terminal block location sequentially. Intelligent input 1 is configured through C001, intelligent input 2 is configured through C002, and on forth.

How do I know which parameters assigned for which intelligent output?

Parameters used to configure the intelligent output terminals begin sequentially from C021. Therefore parameter C021 would correspond to terminal 11, parameter C022 for terminal 12 and on forth.

What parameter enables PID control?

Please utilize parameter A071 to enable the PID function.

What parameter controls Process Variable (feedback or PV) setting in PID control?

Please utilize parameter A076 to select source of feedback for use in the PID function.

Are alarm contacts A1 and AL2 programmable for other Functions?

Yes. Alarm contacts can be programmable for any intelligent output functions.

How do I restore factory default in WJ200 series inverters?

Please navigate to parameter B084 and use the "Set" button to change to 02. Then navigate and change B180 to 01 and press "Set". The display will change to d001, indicating the reset is complete.

Why my new inverter trips immediately on error E02 when a Run command is given?

Check for motor wiring. If the motor is dual voltage rated (ie. 230/460V) make sure motor cables are not crossed over.

Why my new inverter trips on error code E05 immediately when a Run command is issued?

Please verify that parameters A003 and H004 are properly set.

How can I select different speed reference sources?

Please utilize A001 to select the speed reference source that is correct for your application.

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