Fiber Optic Modules

Accu-Coder Encoders

Featuring Resolutions up to 1024 CPR, commutation channels, several output types and two supply voltage options, it can be configured for a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer feedback applications. An optional centering and gap-setting tool enables quick and easy installation. With a non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to IP69K, the Model 30M can be applied in environments where dirt, dust and liquids are present.

TURCK Cables

The PROFINET Cordset Line offers both M12 Ethernet D-coded and RJ45 connector options, allowing users the option to mix-and-match any connector combination to meet unique application needs. Cordsets are also available with color-coded field wireables to convert hard wiring to quick disconnect. TURCK's PROFINET cordset includes cable that meets IEC 11801:2002 Cat 5 and TIA 568B: 2001 Cat 5e requirements.


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Kubler Connectors & Cables For Incremental Absolute Encoders Distributors
Cables & Connectors

Cables & connectors for incremental & absolute encoders

  • Connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • M12 technology
  • Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet connection technology
  • M23x1, MIL and Right-angle-plugs
  • New also for EtherCat

If you are looking for Kuebler Cables & Connectors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Kubler Encoder Accessories that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for Kubler Optical Fiber Modules technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Kubler 8-Pin M12 Cordset With Integrated Control LEDs Distributor
M12 Cordsets

M12 cordsets with integrated control LED's

  • The 8-pin M12 Cordset for incremental encoders ensures fast, simple connections under difficult outdoor conditions.
  • The Cordset, in a transparent, right-angle housing, contains three LEDs, which display the channels A,B and Z.
  • With LEDs to display channels A, B (both green) and Z (amber)
  • LEDs for start-up and to display the zero point
  • Shows current status of the output channels
Kubler Taper Shaft Mounting Kit Distributors
Taper Shaft

Taper Shaft

  • The new mounting kit upgrades the large incremental hollow shaft encoder A02H for mounting onto a tapered shaft.
  • Tapered shafts are used for high-precision direct coupling to direct drives.
  • An isolating insert is also included in the mounting kit; this reliably protects the encoder from shaft currents.
  • Included in the set: Insert for cone blind hole, cone 1:10, 17 mm length, insulation insert, Allen screw for central fixing
Kubler Robust Bearing Unit Suitable For 58-Size With Solid Shaft Distributor
Robust Bearing Unit

Robust Bearing Unit Suitable For 58-Size With Solid Shaft

  • The separation of bearing load and sensor technology affords the encoder greater protection in tough environments
  • Retrofitting can be carried out very quickly and easily
Kubler Spring Tether Element Distributors
Spring Tether Element

Spring Tether Element

  • Simple but clever - this new torque stop offers the maximum amount of flexibility when fixing.
  • Spring tethers can be fixed at just about any angle, since pitch circles can be selected steplessly from 42 up to 84.5 mm.
  • The spring tether element is suitable for all hollow shaft encoders.
Kubler Protection Cover For Hollow Shaft Series A02H Distributor
Protection Cover

Protection Cover For Hollow Shaft Series A02H

  • The Heavy Duty incremental encoder A02H, with hollow shafts up to 42 mm, are particularely tough and resistant to vibrations. They are the right choice for AC-vector drives, which are used in steel plants.
  • For applications with a very high degree of pollution Kubler now offers a protective cover, which ensures in the simplest manner possible that the encoder will continue to operate reliably at all times and over a very long service life.
Kubler Isolating Inserts Distributors
Isolating Inserts

Isolating Inserts

  • The isolating insert provides galvanic isolation between the encoder and the motor shaft and prevents current flowing via the motor and encoder bearings.
  • We also supply isolated tether arms specially adapted to these applications.
  • Available for A02H and Sendix Incremental 5020.
Kubler Measuring wheels Distributor
Measuring Wheels

Measuring Wheels

  • Measuring wheels are utilized in combination with encoders to measure material in the wood, paper, metal, textile and plastic industry.
  • When selecting a measuring wheel, the first consideration is the type of material to be measured as this serves as the basis for determining the surface finish or coating of the measuring wheel.
  • Various diameters, designed for use with Kubler encoders, available for metric and imperial systems.
Kubler Couplings Distributors


  • Bellow type couplings are recommended as an inexpensive type of coupling
  • They are also suitable to compensate larger angular displacements
  • Spring washer type couplings for high speed applications
  • Easy to mount, two parts
Kubler Bearing Blocks Separation of Bearing Load Sensor Component Distributor
Bearing Box & Blocks

Bearing Blocks & Box

  • Versions for retrofitting to solid shaft encoders; Versions for hollow shaft encoders for very small installation depth
  • Simple upgrade, no mechanical adaptation
  • Simple and easy to upgrade and retrofit
Kubler Spring Encoder Arms Distributors
Spring Encoder Arm

Spring Encoder Arms

  • Pressure : Max. 40 N, adjustable spring pressure available in any position
  • Temperature range : -40 °C to 120 °C
  • Can be installed in any mounting position 9 setting positions in 40° steps
  • Base plate : Variable in 4 directions
Kubler Mating Connectors For EX Zones 2/22 Distributor
Connectors For EX Zones 2/22

Mating Connectors For EX Zones 2/22

  • Encoders, trip counters, time meters
  • Safe: prevents inadvertent undoing by hand.
  • Easy to upgrade: compatible with our standard connectors, easily retrofittable.
  • Solid: metal housing.
Kubler Accessories For Draw Wire Encoders Distributor
Draw Wire Encoder Accessories

Accessories For Draw Wire Encoders

Kubler LWL Fiber Optic Modules Distributors

Optical Fiber Module

For applications involving incremental encoders, where the user is confronted with difficulties of communication - either due to a lot of noise interference or because of long distances - Kubler offers a simple option for retrofitting existing standard encoder solutions, without the need to change over to expensive optical fibre encoders. The appropriate optical fibre module (LWL) is installed after the encoder and Before the Controller; the first module converts the electrical signals into reliable optical (light) signals and the second receiver module then converts these back to electrical signals when they reach their destination. An optical fibre cable is then run between the two modules, or an already existing optical fibre cable be used if preferred.

Kubler Fiber Optic Modules For Absolute Encoders Distributor

Optical Fiber Signal Transmission - SSI

The system is made up of an optical fibre transmitter and an optical fibre receiver.

The optical fibre transmitter converts the electrical signals of a normal absolute encoder with Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) into a light signal for transmission by means of an optical fibre. The receiving module converts the optical signal back into electrical signals. Absolute signals can be transmitted safely through one glass fibre over distances of up to 1500 m.

The resolution of 13 bit for a singleturn encoder or 25 bit for a multiturn encoder can be defined by means of a DIP-switch on the front side of the module.

Kubler Encoder Mounting Attachments & Flanges Distributors
Encoder Mounting Attachments & Flanges

Mounting brackets for shaft and hollow-shaft encoders

  • These attachments allow a wide range of mounting variants.
  • Flanges

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