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Mirus International Inc.

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Since 1991, Mirus International Inc. has been a supplier of specialized power quality products to reduce or eliminate harmonic problems and save energy in electrical power distribution systems worldwide. As true innovators, our unique approach to harmonic mitigation has produced many patented designs useful in addressing the problems associated with harmonic generating non-linear loads such as industrial computers, telecom equipment, broadcasting equipment and variable frequency drives (VFD).

This page consists of some User Manuals, Operating & Installation Instructions for the Mirus International Inc. product line. please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at if you cannot find the Mirus Harmonic Filter technical information (data-sheets) that you are looking for. If you need help selecting an Mirus Transformers for your application, please use Product Selection Guide OR Mirus Datasheets page links.

Description File Size
Mirus Eliminator Series Harmonic Filter User Manual 260 KB
Mirus Harmony Series Transformer User's Guide 908 KB
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