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MVC Plus Series Medium Voltage

The MVC Plus Medium Voltage Series Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with "True Thermal Modeling," while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC Plus Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets.

Motor and starter protection is taken to a new level by combining a high-end motor protection relay with a heavy duty solid state starter. Flexible control features and selectable ramping profiles to match any application - no need to compromise performance. High level circuit isolation via fiber optics (standard on all units) for safety and power quality immunity. Sealed NEMA 12 enclosures are standard equipment, not an expensive option. Soft start & protect any AC motor.

Motortronics MVC Plus Series 2.3kV to 7.2kV Medium Voltage Solid State Starters Distributors
MVC Plus Series

If you are looking for Motortronics Soft Starters, please call us at (800) 894-0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Motortronics Medium Voltage Soft Starts that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Motortronics Medium Voltage Soft Starters technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

It provides maximum protection with "True Thermal Modeling," while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC Plus Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets. Heavy-duty attitude highest rated power devices for maximum current carrying capacity. Rated at 500% for 60 seconds, the MVC Plus Series starter will never be the limiting factor in your application. Powerful sustained gate pulse insures reliable SCR firing without reactors (unlike "wimpy" pulse train designs that require a reactor to prevent SCR and motor damage).


  • Advanced motor protection relay and ramp features programmable via the keypad or a laptop computer.
  • Fiber optically isolated low voltage compartment with up to 110kV BIL rating for safety and reliability.
  • Built-in 120V control power transformer; voltage and current metering.
  • Load-break / fault-make rated disconnect switch with door safety interlocking.
  • Visible grounding bar for safe operation.
  • Coordinated motor fuses with blown fuse indicators.
  • Line isolation vacuum contactor.
  • Fully rated bypass contactor for increased thermal capacity and optional across-the-line starting.
  • Heavy duty SCR stack assemblies with ring transformer isolation for reliable SCR gate firing.
  • RTD Option accepts up to 12 RTD inputs.
  • Zero sequence ground fault protection option.
  • Top entry, bottom exit with room for stress cones.
  • Removable entry plates for easy connections.
  • NEMA 12 gasketed enclosure (NEMA 3R optional).

Advanced Protection:

  • True Thermal Modeling monitors the motor for excessive thermal conditions due to starting, running and even ambient conditions.
  • Retentive Thermal Memory for continuous overload protection even after a complete power loss.
  • MVC Plus remembers the last thermal condition of the motor, observes the off time via a real-time clock and adjusts the thermal model accordingly.
  • Non-Volatile Memory stores the thermal memory without the need for batteries.
  • True Time Thermal Tracking adjusts the thermal model for different cooling rates based on motor temperature, running state or power loss.
  • Dynamic Reset Response Reset is only allowed after the motor has sufficient thermal capacity for a successful restart.
  • Thermal Model Biasing adjusts for heating effects of phase current imbalance or optional RTD inputs.
  • Flexible Setup Choose the level of overload protection.
  • Programmable Trip Classes selectable from NEMA/UL Classes 5 - 30.
  • Dual Mode Protection separate trip curves for start and run modes (example: Class 20 for start, Class 10 for run).
  • Warning Levels can be programmed and assigned to one of six built-in output relays.
  • Custom Trip Curve programmable based on the motor manufacturer's data
  • Remote or Automatic Overload Reset can be activated for unattended operations.
MVC Plus Series Model Ratings
(Motor FLA x Service Factor = Max Amps)
Model Number Nominal Voltage Max Amps Nominal HP Nominal kW
MVC4-23100-E-SWG 2300 100 350 261
MVC4-23200-E-SWG 200 700 522
MVC4-23400-E-SWG 400 1,400 1044
MVC4-23600-E-SWG 630 2,200 1,300
MVC4-23800-E-SWG 800 2,800 1,600
MVC4-33100-E-SWG 3300 100 500 373
MVC4-33200-E-SWG 200 1,000 746
MVC4-33400-E-SWG 400 2,000 1,492
MVC4-33600-E-SWG 630 3,150 2,350
MVC4-33800-E-SWG 800 4,000 2,984
MVC4-41100-E-SWG 4160 100 600 448
MVC4-41200-E-SWG 200 1,250 933
MVC4-41400-E-SWG 400 2,500 1,865
MVC4-41600-E-SWG 630 4,000 2,984
MVC4-41800-E-SWG 800 5,000 3,730
MVC4-411000-E-SWG 1,000 6,350 4,737
MVC4-66100-E-SWG 6600 100 1,000 746
MVC4-66200-E-SWG 200 2,000 1,492
MVC4-66400-E-SWG 400 4,000 2,984
MVC4-66600-E-SWG 630 6,350 4,737
MVC4-66800-E-SWG 800 8,000 5,968
MVC4-661000-E-SWG 1,000 10,000 7,460
MVC4-69100-E-SWG 6.9kV 100 1,000 746
MVC4-69200-E-SWG 200 2,100 1,567
MVC4-69400-E-SWG 400 4,200 3,133
MVC4-69600-E-SWG 630 6,650 4,961
MVC4-69800-E-SWG 800 8,000 5,968
MVC4-691000-E-SWG 1,000 10,500 7,833
MVC4-72100-E-SWG 7.2KV 100 1,100 821
MVC4-72200-E-SWG 200 2,200 1,641
MVC4-72400-E-SWG 400 4,400 3,282
MVC4-72600-E-SWG 630 7,000 5,222
MVC4-72800-E-SWG 800 8,800 6,565
MVC4-721000-E-SWG 1000 11,000 8,206
MVC4-110100-E-SWG 11kV 100 1,700 1,268
MVC4-110200-E-SWG 200 3,400 2,536
MVC4-110400-E-SWG 400 6,700 4,998
MVC4-110600-E-SWG 630 10,600 7,908
MVC4-110800-E-SWG 800 13,500 10,071
MVC4-1101000-E-SWG 1000 16,500 12,309
MVC4-138100-E-SWG 13.8kV 100 2,100 1,567
MVC4-138200-E-SWG 200 4,200 3,133
MVC4-138320-E-SWG 320 6,750 5,035
MVC4-138400-E-SWG 400 8,500 6,341
MVC4-138600-E-SWG 600 12,500 9,325
MVC4-138800-E-SWG 800 17,000 12,682
MVC4-1381000-E-SWG 1,000 21,000 15,666

The MVC DOL series full voltage starters combine the protection and monitoring capabilities of our MVC4 series soft starters with the economics of a full voltage starter. Each MVC DOL starter includes:

  • All protection and monitoring features and functions of the MVC4 Series Soft Starter
  • Isolated load break rated disconnect switch
  • Interlocked door to prevent access unless main power is "OFF"
  • Current limiting fuses
  • 7.2kV rated main vacuum contactor
  • 3-Phase PT/CPT for voltage metering and control power
  • Current transformers sized for your application
  • An isolated low voltage section
  • The RX -5 Multifunction Motor Protection Relay
MVC Plus Series Model Ratings
(Motor FLA x Service Factor = Max Amps)
Model Number Nominal Voltage Max Amps Nominal HP Nominal kW
MVC4-23200-E-DOL 2300 200 700 526
MVC4-23400-E-DOL 400 1,400 1052
MVC4-23600-E-DOL 630 2,200 1657
MVC4-41200-E-DOL 4160 200 1,250 952
MVC4-41400-E-DOL 400 2,500 1900
MVC4-41600-E-DOL 630 4,000 3000

Whether we have Motortronics MVC Plus series in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Phasetronics to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get medium voltage soft start to you fast and save you some money. Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some Motortronics products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct soft starter with integral bypass contactor in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the digital solid state soft start part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Motortronics MVC Plus series that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Phasetronics medium voltage starters, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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