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Ideal for off/on status, overload or underload indication, current sensing switches from NK Technologies combine a CT, signal conditioner and output contacts into a single package for use with industrial and factory automation equipment. Our wide range of current sensing switches guarantees that you'll find exactly what you need. We currently offer 18 series of current sensing switches in AC or DC configurations.

NK Technologies ATS Series AC Current Transducers/Switches with Rotary Switch Setpoint Distributors

ATS Series with Rotary Switch Setpoint

The new ATS Series is specifically designed to protect loads with current levels up to 1200A.

This patent pending, one-piece solution combines a limit alarm (switch) with an analog output signal transducer.

The large sensing window provides complete isolation between the primary circuit and the controls.

The ATS eliminates the need to use a screwdriver inside an energized control panel to manually adjust the sensor. Helps with NFPA70E compliance.

If you are looking for NK Technologies Current Switches, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the NK Current Sensing Relays that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Neilsen Kuljian AMP Flasher AC Indicators technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

NK Technologies AS1 Series AC Current Operated Switches Distributors

AS1 Series

AS1 Series Current Sensing Switches combine a current transformer, signal conditioner and limit alarm into a single package for use in status monitoring or proof of operation applications. Offering an extended set point range of 1-150 A and universal, solid-state outputs, the self-powered AS1 can be tailored to provide accurate and dependable digital indication of over-current conditions across a broad range of applications.

NK Technologies ATS Series AC Current Transducer/Switch with Digital Setpoint Display Distributors

ATS Series

ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer into a single package.

The FL model features a digital display that gives visual indication of the setpoint for greater accuracy.

The sensor provides a solid-state contact which will change state when the current exceeds an adjustable level or falls below the normal running current.

This means reduced installation time, plus the option to have local control of a starter coil while at the same time sending the analog signal back to a controller housed in a separate cabinet.

NK Technologies ASXP Series Powered AC Current Operated Switches with Integral Time Delay Distributors

ASXP Series with Digital Setpoint Display

ASXP Series Current Sensing Switches are powered versions of our popular current switches with integral time delay. A fixed two-second delay upon initial energization of monitored load minimizes nuisance alarms during startup and operation in motor or heater status applications.

After startup a separate 0-20 second delay can be set. For use with 24 VAC/DC or 120 VAC supplies, this high performance product offers OEM-caliber accuracy, precision tolerances, low hysteresis and an operation range between 40 and 100 Hz. Available with status LED and solid-core enclosure as standard.

Neilsen Kuljian AS1 DODC Series Current Operated Switch Distributor

AS1 DODC Series

AS1 DODC Series current relay with dual output is ideal for applications where users want to monitor multiple loads simultaneously and alarm when cumulative current draws reach or exceed desired setpoints.

Combining the setpoint, LED indication and output functions of multiple sensors into one space-saving package, the AS1 DODC Series allows OEMs to tailor individual trip points to specific processes and trigger independent contacts. The AS1 DODC may serve as an effective over/under current monitor by energizing alarm contacts whenever sensed current falls outside the low and high band setpoints.

NK Technologies ASL Series Self-Powered AC Current Operated Switches One Turn Adjustment Distributors

ASL Series

The ASL Series Current Sensing Switches provide a current operated solid state contact powered from the monitored circuit. The trip point adjustment uses a single turn potentiometer. This means the installer can set the point where the output changes state when the monitored circuit is not energized, by turning the adjustment arrow to the current magnitude needed, and install the sensor over the conductor. Proper installation couldn't be easier. The ASL series is ideal for monitoring AC motor loads up to 150 amps. With the ASL series users can set a normally open contact over the normal running current level and it will open if the drive belt breaks or comes off the sheaves, or they can set a normally closed contact below the normal run current level to open on over-load conditions.

NK Technologies DS1 Series DC Current Operated Switches Distributors

DS1 Series

The DS1 Series Current Sensing Switches are designed to trip a solid state contact when there is DC current through the sensor window. The sensor can be used to interlock two operations for safety. When one load is energized, the contact will keep another from also energizing. The power supply voltage and the controlled circuit voltage can be derived from a single source or separate sources. The monitored circuit can be any DC voltage and any amount of current as long as the conductor will pass through the window. The monitored circuit is completely isolated from the control circuit. If there is 3/4 of one amp through the aperture, the output will change state.

NK Technologies ASD Series AC Current Operated Relays Single Range with Solid State Output Distributors

ASD Series

ASD series sensors provide a limit alarm contact with the easiest adjustment method ever designed. The single turn potentiometer, allows the trip point to be set before the sensor is installed, or before the monitored circuit is energized. The LED display provides a quick visual indication of where the contact changes. Compared to alternative technologies, the ASD current sensing switch is the ideal sensor for simplicity, easy installation, and reliability. Common ASD sensor applications for monitoring, detection and control include: conveyor system jam, overload, multiple section interlock integrity; pump system loss of head pressure; cooling towers and similar fan handling systems.

Neilsen Kuljian AS1 Series Current Operated Relays NOR-FT-GO Distributor

AS1 Series NOR-FT-GO

AS1 Series NOR-FT-GO is a specialized current relay providing an electromechanical relay contact. This output allows the sensor to control much more current than other AS1 models. This contact can control loads up to 5 amps, AC or DC. Solid-state contacts generally have a much lower capacity, making this sensor much more versatile than most self-powered models. Available in a solid core style only.

NK Technologies AS1 Series Compact Case AC Current Sensing Relays Distributors

AS1 Series Compact Case

NK Technologies introduces the AS1 Series AC Compact Case Current Sensing Switch. With its tiny 1 inch housing, the AS1 is a compact and cost-effective solution that enables users to monitor an energized circuit in tight spaces.

The easy-to-use ring design easily slips onto a conductor to reliably detect currents as low as 0.5A with a single conductor pass, eliminating the need to wrap conductors multiple times. Reliable, solid-state output with no moving parts provides a nearly unlimited number of operations.

The AS1 Series-CC current sensing switch is a powerfully simple solution to complicated control requirements.

When a user needs to know that a circuit is energized but they don't want to cut into the insulation or add burden to the monitored circuit, a current operated switch is the best solution. And when the primary circuit draw is less than 50 amps, a small, well-insulated device such as the AS1 is just what is needed.

NK Technologies AS3 Series Current Operated Switches Distributors

AS3 Series

AS3 Series Current Operated Switches provide the same dependable indication of status offered by the AS1, but with the added benefit of increased setpoint accuracy.

A choice of three, jumper-selectable input ranges allows the AS3 to be tailored to an application, providing more precise control through improved setpoint resolution. Self-powering, isolated solid-state outputs, 1-6A, 6-40A and 40-200A input ranges, and a choice of split- or solid-core enclosures are standard.

Neilsen Kuljian ASX Series Current Operated Switch with Time Delay Distributor

ASX Series

ASX Series Current Operated Switches are high performance current-operated switches with field-adjustable time delay to help minimize nuisance trips during start-up and operation. Designed for motor status applications where setpoint accuracy and repeatability are critical, the ASX Series offers a linear setpoint characteristic and constant hysteresis. Standard features include self-powering, jumper-selectable ranges and a choice of outputs and cases.

Neilsen Kuljian AS0 Series Ultra-Low Current Operated Switch Distributor

AS0 Series

AS0 Series Low-current Sensors are specialized current operated switches that combine an ultra-sensitive current transformer and signal conditioning electronics into a single package for sensing AC current from 3-350mA.

Useful for signal or lamp status monitoring, detecting minute fault currents or fan proving, the AS0 Series features solid-state outputs and jumper-selectable ranges, which make it a versatile choice for low-current status indication applications.

They operate (switch) when the current level through the hole exceeds the adjustable setpoint.

NK Technologies ASM Series Self Calibrating Smart-Switches Distributors

ASM Series Self-Calibrating

The newly re-designed ASM Series is more accurate and easier to use than previous models.

This Self Calibrating Smart-Switch uses the actual load current to set the trip point. It takes just a couple of seconds of steady running conditions before the sensor locks onto the normal current level.

Upon sensing an average operating current, the ASM self-learns and establishes a limit-alarm trip point based on 85-125% of normal current (overload/underload model only).

Neilsen Kuljian DS3 Series DC Current Operated Switch Distributor

DS3 Series

DS3 Series Current Operated Switches combine a Hall effect sensor, signal conditioner and a limit alarm into a single package.

The DS3 Series offers three jumper-selected current input ranges and frequency response from DC to 400Hz. Available in a solid-core case with choice of relay or a universal solid-state output.

NK Technologies ASXP-MS Series Current Sensing Switches Distributors

ASXP-MS Series

ASXP-MS Series Current Switches combine a current transformer and signal conditioner into a single package. The large, easy-to-install split-core design allows for installation over existing conductors without the need to disconnect the load, even in applications where there are multiple conductors per phase. For new installations, the installation is just as easy. Just remove the top portion of the sensing ring, place the conductors inside, and snap the top back in place.

The switch output is powered from the primary circuit, and the setpoint is adjustable between a very wide range. The solid-state contact provides a trouble free, long lasting and very durable alarm or interlock, improving safety and overall system reliability.

ASXP Series products are powered, current-operated switches which trigger when sensed current levels exceed the adjusted setpoint. Models are provided with NO and NC mechanical relay contacts. Contact action can be delayed on start up for up to 16 seconds by turning the Time Delay Adjustment on the side of the sensor base.

Neilsen Kuljian ASC Factory-Calibrated Current Operated Switch Distributor

ASC Series

ASC series current operated switches are precision calibrated at the factory per customers’ specifications and guaranteed within 1% accuracy. The ASC combines a current transformer, signal conditioner and limit alarm into a single package for use in status monitoring or proof of operation applications and is perfect for OEM applications where the need for a limit alarm is required.

Available in a solid-core or a split-core case to maximize ease of installation. The output contacts are rated 0.3A up to 135 VAC or VDC. This "Universal" output make them well suited for application in automation systems.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some NK Technologies products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct DS3 series current switch for your application in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have AS1 series NOR-FT-GO relays in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from NK Technologies to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get Neilsen Kuljian AS1 DODC series to you fast and save money! It will be very helpful if you have the Neilsen Kuljian current switch part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for ASXP series with integral time delay that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for AMPFlasher AC Indicator, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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