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ABB Low Voltage Controls

ABB proudly announces that the recently launched PSTX softstarter range has been awarded with the Product of the Year 2014/2015 medal in the category "Motors and drives" of the Polish Napкdy i sterowanie magazine. Every year the magazine dedicated to drives and control rewards a product in five categories of competition as product of the year. The publication of the winners took place during the international fair AUTOMATICON 2015 in Warsaw where ABB exhibited various products for automation, control and measurement.

ABB PSTX Series Advanced Range Soft Starters Distributors

ABB's PSTX Softstarter Awarded for Its Innovative Design

The jury made up of academics and the Department of Biomedical Engineering Automation AGH (Cracow Academy of Technology) awarded ABB's PSTX softstarters with the title "Product of the Year 2014/2015" in the ninth edition of the scientific and technical magazine "Drives and Control". The main criteria to win this award was to be the most innovative product.

In the category "Most innovative product" PSTX softstarters stood out due to their compact design which is one of the smallest in class while providing many included functions such as built-in bypass, torque control to prevent water hammering, backward and forward jog with slow speed as well as pump cleaning. The best in class detachable keypad can be installed on a panel door providing remote access to the PSTX softstarter and easy access to the application status by reading the display.

"The PSTX team is proud to provide such an innovative product to ABB's customers and we ensure to keep on working on high performance products. The PSTX is a compact softstarting solution so that panels can be built smaller to reduce the overall footprint," said Carl Thorstensson, ABB's Project leader for PSTX softstarters.

Securing the motor reliability is one of the main benefits provided by the PSTX range. As the inrush current to start electric motors is reduced by 60 %, less stress is put on the motor thus reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs. Over ten motor protections are included to keep motors safe from overloads and network irregularities.

Torque control, pump cleaning, jog with slow speed and many more features take motor starting to a new level. The torque control function for example is increasing application productivity by starting and stopping pumps while avoiding water hammering. The motor heating function avoids low starting temperature of the motor ensuring it to be always ready to start.

ABB IDC (ADO System) Terminal Blocks Distributors

Entrelec's ADO Terminal Blocks Offer Fast, Reliable Connections

ABB has released a new family of terminal blocks that dramatically reduce installation times without compromising safety. Based on ABB's insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology, the new ADO system terminal blocks can reduce wiring times by up to 80% compared with conventional terminal blocks. The system eliminates the most common risks associated with connections, such as forgetting to strip the wire, folding over of wire strands, stripping too much wire, incorrect tightening torque or badly inserted terminal ends.

The ADO system uses a hand-operated tool to enable the operator to execute simple and accurate high-speed wiring and cutting. By ensuring a tight connection every time, ADO terminal blocks eliminate the problem of loose screw terminations, maximising safety in heavy industrial applications subject to vibration and shocks and reducing subsequent maintenance time and cost.

When a connection is made, the tool strips away the wire insulation and pushes the non prepared conductor cable into a cutting jaw, which holds it tight and ensures a sound electrical contact. The manual tool has been specially designed for on-site maintenance and can remain permanently inside a panel. A semi-automatic version is also available, which enables repeated connections to be made quickly with minimum effort from the installer. For wiring flexibility, users can choose ADO system blocks with an IDC termination on both sides or with a combination of IDC and screw clamp terminations.

Another key benefit of ABB's ADO system blocks is their reduced size. Up to 50 terminals can be installed per foot of DIN rail, helping to reduce the overall installation space compared to conventional terminal blocks. Further space savings are also achieved by the terminal's ability to accept two similar wires into each termination. The ADO system terminal blocks are available as standard mounted on DIN3 rail. All ADO system blocks are UL recognized, CSA certified, 600 V up to 25 A, and meet IEC and VDE standards. In addition to the ADO system blocks, ABB also offers terminal blocks with screw clamp and spring connections. ABB also offers an ATEX certified terminal block range for safe use in explosive atmospheres. The range is certified to the highest possible level of the ATEX directive 94/9/EC European directive.

A 'mini' version is also available for installations with severe size constraints. Up to 25% smaller than the standard IDC blocks, the 'mini' blocks are ideal for reduced space environments. For mounting, mini block models are offered for DIN 2 or DIN 3 rails. Other models can be screwed or snapped directly onto a metal chassis, such as a panel mount. For wiring flexibility, mini IDC blocks are available with insulation displacement on one side and a standard screw clamp on the other. The 6-mm wide block is rated 18 A, the 8-mm wide block 25 A.

ABB OVR Plus Series Surge Protective Devices Distributors

Protect Valuable Equipment, Reduce Downtime

A transient surge is a sudden (shorter than a millisecond) rise in the flow of power. Voltage can peak at 12x the nominal system voltage. Transient surges result from a number of sources, the most common of which are internal, such as load switching and even normal equipment operations. In fact, approximately 80% of transients are generated internally. External transients are the result of lightning and load switching by utilities and upstream facilities.

Switching on/off any elements that create a sudden variation of load will also cause a sudden change in current flow and generate transient surges. A lightning strike (direct or indirect) can have a destructive or disturbing effect on installations located up to several miles from the actual point of the strike. During a storm, underground cables can transmit energy from a lightning strike to equipment installed inside buildings. The switching of transformers, motors or inductances in general, variation of load, disconnection of circuit breakers or cut outs lead to overvoltages that penetrate a building.

The OVR DIN rail surge protector line is the ideal solution for protecting valuable equipment and keeping an operation up and running. In an effort to continuously improve the safety of these types of products, UL has issued the 3rd Edition of UL 1449, requiring more stringent testing and modification of the measured voltage protection level. ABB's OVR is approved to UL 1449 3rd Edition, making it one of the most effective products of its kind on the market today. In addition to equipment protection, the OVR DIN rail SPDs also reduce downtime related to maintenance and troubleshooting with pluggable cartridges, visual life indicators, and optional integrated auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring. When a cartridge has reached the end of its life the visual indicator and device wired to the auxiliary contact will alert you to the SPD status. Then simply replace the cartridge, no rewiring is necessary.

ABB 100/200A Two Pole 1000VDC Switches for Solar Market Distributors

New 100/200A Two Pole 1000VDC Switches for Solar Market Reduce Space by 50%, Cut Wiring Costs

ABB has introduced a new line of switches specifically designed for photovoltaic (solar) applications, the first two pole disconnect switches in the industry to achieve a 1000 VDC rating per UL 98B. This breakthrough in arc suppression technology delivers optimal performance with a new measure of simplicity and safety, occupying up to 50% less space while providing substantial energy savings and reduced wiring costs compared to switches currently available for solar applications.

Previously, switches for photovoltaic applications required up to six poles wired in series in order to break 1000 VDC. Achieving the 1000 VDC rating with a compact, two pole configuration provides the ideal switch for the solar industry, designed for use in combiner-boxes for disconnecting individual arrays, and at the inverter input for disconnecting the inverter from the DC side.

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