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Vacon AC Drives

The global AC drive manufacturer Vacon announces the renewal of its entire Vacon NXP premium product range. The update involves improvements to both the air-cooled and liquid-cooled units in the complete power range from 0.55 kW to 5,300 kW. The Vacon NXP will maintain its strong position in Vacon's product portfolio and in the highly competitive AC drives market.

Vacon NXP & NXC Industrial AC Inverters Distributors

Vacon Enhances NXP for Premium Performance

"The Vacon NXP is a high-performance product range, and with this update we have further improved its performance, robustness and reliability," reports Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President. "As a dedicated AC drives company, we are committed to pioneering trends in product design and provide innovative solutions for demanding industry applications and high power ranges."

"At the end of 2011, we introduced a new compact AC drive product family for OEM customers. With this new Vacon NXP update we are refreshing one of our most popular AC drives range in the premium range. We have done our homework and are focused on providing customers with the drive solutions they are asking for," Hiltunen continues.

One of the most significant improvements concerns the control circuit boards, which have been significantly redesigned and conformally coated. Certain critical components have been replaced in order to increase their temperature sustainability. However, the range of functionality and compatibility of the circuit boards remain unchanged.

Varnished cards and option boards, which are provided as standard in the power modules above 72 A, improve protection against dust and moisture. Performance and durability have also been enhanced via improved cooling channels for optimal cooling and experience-based optimization of protection limits. In the air-cooled Vacon NXP, new fans improve the reliability of the drive, thus ensuring a longer lifetime. Thanks to the new cooling concept, fan efficiency has been improved by more than 50%.

Vacon X5 Series Rugged AC Inverters for Harsh Environments Distributors

Vacon X - the Toughest AC Drives on the Market

The Finland-based AC drives manufacturer Vacon introduces the new Vacon X product line. These easy-to-use AC drives are designed for harsh environments, enduring dirt, dust, humidity and liquids. The Vacon X series is targeted at the food and beverage industry, material handling, and water and waste water treatment, but is ideally suited for all tough industrial applications.

"The new Vacon X series of AC drives supports our main value discipline, product leadership," says Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President, Vacon. "It is a rugged family of variable speed AC drives, built and designed for harsh industrial environments. From simple applications to those requiring advanced communications, the Vacon X series offers an increasing level of performance and features for the industrial environment. Capabilities ranging from simple press-and-run keypad operation to a real-time clock, advanced PLC functions or a USB interface are available."

The Vacon X series of AC drives are available in IP66 enclosures through 75 kW and in IP55 to 132 kW for the ultimate environmental protection. The new Vacon X series is ideally configured for any industrial application where data collection, flexible interfacing, and automatic sequencing operation are a priority.

Vacon offers AC drives that accelerate the customer's business. For Vacon product leadership means a broad product selection, outstanding AC drive expertise, customer relationship management, the latest technology and mass customization. The Vacon family of variable speed AC drives was complemented by this new product line after Vacon acquired the AC drives business of US-based TB Wood's in January 2008. First introduced by TB Wood's in 2005, these products are sold under their original SE2, X4 and X5 names in the US.

Vacon X5 HazLo AC Inverters Certified for Division 2 Hazardous Locations Distributors

The Vacon X5 HazLo AC Drive is the First of its Kind in the World

The new VACON X5 HazLo AC Drive's unique design provides your application solution in a compact, cost effective patent designed unit.

This drive has been certified for Division 2 hazardous locations, suitable for petroleum refineries, gasoline storage and dispensing areas as well as utility gas plants. In a class of its own, the VACON X5 HazLo drive has a robust design with safety yellow colored metal covers to protect against bumps and misuse.

Because there is not an additional box needed to place the drive in, cooling concerns are not an issue. This allows for even greater mounting flexibility without having to spend more money in installation costs. The VACON X5 HazLo is availabe in frame size T3 and T4 for applications ranging from 40 to 100 HP.

Continuing to be the toughest AC drives on the planet, VACON X Series Drives are designed for the real world - a world that is not gentle or forgiving to electronic devices. They have been designed to keep driving in harsh environments and are built from the ground up to survive tough conditions and still be simple to use.

Vacon 100 Multipurpose AC Inverters Distributors

Vacon North America Begins Production of VACON 100 HVAC AC Drives in Chambersburg, PA Facility

The global AC drives manufacturer Vacon has hit a milestone and will begin fully manufacturing the VACON 100 AC Drives in the Chambersburg, PA facility. Prior to this, the components of the VACON 100 AC Drives were manufactured at the parent factory in Vaasa, Finland and then sent to Chambersburg's mini factory to be assembled and distributed to Vacon North America customers.

"Local manufacturing is an important prerequisite for success in the AC drives market in NA. It enables shorter delivery times and a quick customer response time for general support or in developing complex solutions for local customers," states Tom Doring, President, Vacon North America.

"Moving to the new factory in Chambersburg in 2009 has made it possible to extend the range of manufactured products and expand production capacity. The next major step was to start production of VACON 100 units in Chambersburg which we have begun to do now," Mr. Doring concludes.

The 66,998-sq.-ft. single-story factory in Chambersburg, PA was also awarded LEED Gold Certification in 2010 as established by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

LEED is the nation's pre-eminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

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