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ABB Low Voltage Drives

Designed to set new benchmarks in ease of use for simple machine control, the ACS250 is designed to meet the production and performance needs of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications - from augers, mixers, pumps, and fans, to conveyors.

ABB ACS250 IP66/NEMA 4X Micro Inverter for Harsh Environments Distributor

New Micro Drive Product Line Designed for Simple Machine Interface

The drive offers two degrees of environmental protection, starting with the standard IP20 panelmounted chassis. For more demanding environmental conditions, such wash-down applications that require on-machine mounting, the IP66/UL Type 4x drive is the perfect solution.

With its feed-thru wiring, the IP20 chassis drive easily can replace motor starters, to improve overall energy efficiency, reduce mechanical stresses and enhance the process control of many applications. The drive's compact and uniform dimensions facilitate multiple drive solutions and cabinet installations, saving valuable installation space.

The IP66/NEMA 4X drive was designed with materials that meet stringent hygiene standards, preventing the drive from trapping bacteria, and allowing the drive to thrive in harsh environments that contain dust, moisture and chemicals. The integrated keypad provides straightforward drive commissioning and maintenance, and the sealed ABS enclosure and corrosion-resistant heat sink are ideal for wash-down applications.

The drive supports precise process control, with an enhanced V/Hz control with variable-torque or constant-torque V/Hz profiles, and embedded Modbus-RTU communication interface for real-time control and monitoring. The IP20 drive is available in 1~115 V In / 3~230 V out and 600 V In/Out, completing ABB's micro drives portfolio. The IP66/NEMA 4X drive offers one of the broadest voltage ranges in the micro drives class - from 1~115V In/3~230V Out, to 600V In/Out - covering all the typical global voltage requirements of machine builders with a single family of machinery drive.

ABB ACS550 General Purpose Standard Drives Distributors

ABB Drives Improve Irrigation System Efficiency at South African Farm

ABB technology has lowered the operating costs and reduced the operating demand of an irrigation system by 38% at a crop farm in Free State, South Africa. The customer wanted to achieve energy savings by making the current motor driven irrigation system more energy efficient. The system supplies water to a number of fields growing corn, soya beans and green feed.

The aim of the irrigation system is to meet the water requirements of the crop in order to obtain optimum production with a system that operates efficiently at the lowest operating cost. The design of the irrigation system must therefore focus on operating costs and not on initial capital costs.

The customer requested better control and production improvements of the irrigation system. ABB fitted ACS550 range variable speed drives (VSDs) on a number of the farmer's pumps to control their speed which is the most efficient way to control the flow rate of the water.

When the pump's speed is reduced with VSDs, the power consumption is also reduced. Slowing the motor speed down to match the actual demand needed by the application reduces energy consumption, in this case up to 38% compared to the previous irrigation system. Key features of the drive include a patented swinging choke which reduces harmonics as the motor load reduces and its small compact size.

Additional benefits of the renewed system include automatic re-starting of the irrigation system if an electrical supply outage occurs Eg. if there is a power outage, the system will automatically start once the power was restored, which will ensure greater reliability and minimum disruption to the crop farm. The automatic power factor correction feature will reduce demand charges. If the operating head is reduced, the water flow will also be reduced, ensuring there will be no flooding of crops by the reduction of the pump speed.

ABB ACS800-07 Cabinet-Built Drive Distributor

Why & When To Install ABB ACS800 Multidrives?

Extremely compact Multidrive series from ABB, the ACS800, offers an array of benefits to integrators, OEMs, panel builders and end users who are optimizing energy usage through precise control of motors. Since drives are available both in Multidrive and single drive configurations, it is useful to define the difference, and profile the benefits that the next generation of Multidrives now provides to users.

Adjustable speed drives are used in any application in which there is mechanical equipment powered by motors; the drives provide extremely precise electrical motor control, so that motor speeds can be ramped up and down, and maintained, at speeds required; doing so utilizes only the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant (fixed) speed and utilizing an excess of energy.

Since motors consume a majority of the energy produced, the control of motors, based on demands of loads, increases in importance, as energy supplies become ever more strained. Additionally, end users of motors can realize 25% to 70% energy savings via use of motor controllers. (Despite these benefits, the majority of motors continue to be operated without drives.) Single ABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives that can be customized to meet the precise needs of a single motor application. These units convert AC power to DC, and then invert the DC back to an AC output to a motor. These ACS800 motor controllers cover a wide, full range of powers and voltages. Single industrial drives also feature a wide range of built-in options as standard equipment. They can be installed for most applications right out of the box; and they also can be ordered and manufactured as a customized unit for a particular application.

ABB DC Drives DCS800 Distributors

DC Drives are Easy to Install

ABB has launched a series of high-performance DC drives designed for easy installation. All controllers have guided commissioning included as standard, which means the ABB DC drive can be installed by the user, in most cases without reference to the manual. Connecting the DCS800 enclosed DC drive is also straightforward, with connections comprising three cables in and four cables out. The drive detects the phase sequence automatically, meaning the user does not need to worry about in-phase connection. Plug-in expansion modules, which can be added without tools, are available.

Ease of installation is of significance for retrofits, where the time for installation is often very limited as the work frequently has to be carried out over a weekend. OEMs will benefit from the ability to use the ABB DCS800 all over the world, thanks to supply voltages of 230 to 525V AC, 50/60Hz, plus CE, CULus and C-Tick approvals as standard. The control panel can display information in eight languages, including Russian and Chinese.

It shares many features with the firm's range of AC drives, giving familiarity for users with both AC and DC drives on site. One of the common elements is the control panel, with a high-resolution display and context-sensitive assignments for individual keys, similar to a mobile phone. The drive also has several features that make it easy to control drives remotely. Fast, high-performance peer-to-peer communications allow data to be exchanged directly from drive to drive. A programmable logic controller is provided with each unit, allowing the user to handle local control tasks affordably and efficiently directly in the drive.

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Sentrol Switches

Attach Contact and magnet with RTV mounting compound or epoxy. Each electrical rating is an individual maximum and cannot be exceeded!The 1125 series stubby press fit magnetic contact is a 3/8-inch diameter switch designed specifically for applications where space is limited. The 1125's short length makes it ideal for thin-framed windows and doors where longer units cannot be used. Press fit ribs on the housing make installation quick and easy.

IDEC Safety Monitor

The SX5A Safety Monitor allows you to easily connect AS-Interface safety products to an existing AS-Interface network while being able to meet EN954-1 Category 4. Easy to use software makes setup and configuration quick and simple. Response time is 40 ms maximum (time interval after the safety input of safety slave has been shut down until the safety output is turned off.). A maximum of 31 safety slaves