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GE Security - Sentrol Industrial

These Industrial Hinge Operated Safety Switches utilize a rotating shaft to provide a positive means of turning the control power off should an access panel, door, gate, guard, etc. be rotated open during machine operation. The switch operating shaft is designed to be in line with the rotation point of the door and uses the opening force of the door to rotate the safety switch operating shaft.

Sentrol FR 996 Series Hinge-Operated Safety Switches Distributors

FR 996 Hinge-Operated Safety Switches

When the access panel, door, gate, guard, etc. is rotated to the "open" position, the normally closed contacts in the safety switch are mechanically forced open turning off the control power in the machine - disabling the machine. Since the switch contacts can only be closed when the shaft is rotated to the closed position, the machine cannot be re-started until the door, gate, guard, etc. is closed.


  1. Safety circuits must be connected to the normally closed (NC) contact (11-12 or 21-22). The normally closed contacts are opened when the door is rotated past 4° and normally open (NO) contacts (13-14) are closed when the switch is rotated past 8°. Normally open contacts are for indicating circuits and are not for use in the safety circuit.
  2. Mount the switch using tamper resistant fasteners (not supplied). Always use washers under the switch mounting fasteners to prevent the fasteners from pulling through the switch mounting holes.
  3. The head of the switch can be rotated in 4 x 90 degree steps allowing 4 different shaft rotating positions. To rotate the head, remove the 4 head attachment screws, rotate the head into the proper position, reinsert the head attachment screws. It is recommended the head be locked into position by replacing 2 of the 4 head attachment screws with tamper proof screws (not provided).
  4. The switch is to be used with the rotating hinge pin of the door. Attach the Hinge Operated Safety Switch to the machine at the door swing centerline. Extend the door hinge pin into the Hinge Operated Safety Switch operating tube using the M4 set screw provided. Verify operation of the entire assembly including the operating point for the normally closed safety contact and once verified as correct drill a hole through the hinge pin/operating tube assembly to permanently lock the hinge pin into the operating tube using the roll pin provided.

Sentrol 2302A-L 2304A-L Curtain Door Track Mount Magnetic Contacts with Armored Cable Distributor

2302 Series Curtain Door Track Mount Contact

The Sentrol 2302 Series Curtain Door magnetic contacts are designed specifically for curtain style overhead doors. The unique design allows the contact to be mounted directly to the channel of the door, with the magnet mounted horizontally in the door slats, off the floor and out of harm's way. This eliminates the service calls and alarm situations that are created when typical floor-mount contacts become damaged, or as the door becomes misaligned with normal usage.

The interlocking mounting bracket adjusts to fit any size channel width. The 2302 Series contacts are constructed with a rugged extruded aluminum housing potted with Sentrol's exclusive polyurethane potting compound.

Architects & Engineering Specifications

The contact shall be a hermetically sealed reed switch nominally 3.6" L x 3" H x .65" D with actuating magnet. Each switch housing has two sets of mounting holes that shall be on 2.2" centers. Contact and magnet shall be in brushed extruded aluminum type housing. Contact shall be sealed in Sentrol's exclusive polyurethane potting compound. Mounting brackets shall be furnished with contact. Contacts shall be specified as Sentrol part numbers 2302 and 2304.

Sentrol INT-05 Series Safety Expansion Relays Distributors

INT-05 Series Safety Expansion Relay

The INT-05-024 or INT-05-120 Expansion Safety Relay is intended for use as part of a safety circuit. It provides three additional safe output contacts when used with the INT-03 Safety Monitor Relay or INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay.

The INT-05-024 or INT-05-120 Expansion Safety Relay is intended for use as part of a safety circuit. It provides three additional safe output contacts when used with the INT-03 Safety Monitor Relay or INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay.

Voltage to the INT-05 is switched thru the contacts of the INT-03 or INT-04. If a component failure occurs, the feedback loop to the INT-03 or INT-04 prevents machine restart.

TUV Notes:

  1. Relay conforms to Pollution Degree II, meets EN1760-1:1998, and must be installed in an IP54-type enclosure.
  2. The wire insulation of connected devices must be rated for 250VAC. The relay meets basic insulation requirements only.
  3. Input devices must meet requirements of EN60947-5-1.
  4. The relay must be connected to a primary disconnect device that meets the requirements of EN60947-3.
  5. Controller meets IP20.
  6. Test system before operation and after machine maintenance. Controller does not require maintenance.
  7. The complete system should be tested weekly. If a fault occurs, contact Sentrol Industrial.
  8. To be used in conjunction with INT-03 or INT-04.

Sentrol 391-BT/393-BT Series Seamless Stainless Steel Safety Interlock GuardSwitches Distributor

GuardSwitch Series 300 Safety Interlock Switch

The 391-BT Series DPST safety interlock switch is designed for use with safety monitored relays or monitored circuits. To achieve the optimum Series 300 defeat resistance feature of the 391-BT, both the switch circuit (Circuit 1) and the tamper circuit (Circuit 2) must be connected. An optional third circuit can be provided to indicate at the panel which guard is open.

Set range at 20 mega ohms (switches with triac output, set ohm range at 20 kilo ohms). For a normally open switch, the meter will read a high impedance with the actuator away. It will read very high to infinity range (triac switches will read high kilo ohm to infinity range) with the actuator within sense range. You will see the opposite reading for a normally closed switch.


  1. Use non-removable screws, bolts, or nuts to mount the switch and actuator. Do not over-torque mounting hardware.
  2. Position the switch and actuator so the labels are reading in the same direction
  3. Mount the switch on the stationary frame of the machine and mount the actuator on the moveable guard, door or gate. Keep the switch and actuator within listed sense range.
  4. Mounting on a ferrous material will effect the sense range a minimum of 50%. However, a 1/4" non-ferrous spacer positioned under the magnet and/or switch should restore most of the lost sense range.
  5. For best protection against operator defeat, mount with non-removable screws, bolts or nuts. See ordering information for details.
  6. When not used with a GE INT safety relay, particular care must be taken to determine the actual load of the switch circuit. High voltage transients from coils, motors, contactors and solenoids must be considered. Transient protection, such as back-to-back zener diodes (TransZorb) or an RC network, is recommended for such loads to ensure that maximum ratings of the switch are not exceeded. Not recommended to be used with tungsten filament loads because of high current inrush surges. Line capacitance and load capacitance must be considered. Excessive line capacitance can be caused by cable lengths over 50' when using a maximum 48 VAC. A resistor can be added in series to limit the inrush current (at least 48 ohms for 24 Volt applications). The resistor can be added in series just before the load. The voltage drop and the power rating of the resistor must be considered.
  7. When mounting the switch on an ungrounded machine, ground the switch housing by connecting your ground lead to one of the switch mounting screws.

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