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Comat Releco

Due to the restructuring process we are undergoing with our Spanish C7/C9 production line, Comat Releco offers the C70 and C90 relay series as alternative to guarantee ongoing product supply of the high volume C7/C9 standard relays. The C70/C90 series are manufactured in Italy under the license of Comat Releco.

RELECO Sensitive 500 mW - 800 mw Relays Distributors

Comat Releco Product Alternatives

The part number scheme remains the same.

To differentiate the two technically equal relays, a "0" is added after the model number "7" or "9".

Only "no option", "X" and "DX" options are offered within the C70 and C90 series. All other options will remain to be C7/C9 product types and are available in limited quantities from stock. For large orders lead time of these relays goes up five months for C9 and six months for C7.

  • Part of the relay series C7 & C9 (QRC) are alternatively available as series C70 & C90.
  • No differences in the technical specifications between C7/C9 and C70/C90.
  • C70 and C90 relays are immediately available on stock in large quantities.
  • Fully compatible with existing socket program.

RELECO Solid State Relays Distributors

New "RELECO by TURCK" C12 Interfacer & CSS Relays

TURCK Inc. announces the new C12 interfacer relay featured in the new "RELECO by TURCK" catalog. The 2-pole changeover contact relay is used for linking PC or PLC logic to machine operation. C12 interfacer relays offer numerous advantages over conventional block, modular terminal strip or socket I/O products that require hours of wiring and potential downtime if a relay fails or needs to be replaced.

The C12 interfacer provides a modular solution with a universal socket to allow both input and output relays with various voltages to be positioned on a DIN rail and replaced individually as needed. The relays also feature a built-in surge suppressor that eliminates the need to specify separate relays for AC and DC applications.

C12 interfacer relays are industrial grade plug-in relays with rugged blade terminals that won't easily bend or break and feature push-to-test and pull-to-lock latches for trouble-free testing. Further, the relay's face label includes its electrical configuration, voltage range and wiring diagram to facilitate maintenance ease and efficient control systems. The relay also features a dual status indicator that contains both an LED pilot light and a mechanical flag to indicate output at a glance.

In addition to the C12 interfacer relay, the "RELECO by TURCK" catalog features new CSS relays used for either AC or DC inductive and resistive load switching. The durable CSS-DC relays are ideal when switching up to 50 VDC in heating elements, motors, solenoids or input/output signals on PLCs. CSS-AC relays were designed for use in switching resistors, incandescent lamps and signaling applications.


TURCK announces their analog+ proximity sensors have been enhanced to differentiate between varying types of metal during detection independent of their distance from the sensor. Available in ring and flat housings, these material detection sensors provide sensing ranges up to 11 mm and are well suited for stamping, die cutting and metal sorting applications, where different metal types must be readily and accurately detected.

TURCK Q80 Inductive Ring Sensors for Tailback Detection Distributors

TURCK analog+ Proximity Sensors Differentiate Between Metal Types

The analog+ material detection sensors use inductive coils whose RF fields are influenced differently for each metal type. The signal difference is then converted into a 0 to 10 VDC analog signal to signify which type of metal is being detected. Additionally, a wide operating temperature rating of -10 to 70°C makes these sensors particularly useful in cold pilger rolling mills used for drawing seamless pipes.

These 4-wire, 10-55 VDC sensors feature integral circuitry that protects against short-circuit, overload, wire-break, reverse polarity, and are available with complementary (normally open and normally closed) PNP (sourcing) outputs. Designed for use in industrial environments, the Ni100R-S32XL-VP44X-H1141 sensor features a durable POM plastic housing that allows it to operate in temperatures from -25° to +70°C (-13° to +158°F) and carries a protection rating of IP 67.

TURCK Inductive FM Approved Sensors Distributor

FM Approval for Quick Disconnect Sensor-Cordset Combination

TURCK has expanded its offering of FM Approved 12, 18 & 30 mm 3-Wire DC Barrel Sensor and cordset combinations. Now, quick disconnect sensors may be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D environments when equipped with a TURCK lokfast guard.

TURCK sensors with potted-in cable for use with conduit are also FM approved for these locations. TURCK's lokfast guards render quick disconnections not "normally arching" by eliminating access to the coupling nut and requiring a tool for removal. The ability to use quick disconnect technology enables customers to install sensors faster and at a lower installed cost than traditional conduit methods.

All TURCK sensors that carry FM approval also carry IEC IP 68 degree of protection. TURCK's ITC rated M12 eurofast or 7/8 16UN minifast connectors and cable are also FM approved when used with the lokfast guard.

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Red Lion Controller

A Second Setpoint is available on select models to allow quick selection of a different setpoint setting. Dual 4-digit displays allow viewing of the process temperature and setpoint simultaneously. Front panel indicators inform the operator of the controller and output status. On many models the main control output and the alarm outputs are field replaceable. Optional alarm(s) can be configured to activate according to a variety of actions

Accu-Coder Encoders

Using EPC's Optional Programming Module, users may select the output type, 32 different waveforms, and any resolution from 1 to 65,536 CPR - that's 262,144 counts using 4x quadrature counting. These programming features allow a single encoder to be configured for multiple applications, enabling one encoder to replace many different part numbers - and that provides cost savings on inventory and down-time replacement. The 25SP can also be configured