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Hammond Manufacturing

Designed for use in both industrial and office environments, the Eclipse Dual Access wall mounted cabinets from Hammond Manufacturing provide a rigid and strong enclosure for high-density LAN cabling and 19" patch panels as well as for any 19" electronic equipment. The unit consists of three sections: the heavy-duty wall mounting rear and base through which the cables enter the enclosure; the main body and a solid or window lockable front door.

Hammond NEMA 4/IP66 Dual Access Wall Mounted 19" Cabinets Distributors

NEMA 4/IP66 Dual Access Wall Mounted 19" Cabinets

The body and the door are independently hinged, with 120° opening to give unrestricted access to both the front and rear of the mounted equipment. All sections are constructed from 14-gauge steel, finished in RAL 7035 light gray. Seamless poured-in-place gaskets provide protection against dust, oil and water to NEMA type 3R, 12, 4 and IP66, enabling the enclosures to be installed in challenging industrial environments or outside locations.

Ten sizes are available as standard, ranging from 16" high x 24" wide x 15" deep to 48" x 24' x 24'. Non-standard sizes can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. A pair of fixed 19" panel rails, tapped 10/32, are pre-installed at the front and additional optional mounting angles can be added at the rear of the body to support heavy equipment or provide a second patch breakout area from the main cabling. U heights range from 7U to 26U and the maximum static load ratings are 100 to 180 pounds depending on size.

Other optional accessories include rear inner mounting panel, a mounting foot kit, breathers, filter fans, thermostats and rain hoods. CAD drawings that simplify specifying factory modification and customization are downloadable from Hammond website.

Hammond Floor Mounted and Freestanding Stainless Steel Enclosures Distributors

NEMA 4/IP66 Dual Access Wall Mounted 19" Cabinets

Hammond Manufacturing offers a number of versions of floor mounted and freestanding stainless steel enclosures designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments. The units will typically be installed in oil and gas facilities, water treatment plants, food manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical production and other industries where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in applications where corrosion is a serious problem.

Hammond's 1418, 1422 and the HN4SS series are all manufactured from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel with a smooth brushed finish. All seams are continuously welded and ground smooth and the units are sealed to NEMA 4X rating. All units include heavy-duty stainless steel lifting eyes. Doors are mounted on continuous hinges and sealed with a seamless poured-in-place gasket.

Users have a choice of closure options, traditional clamp covers can be specified for applications where access to the inside is not regularly required or three point locking handles or quarter turn fasteners are available when the doors need to be frequently opened. The enclosures are available from stock in a wide range of heights, widths and depths.

A wide range of accessories such as windows kits, breathers, anti-condensation heaters, thermostats and drip shield kits are available and CAD drawings that simplify specifying factory modification and customization are downloadable from Hammond website.

Hammond Series 2000 Modular Console Systems NEMA 12 4 4X Base Desk Turret Units Consolet Terminal Distributors

The Series 2000 Modular Console System: Infinite Variety From Standard Elements

The Series 2000 console range from Hammond Manufacturing which enables complex control desks to be created from standard parts is now available in both RAL7035 light grey and stainless steel. The system allows units to be stacked in multiple combinations to provide equipment support and display functions exactly where they are required. The system is so versatile that the range of applications that can be served from the standard components and accessories is virtually unlimited.

Systems are available in four standard widths: 24 inch (600mm), 36 inch (900mm), 48 inch (1200mm) and 60 inch (1800mm). There are three primary components. (1), the base unit, available with either single or dual access, (2) the desk unit with internal access via a lift-up sloping surface, and (3) the turret unit with angled front face and front/rear access.

A stand-alone consolet unit with an integral sloping top is also available. Once the basic structure has been designed, external options such as plinths, footrests or window doors can be added. A huge range of internal accessories such as electrical mounting panels, 19 inch mounting rails, DIN mounting rails swing frames, cable entries, gas struts and many others are available. The RAL7035 light grey units meet the requirements of NEMA Type 3R, 4 and 12, equivalent to IP66, enabling the consoles to be installed on the shop floor as well as in the control room. The stainless steel versions additionally meet NEMA 4X which make them ideal for various hose-down or corrosive environments.

Hammond Manufacturing Electronic Racks Cabinets Accessories Distributor

New Cable Management Products Launched

IT professionals are always looking for easy ways to organize the never ending mess of cabling. Hammond now offers four new products to help manage cabling within racks and cabinets.

The Cable Lacing Bar (CLB) reduces strain on cables connected to a patch panel or device. Available in three depths the CLB is sold in packs of ten (10).

The Horizontal Ring Cable Manager (RB-HRM) as a cost-effective D-ring style of cable manager. With formed metal rings and rear cable pass-through, the RB-HRM is a great alternative to our PCMBS series.

The Brushed Rack Panel (BRP) reduces unwanted airflow inside a rack cabinet while allowing cables to pass through to the reverse side. The BRP includes a cable management tray that reduces cable fatigue and an area to secure cables.

The Adjustable Depth Cable Manager (RDCM) is designed to support the management of cables from the front to the rear of a open frame rack or cabinet. Universal in design the RDCM can mount facing inwards or outwards and is available in two sizes from as little as 21 inches up to 48.5 inches in depth.

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