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Sola Hevi Duty

SolaHD would like to announce the release of the new IS-RELAY Card replacing RELAYCARD-INT. The IS-RELAY is a new intelliSlot relay card designed with the same functionality as the previous generation. The only change is the removal of the DB25 connector and the adapter board.

Sola Hevi Duty IntelliSlot Relay Card Distributor

Emerson Industrial Automation IntelliSlot Relay Cards

The new design now has terminal strip built on the card. The functionality and support of S4K, S4KC, and S5K products has not been changed. This new part is designed to be a direct replacement for the existing product. As current inventory of the RELAYCARD-INT is depleted, the IS-RELAY replacement will be automatically substituted.

The IntelliSlot relay card (IS-RELAY) provides contact closure for remote monitoring of alarm conditions in your SolaHD UPS. The IntelliSlot relay card is easy to install and integrates with other relay contact monitoring systems. This advanced power management device is designed to function in units with a IntelliSlot port, such as: S4KC & S5K Series.

On supported units, the inverter shut-off command can be controlled from the computer directly connected to the UPS (via the factory-installed DB9 connector) and will conserve battery power after the workstation shutdown is complete. The IntelliSlot relay card is rated for 24 V ac/V dc at 1 A.

Sola SCP-X Series Power Supply Distributor

SolaHD SCP-X Extreme Environment Power Supply Reduces Costs

Emerson Group of companies has introduced a new SCP-X field power supply that delivers 24Vdc power from an IP67-compliant package resistant to dust, water and other contaminants.

Designed as a stand-alone unit that can be mounted directly to a machine, the SCP-X reduces end-user costs by eliminating the need for a separate cabinet and simplifying I/O device cabling. The metal outer case withstands physical abuse while efficiently dissipating heat to deliver consistent power from -40 to +60C.

This compact, stand-alone unit can be mounted directly to the load eliminating the need for protective enclosures. This innovative mounting option drives down costs and provides machine builders and system integrators increased flexibility during the design process. Direct machine mounting also decreases the amount of cabling between the SCP-X series power supply & consuming devices on the machine. Reduced cabling means lower capital costs and also allows for easier modification if system requirements change in the future.

SolaHD Low Temperature Rise Transformers Distributor

SolaHD Unshielded Distribution Transformers Deliver Improved Cost Effectiveness

SolaHD, a leading supplier of power quality solutions, is offering a line of unshielded general purpose distribution transformers that equally mix value and performance for outstanding energy-efficiency in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

Utilizing the same feature-set that has made the SolaHD ET series of shielded low voltage dry-type distribution transformers an industry favorite, these unshielded versions offer improved cost effectiveness and are fully compatible with the shielded ET units in most applications. The offering includes the eight most popular ET part numbers - ET2 and ET5 Series, 15 kVA through 75 kVA.

For those customers seeking an outdoor transformer, the new units can be outfitted with optional weather shields which meet UL-3R requirements. Key features for both shielded and unshielded SolaHD ET transformers include:

  • NEMA TP-1 compliance
  • UL Class 220° insulation system
  • Terminal board connections and spacious wiring compartments
  • Panel design that reduces labor time
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosures
  • High efficiency for low cost operation
  • Single and three phase availability.

Sola S4K4U-C 6 kVA & S4K6U-C 10 kVA Industrial On-Line Uninterruptible Power Supplies Distributors

SolaHD Introduces UPS for Industrial Power Protection

SolaHD has introduced the new S4KC Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) incorporating a host of advanced true on-line, double conversion features in an ultra compact package that is purpose engineered for industrial applications, such as Industrial Computers, Automation Systems, Robotics and Process Controls. It is available in 120/208/240V or 230V models from 6000VA to 10000VA of capacity.

The S4KC UPS delivers continuous, high quality power to connected equipment with no break or transferring to battery. Its rated output power factor of 0.8-0.9 is a better match with switch mode power supplies, which allows for more efficient utilization of the UPS. The S4KC Series can be mounted directly into a standard 19" rack, taking only 4U (7.0") for the 6kVA and only 6U (10.5") for the 10kVA of rack space. It can also be floor mounted for standalone applications.

The S4KC Series combines flexible output voltage, internal batteries, an integral dynamic bypass witch, and a maintenance bypass switch. Up to 4 external battery cabinets are also offered to achieve additional backup time. Other features contributing to the outstanding performance of the SolaHD S4K2UC UPS include:

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Rotating LED display panel for easy readout in rack or tower position
  • Multiple and simultaneous communication ports
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery operation
  • Hot swappable, user replaceable batteries
  • Automatic internal bypass and a manual maintenance bypass
  • Continuous sine wave output to allow full compatibility with variety of power supplies
  • Power factor corrected input to reduce reflected distortion while optimizing utility power.

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Accu-Coder Encoders

Renco RCH20D with the "ABS" stepped-voltage output channel encoder can be replaced by Accu-Coder DR21R. Typically applied to series F, H, N and W motors, the RCH20D has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has become increasingly scarce and costly to replace. EPC's DR21R is an exact mechanical and electrical cross-reference for the RCH20D, including the correct 16-pin header connection. In addition to providing a "plug-andplay"

Toshiba Contactors

The HCV-5HA & HCV-5HAL Series, the first vacuum contactor produced in Houston, Texas, was also the first Toshiba vacuum contactor to incorporate an electronic drive unit to power the operating coils. This solid state design eliminated the economizing resistors and improved the reliability of the coil circuit. The contactor is available in either electrically maintained or latched type version. The compact size and high performance,