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The next generation in 22mm XW emergency stop switches features a smooth, ridgeless button which is not only attractive, but also prevents dust build-up and assures comfortable operation, reducing user fatigue and stress. This design enables quick and easy cleaning, ideal for food and beverage applications, as well as food processing equipment. Plus, each operator features both push-turn and push-pull action.

IDEC XW Series 22mm Emergency Stop Button Distributor

Industry's Safest E-Stops Now with Smooth Heads

With the XW series emergency stop switches, you will find many standard and innovative safety features, which make them the safest available today. The potential energy level of the latched status is lower than that of the normal status. This is known as a Reverse Energy Structure. It means that if the switch is damaged, the NC contacts will turn off, thus stopping the machine. Plus, when the contact block is detached from the operator, the NC contact opens (OFF). And of course, all XW switches feature positive opening contacts.

In addition, a bright-green mechanical indicator makes it easy to instantly check latched or normal status from a distance! The green indicator is visible when NC contacts are closed, and is hidden when the switch is actuated. XW E-stops comply with international safety standards and are UL, c-UL listed, TUV recognized, and EN and CCC compliant. Illuminated models are also available.

IDEC PS6R Series 480W Switching Power Supplies Distributors

A Complete Solution to Your DC Power Needs

IDEC Corp. proudly announces the launch of PS6R - a new stage in the evolution of industrial power supplies. Highly efficient and ultra compact, PS6R power supplies offer a built-in expansion slot that allows use of DC-DC converters.

IDEC PS6R allows users to add 5V and 12V outputs with a simple plug-in module. It's like having three power supplies in one!

At only 85mm wide, the 480W PS6R power supplies take up less space than most 240W power supplies, making them ideal for applications where high power is required but panel space is limited.

As well as being able to add outputs, with the addition of a branch terminal module, you can also add extra + and - slots.

Safety won't be comprised with PS6R power supplies! An indicator alarm contact (NPN transistor) closes when the output voltage has fallen below 80%.

These power supplies are designed for any industrial or machine application where reliable DC power (even in multiple voltages) is required.

With a steady power source and a 93% efficiency level, PS6R power supplies keep energy consumption low while maintaining high-output power ratings (up to 20A), as well as being parallel-capable for increased power.

IDEC High Performance Operator Interface Distributor

High Performance OI Touchscreens: Powerful. Fast. Colorful. Now with All New Features!

Our newest line of OI touchscreens have advanced features, cutting-edge display technology and intuitive software, delivering customers a superior visual experience and offering flexible solutions for all their HMI applications.

The IDEC high performance series of OI Touchscreens are the fastest in their class. A 400MHz RISC processor means quick operation and response times, as well as exceptional performance.

Thanks to cutting-edge color conversion technology, the same technology used in LCD TVs, these screens deliver an intense visual experience. The brightest on the market, with an LED backlight shining up to 800 cd/m2, these High Definition-Quality TFT LCD Screens provide sharp images and excellent visibility. The high resolution also gives customers more space to create additional images and parts. With 65,536 colors, screen views are realistic and crisp, providing true-to-life images and making it easy to view precise readings of data and images. Distinctly different from 8-bit, 256 color screens, the HG series offers an intense depth-of-color perfect for graphical displays.

High-performance models (excluding 5.7" Color TFT) feature a built-in video interface (Video In) and audio interface (Audio In/Out), meaning a video camera and microphone can be connected to any high performance series (8.4" to 12.1" touchscreen to display video, or play movie or audio files. Using video and audio interfaces, customers can monitor machine conditions or view and listen to detailed instructions on the plant floor.

IDEC Embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra PLC with Web Server Functions Distributors

Unrivaled Ethernet Flexibility & Power: Unleash The Pentra!

No micro PLC can offer you what Pentra can! Everything from Modbus TCP and email/text messaging functionality, to web server functions AND an interactive user web page with dynamic data.

Not to mention free software upgrades, free technical support and local hands-on training, making these PLCs the best value in the market. The IDEC MicroSmart Pentra PLC with embedded Ethernet dominates the competition with the features you need to stay connected.

An easy-to-configure built-in Modbus TCP makes it simple to setup your controls network for remote maintenance, monitoring and control, and data acquisition. Up to 14 simultaneous connections can be established, ensuring you have all the information and control you need.

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CONTRINEX Safety Screens

Pairs of Matching Sender & and receiver unit are the perfect devices to protect dangerous machine openings. A safe detection of intrusions is guaranteed which will allows bringing the potentially harmful machine cycle to a safe stop. Aluminum profile 42 x 48 mm with dual fixing groove. Safetinex light curtains are self-protected against overloads and short circuits. They can also withstand short high-voltage overloads. Safetinex light curtains

Panasonic Safety Controller

The OFF Delay Time can be easily set by simply turning the rotary switch to any one of patterns. The OFF delay time applies to control output 2. In case of setting the OFF delay time to control output 1, the "Configurator SF-C" software is needed. Use our "Configurator SF-C" software to build your own safety circuits of connected devices, control logic, output modes, etc. No programming skills required! All possible logic combinations created with