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New capabilities are available on the already high-performing HGA Active Harmonic Filter product family.

This latest release includes additional functionality which allows the HGA to operate in a wider variety of applications and to solve a broader array of harmonic problems.

Trans-Coil HGA HarmonicGuard Active Filters Distributors

New Features Available for the HarmonicGuard Active Filter

The HGA will now be available in 600VAC models. The 600V version of our Active Line Conditioner will be available with 39 or 78 Amps of corrective current and in UL Type 1, Type 3R, and open chassis configurations.

All sizes of TCI's HGA product line are now available in UL Type 3R cabinets. This option allows our active filter to be used safely in harsh outdoor conditions.

This addition, coupled with the HGA communication options, makes it the ideal choice for remote applications, such as oil fields, where indoor facilities are not available.

Increasing the output capability of the HGA to 300A allows it to be used in larger and more demanding applications.

The ability to be paralleled allows corrective currents up to 3000A to be achieved. This corrective current can be used for harmonic correction, power factor correction, or for both purposes simultaneously.

True power factor will be returned to near unity if power factor correction is enabled on the filter. The HGA meets even the most stringent IEEE 519-1992 requirements with its advanced technology.

TCI Trans-Coil KLR Series DIN Rail Line Reactors Distributors

Reactor Footprint Takes a Step Forward

TCI is proud to announce the release of the new Universal Mounting footprint design.

From patented bobbin construction to Distributed Gap Technology, TCI has been the leader in the manufacture of three phase reactors. Over time, the marketplace has expanded and more manufacturers have introduced their own reactor lines. This can become a big challenge for large distributors, systems integrators, and drive manufacturers who have pre-drilled back panels or customers with pre-drilled back panels. In order to change reactor suppliers, drawings have to be changed, and panel mounting dimensions would have to be modified.

The evolution of TCI three phase reactors has just taken another step forward. In order to help our customers, TCI has modified both the KLR and KDR product lines. A new Universal Mounting foot design is being introduced. Each and every reactor will now be built using the new mounting design.

The basis for the reactor interchangeability is the KDR Optimized Drive Reactor product line. Since this product tended to be smaller than TCI's popular KLR line, it was decided that a new footprint would be developed to allow the new KDR reactor to be a direct replacement for the existing KLR reactor. At the same time, reactor lines manufactured by other companies were evaluated during the design phase of the new footprint. The result is a mounting design that fits the greater part of existing reactor mounting dimensions, both TCI's products and other reactor lines.

As of September 15th, 2003, all reactors manufactured by TCI will use the Universal Mounting designs. Extensive information regarding the new footprint, including mounting dimension charts, cross reference material, and Non-fit listings, is available upon request.

TCI PF Guard Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank Distributors

Get More from Your Existing Power System with PF Guard from TCI

TCI, your trusted source for power quality solutions has added the PF Guard, a low voltage capacitor bank designed to correct power factor in industrial facilities, to our suite of power quality solutions.

Low power factor increases demand for apparent power from the utility without providing additional system capacity. This reduces the effective use of the power a consumer pays for and exposes them to utility surcharges, poor system performance and shortened equipment service life.

Our new PF Guard:

  • Reduces the amount of apparent power drawn from the utilities
  • Reduces or eliminates Power Factor penalty charges on utility bills
  • Improves power system capacity
  • Reduces power system losses

The PF Guard's responsive automatic switching design has optional half steps for fine PF control and includes a detuning reactor to protect your investment from the harmful effects that harmonics can have on capacitor banks.

Key features include:

  • 100kA SCCR with fusing
  • Fuse monitoring
  • Full kVAR and 1/2 kVAR steps for fine PF control
  • Programmable controller with user interface

TCI's PF Guard is available now.

Trans-Coil HGP HarmonicGuard Series Drive Applied Passive Filters Distributors

Harmonic Filter Achieves 5% THD at Low Loads, Even with High Background Voltage Distortion

TCI is proud to announce the release of the HarmonicGuard Passive 5% harmonic filter. The HarmonicGuard Passive, or HGP for short, offers users 5% iTHD performance with a host of additional features to meet most needs, including:

  • 5% current THD performance over a wide load range
  • Can be configured to operate in environments with background voltage distortion as high as 5%
  • 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)
  • Fused branch circuit to protect capacitors
  • Generator compatibility
  • Available fuse monitor
  • Hinged access door

Poor power quality can be a result of variable frequency drives or other types of non-linear loads using a power conversion process that causes current and voltage distortion. This resulting distortion is known as harmonics. The HarmonicGuard Passive filter is built using the highest quality components and is able to operate under the harshest conditions.

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