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Panasonic Aromat NAiS

Panasonic has introduced the new ultra fast compact Panasonic FP-X PLC after its great success with the compact FP0 series. The Panasonic FP-X PLC is set to redefine the industrial brick style PLC with new levels of expandability in a small robust package.

Panasonic FP-X Programmable Logic Controllers Distributors

Ultra-Fast Expandable Compact PLC

With its super fast (0.32µsec/inst.) processor, large program memory, 8 built-in high speed counters, Modbus master/slave, and new stackable expansion cassettes, the Panasonic FP-X PLC is well suited for most control applications.

Equipped with industry's first USB port, the FP-X has a direct connection with a PC via a commercial USB cable (AB type). Program updates are easily carried out by transferring the program in the master memory to the Panasonic FP-X PLC even during an upload-prohibited condition.

The transferred program in the Panasonic FP-X PLC is setup with the same upload prohibition and permission conditions used in the master memory. Panasonic FP-X PLC solves user concerns with a maximum of 300 I/O channels. The number can be increased up to 382 points by using the add-on cassettes and FP0 Panasonic PLC expansion units.

Panasonic MINAS A5 Series Servo Motors & Drivers Distributor

A5 Digital AC Servomotor & Driver

Panasonic MINAS A5 series servos provide high performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed. Five industry-leading advantages supported by a variety of new technologies and features:

  • Quick - Ensures accurate positioning in a short time
  • Smart - Incorporates the industry's quickest high performance real time auto gain tuning featuring simple setup.
  • Light - Featuring significantly reduced weight and more compact motor
  • Safe - IP67, low noise, complies with most of international safety standards
  • Easy - Panaterm Ver. 5, get your servo ready to run in minutes

Key Features:

  • 20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses

    Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration while maintaining position as well as accurate positioning within a short setting time.

  • Low cogging torque

    We have achieved the industry's lowest cogging by utilizing a new 10-pole rotor design and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved with the result of minimal torque variation. This results in improved speed stability and positioning.

  • Highly Functional Real-time Auto-Gain Tuning

    Incorporates the industry's quickest high-performance real-time auto-gain tuning featuring simple setup. After installation, tuning will be completed automatically after few operations.

  • Manual/Auto Notch and Damping Filters

    These filters will automatically detect vibration and provide simple auto-setting. These filters greatly reduce noise and vibration.

  • 2.0 kHz frequency response

    Achieves the industry's fastest frequency response of 2.0 kHz. This allows a highly advanced system to be created that achieves the industry's fastest speed and positioning response.

  • IP67 enclosure rating for increased environmental resistance

    Our improved motor seals and direct-mount connectors in the motor power supply and encoder input-output areas contribute to this unit's IP67 enclosure rating.

Panasonic GT32 Series 6" HMI/Touch Screens Distributors

Use HMI Operation Security to Avoid Costly Production Line Delays

Is your GT series HMI in a public area or used by multiple site personnel? While leaving HMI programs open to your entire staff is the easiest route to take, it is also the most dangerous. Allowing access to high level functions and settings which require expert knowledge and experience, to all personnel is ill-advised and has the potential to interrupt and/or delay production. With the GTWIN operation security features, setting access and permission levels is easy.

Panasonic has included operation security settings on the GT05 and GT32 for some time and it is now available to all USB enabled HMI. When activated, operation security allows you to assign passwords and various levels of security to GT parts.

There are 16 security levels available, (0 through 15). Level 0 requires no password. Access to any level grants the user access to that level and all levels below. For example, an assembly line worker with level 3 access, can see and operate all devices with level 3, 2, 1, and 0 security. Supervisors with level 6 access, can see and operate all devices with level 6 and below security. Panasonic's operation security settings allow up to 64 accounts with individual passwords, enabling multiple registrations per level. Shown below are screenshots of the the Operation Security Dialog boxes.

Panasonic FPWINPRO Software Distributors

Barcode Data Processing in FPWINPRO

FPWINPRO provides a vast number of functions and programming tools that make tedious tasks easy to develop.

One such case may be applications such as control over serial devices. To establish communication with serial devices, it is sometimes necessary to understand the specific protocol used by the device and the way that, in the serial channel, commands and responses are exchanged.

A typical example is a Barcode Reader. Let's see an example of how FPWINPRO allows the user to develop an easy way to capture communication data from a Barcode Reader and manipulate the data inside the PLC.

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SSAC Flashers

The FSU1000 incorporates an onboard adjustable flash rate of 10 to 100 flashes per minute and a universal input voltage in one device. Its circuitry is encapsulated and is capable of controlling loads of up to 20 A. The versatility of the FSU1000 makes it ideal for applications where various flash rates and operating voltages are required. This low current switch could be a limit switch or contact. While open, the operator sees the load (lamp) ON and operating.

CONTRINEX Safety Screens

Aluminum Profile 42 x 48 mm with dual fixing groove. Safetinex light curtains are self-protected against overloads and short-circuits. They can also withstand short high-voltage overloads. Safetinex light curtains with M12 5-pole connector are standard, M26 connector versions are also available. Versions with PUR cable, 2 m, 5 m or 10 m long, are available on request. The resolution of the safety light curtain or access control barrier must be