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Red Lion Controls

When size really does matter, Red Lion's new large display, EPAX could be the perfect answer. Boasting a 4" red LED Display, the EPAX can be seen from almost anywhere on the plant floor, at distances up to 180 feet away! Imagine all the features and flexibility of the popular PAX panel meter series available in this larger package. Life on the plant floor will never be the same.

Red Lion Model EPAX 5 Digit Extra Large PAX Displays for Analog Inputs Distributors

Red Lion Introduces New Large Display

Production target numbers, conveyor line rates, or time of day are just a few of the displays that can be made available to your production floor. The EPAX uses plug-in input modules which allow it to display most any input signal including count, rate, voltage, current, time, or temperature. The input modules can also be fitted with a plug-in option cards to increase its capability, including setpoints, retransmitted analog output, and communication. Communication options include RS232, RS485, Modbus, DeviceNet, and Profibus. It's easy to see why the EPAX can be a whole lot more then just a big display.

EPAX 5-Digit Extra Large Display for Analog MPAX Modules Specifications:

  • Large 4" High LED Display - Readable to 180 Feet
  • Alarms, Analog Output, and Communications
  • Programmable User Inputs
  • AC Powered (85 to 250 VAC)
  • PC Software for Meter Configuration
  • NEMA 4/IP65
  • Various Input Modules Available
  • Input Module Ordered Separately

Red Lion Model PAXCDC Modbus Output Option Card Distributor

Modbus Communication Card

Red Lion has created a winning combination, MODBUS Communication combined with our popular PAX Series of Panel Meters. This enables a panel meter to be much more than just a local display. Display values, setpoints, and reset values stored within the PAX meter can now be accessed via RS485 MODBUS protocol. This capability, along with the wide range of inputs and features offered by the PAX Series, provides a powerful solution for industrial panel meter networking applications.

The RS485 MODBUS card is capable of transmitting in either the RTU or ASCII modes. Communications setup is easy with 2 banks of DIP switches located on the plug-in board, which allows programming of the address, data format and baud rates up to 38.4k. The PAX Series offers inputs for both analog and digital applications. The analog inputs include voltage, current, process, resistance, temperature, and strain gage, while the digital inputs cover count and rate applications. Now, with the new MODBUS Card, any of these parameters can not only be monitored at the machine, but the information can now be transmitted for higher level monitoring and process control.

Red Lion Model CL01 Paradigm 2 x 20 LCD Operator Interface Terminals Distributors

CL01 - The Low Cost Text Based Operator Interface

for Banner Presence Plus Vision Systems

The CL01 is the newest offering in the Paradigm range of operator interfaces from Red Lion Controls. With a list price of $299 the CL01 is ideal for OEM applications where cost is critical. The entire Paradigm range of operator interfaces are configured using the same powerful EDICT97 programming software. The CL01 is a 2 X 20 character based LCD display with LED backlighting. In addition to user programmable soft keys and function keys the CL01 features a numeric keypad for data entry. The CL01 supports 32-bit math which allows it to perform high resolution data acquisition and manipulation. The entire Paradigm range support databases that can be displayed in up to 8 different languages.

Some other features of the CL01 include the ability to monitor up to 100 alarm points, event logging and recipe handling applications. The security system feature provides a fully configurable, hierarchical user specific access control solution.

Red Lion Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches Model NT100 Series Distributors

NT100 Series of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Designed for Harsh Environments

Red Lion announces the release of a new series of unmanaged Ethernet switches. The NT series is a range of compact IEEE 802.3 layer two network switches with automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing. The series features ultra-robust construction, capable of withstanding environmental extremes for use in mission critical applications. Red Lion's unmanaged, IEEE 802.3 layer two network switches provide high-speed connections to multiple devices over Ethernet, without requiring manual configuration.

Capable of auto negotiating 10/100Mb networks and half/full duplex communications, these switches avoid performance failures associated with bandwidth congestion, diverse operating speeds or interlinking devices with differing duplex configurations. Additionally, the series is equipped with auto-crossing detection that supports standard and crossover Ethernet cables.

Constructed with hardened metal enclosures, the NT100 series Ethernet switches are UL approved for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. These switches provide dependable performance in extreme environments, withstanding temperatures between -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. Further, to prevent damaging transients or power failures, the switches are equipped with 16kV port protection and redundant power inputs for continuous network performance.

Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include protocol converters, operator interface panels, process controllers, digital/analog panel meters, sensors, and signal conditioners.

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