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OMRON introduced Hex-shaped Fiber Unit E32-LT11N/LD11N. Fiber units with build-in lenses provide more stable detection and simpler, more reliable installation. Hex-shaped models are now available with high-power built-in lenses for stable detection. Achieve stable detection and easy onsite application.

OMRON E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP Hex-Shaped Fiber Optic Units Distributors

OMRON Has Introduced Hex-Shaped Fiber Unit E32-LT11N/LD11N.

OMRON's original tool-friendly construction allows the wrench to fit all the way onto the nut without coming into contact with the cable. The Fiber Unit is not accidentally damaged.

With conventional models, it was possible for the wrench to hit the cable and damage the optical fiber, preventing stable detection.

The cable opening is wide, so the cable can be routed easily.

Low-reflective objects or loose/inconsistently oriented objects can be detected more reliably. The conventional E32-C31N Fiber Unit has four receiver fibers. A small spot lens can be attached.

General-purpose M4 Hex-Shaped Models. The E32-LT11N's incident light level is approx. 10 times higher than that of the conventional Fiber Units.

High power means stable detection even in dusty and dirty environments. The E32-LD11N's signal change (S/N ratio) is approx. 3 times higher than that of the conventional Fiber Units.

Because the target area is viewed with the narrow field of a 15° aperture angle, there is a greater difference in incident light levels and objects can be detected reliably.

False Detection is greatly reduced because the 15° aperture angle eliminates scattered light, even in tight spaces. The incident light levels are for illustration only.

OMRON E3JK Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Power Supply Distributor

OMRON Has Introduced Built-in Power Supply Photoelectric Sensor E3JK

We have introduced built-in power supply photoelectric sensor E3JK (NEW). Long-distance photoelectric sensor that Supports AC/DC power supplies. Long sensing distance that is approximately 8 times that of our conventional model (for the Through-beam and Diffuse-reflective models). (Through-beam: 40 m, Retro-reflective: 7 m, and Diffuse-reflective: 2.5 m.) Improved visibility: a red LED that makes the spot visible. Large indicators that can be seen even from a distance. Improved operability. (Enlarged sensitivity adjuster and operation selector)

In order to get CCC and CE marks of certification, a design change was made for E3JM/E3JK. The receivers and emitters of the former product and the redesigned product are not interchangeable. Using these products together could lead to operation failure. When either a receiver or an emitter needs replacement, please change both as a set. Look for the "N" suffix on the product code to indicate the new, redesigned version.

OMRON E3NC Smart Laser Sensors Distributors

OMRON Has Introduced Ultra-Compact CMOS Smart Laser Sensor E3NC-S

We have introduced ultra-compact CMOS smart laser sensor E3NC-S. A ultra-compact CMOS laser sensor for stable detection without the influence of workpiece color, material, or surface conditions. Dynamic range of 500,000 times for stable detection without influence from changes in workpieces. The industry's smallest CMOS laser head for installation into small spaces.

Distance discrimination enables stable detection of level differences as small as 1.5 mm. Robot cable for reliable application in adverse environments and IP67 protection. Laser Class 1 for safe application. White on black display characters for high visibility. Smart Tuning to achieve stable detection with easy setup.

OMRON E9NC-T Contact-Type Smart Sensor Distributor

OMRON Adds Communications Type Amplifier Unit to Contact-Type Smart Sensors

OMRON Corporation will release a Communications Type Amplifier Unit, E9NC-TA0, that easily transmits data to a programmable logic controller and the like at high speed, as a new addition to OMRON's E9NC-T series Contact-type Smart Sensors. The E9NC-T series Contact-type Smart Sensors, released in April 2013, are high-precision contact sensors that consist of Sensor Heads and Amplifier Units, which can be used for a wide variety of applications; for example, shape inspection and verification of tolerance and press in force performed at manufacturing sites.

At manufacturing sites mainly in automotive and electronics industries, utilizing a large amount of data obtained by multiple sensors and improving traceability are required. Under such circumstances, there are compelling needs to obtain digitalized inspection data and offline measurement data and to simplify processing of those data in addition to performing a usual "ON" or "OFF" determination.

In supporting those needs, the E9NC-TA0 makes it possible to obtain measurement data easily at high speed (at 1 ms max.) by connecting it to an OMRON's Sysmac NJ-series Machine Automation Controller, which is a key part of the Sysmac automation platform, via an industrial network protocol EtherCAT. It can also transmit data directly to a Microsoft SQL Server by using a Sysmac NJ-series Database Connection CPU Unit and provide an environment that allows for analyzing high-precision inspection data collected at a manufacturing site in real time.

In addition, use of a sample screen of OMRON NS-series Touch Screen can facilitate systems of setting change, process changeover, and predictive maintenance. Moreover, use of function blocks which are provided for Automation Software Sysmac Studio easily realizes complicated calculations such as measurement of warp, twist, and thickness without programming.

Sysmac automation platform: Complete machine control through one software and one seamless connection with a variety of I/O devices. Machine and motion programming is fully compliant with IEC61131-3, and the dedicated software suite features functions such as programming, motion designing, and network setting allowing easy control of all connected devices and freeing users to engage in further production innovation.

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Red Lion Sensors

Red Lion Controls model TMPC thermocouple is double-protected with abrasion resistant Inconel overbraid with high temperature ceramic fiber insulation. A temperature rating of up to 980 °C (1796 °F) continuous service and 1090 °C (1994 °F) shortterm service makes these probes ideal for many high temperature measurement applications. Ideal applications include profiling ovens and furnaces.

SUNX Sensors

The Connection Options for the FX-100 series consist of an industry standard M8 quick disconnect along with an option that utilizes the same quick connect cable found in the Panasonic DP-100 and PM series. With an extremely low list price, the FX-100 series is primed to become the gold standard in fiber optic sensors. The dual digital display allows users to check both the threshold value and incident light intensity at the same time,