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Measuring just 12 mm in length and 3 mm in diameter, the MiniMini is the smallest inductive sensor in the world today. This subminiature construction, which even includes IO-Link, has been made possible by using the latest mixed-signal ASIC technology. This technology reduces component count by combining analog signal processing with digital computing power on a single chip. Another advantage is that it eliminates the need to use separate analog components.

CONTRINEX Miniature Smallest Size Inductive Sensor Distributor

MiniMini: The Smallest Miniature Inductive Sensor on the Market

The MiniMini impresses with its high switching frequency of 8 kHz and excellent temperature stability. Alongside the standard version with a plastic cap Contrinex also offers a pressure resistant version with a ceramic sensing face. With a plastic cap the switching distance is 1 mm; with a ceramic cover it is 0.8 mm.

Sensor calibration takes place after the production process by means of the integrated ASIC. Due to the extraordinary accuracy, there are only slight measurable production variations in operating distance or other key values across any single series.


  • Subminiature construction 3 x 12 mm
  • Reduced component count
  • Increased reliability
  • Excellent temperature stability in range -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)
  • Pressure-resistant version up to 200 bar (2902 psi), IP 68 + IP 69K protection

The MiniMini's mixed-signal ASIC technology makes it particularly suitable for all applications where signals are recorded in analog form, but must be digitized for transmission. Typical application areas are mainly found wherever very limited available space demands ever more compact construction with increasing integration density and sensor performance.

Typical Applications:

  • Robotics
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Automated handling
  • Production of electronic components

CONTRINEX High-Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) Synthetic Transponders Distributors

High-Frequency RFID Read/Write Modules: Now Available with IO-Link!

Thanks to the new high frequency RFID read/write modules (HF RWMs) with IO-Link interface V 1.1, it has never been easier to plug and play. Contrinex designed them specifically for easy, cost-effective integration into existing control systems.

The new HF RWMs with IO-Link are a logical extension of the Contrinex HF system entirely in the spirit of modern smart engineering. This extremely flexible system is distinguished by its ease of integration and high-performance components, such as new transponders with expanded memory for ultra-high-temperature applications. The Contrinex HF RFID system (13.56 MHz) is ISO/IEC 15693-compatible.

These non-embeddable HF RWMs are available in sizes M18 (read/write distance max. 42 mm) and M30 (read/write distance max. 60 mm) with connecting cable. They can be operated either as IO-Link devices or in standard I/O mode (SIO) with conditional binary outputs. This gives the user a choice between two operating modes. In stand-alone SIO mode the conditional output switch enables either tag detection or data block comparison.

With two operating modes and simplified plug-and-play installation, these HF RWMs reduce the need for costly installation, typically in the logistics, mechanical engineering and automotive industries.

CONTRINEX Series 500 Inductive Proximity Sensors Distributors

Series 500 Inductive Prox Switches Detect Embedded Inserts in Automotive Assembly Applications

The detection and verification of the presence of threaded inserts molded or pressed into an injection molded part are critical to the uninterrupted flow of parts to the final assembly stage of building a car or truck.

Inserts in parts such as an arm rest, console, or dashboard component are typically brass with a threaded hole for mating with a securing screw during final assembly. Accurate and reliable detection and verification of these inserts ensures delivery of a good part to the assembly floor. This level of 100% assurance is imperative, as the automotive industry will often return several days' worth of production parts to the supplier upon finding even a minor error. And with that expectation is the replacement product will be available immediately.

Solution (DW-AS-513-M30-002):

The use of the unique sensing capabilities of the Series 500 sensors mounted in a fixture that is positioned to accept an assembled product with the inserts constitutes a POKEYOKE system. Each sensor has the ability to detect through molded plastic, vinyl, cloth and leather to verify the presence of the inserts simultaneously and deliver signals to a controller making a logical GO/NO-GO decision. Having removed virtually all human intervention assures the delivery of a complete and correct product.


  • Less handling
  • Eliminates visual inspection
  • Fewer returns


  • Stock product
  • Exceptionally long sensing range
  • Low cost

CONTRINEX Washdown Eolab Approved Inductive Sensor Distributor

Washdown Food-Grade inductive Sensors Withstand High-Pressure Cleaning

Food-grade washdown inductive sensors from Swiss manufacturer Contrinex are completely compatible with the strict hygiene standards of the dairy industry, helping maximize plant utilization during round-the-clock production of milk-based foodstuffs. Rated to IP68/IP69K, Contrinex stainless-steel washdown sensors withstand both aggressive cleaning chemicals and high-pressure water jets, offering highly robust solutions for the harshest operating environments.

Food-grade sensors are available with IO-Link, a standardized serial connection protocol, providing digital communication in washdown areas at no additional cost.

Customer Value

  • Maximum plant utilization in hygienic processes
  • Elimination of sensor-related downtime
  • Digital communication without the need for special cabling
  • Outstanding process monitoring and control capabilities
  • Fast, easy set-up and reconfiguration

Advantages of DW-LS-603-M12 and DW-L#-703-M## Inductive Sensors

  • Corrosion resistant, food-compatible sensors
  • Enclosure rating IP68/69K
  • IO-Link interface
  • Extremely robust Full Inox types (One-piece, stainless-steel housing; Factor 1 on steel and aluminum; Ecolab certified)

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