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Weidmuller now offers innovative, pluggable electromechanical and solid-state relays equipped with one- and two-changeover contacts in slim designs. TERMSERIES, The All-rounder, is housed in a slim 6.4mm or 12.8mm design with matching profiles that can be combined as needed based on application. These relays switch loads of up to 8A (resistive) at 250V.

Weidmuller TERMSERIES 6 mm Solid-State Relays Distributors

TERMSERIES: The All-rounder - NEW Relays & Solid-State Relays for All Purposes

Engineers need high-density solutions for smaller electrical cabinets, professional handling, and comprehensive equipment identification options. Weidmuller's TERMSERIES family of relays and solid-state relays solves this issue. Depending on the application, customers can choose between products with a fixed voltage input or Weidmuller's unique multi-voltage input which allows conditioning signals from 24V up to 230V AC/DC with only one module. This multi-voltage input solution reduces the amount of spares necessary, simplifies installation and increases machine up time.

Weidmuller's TERMSERIES relay and solid-state relay modules require very little space on the mounting rail due to the extremely slim design. All one and two-changeover relays, screw terminals and tension clamp modules feature cross connections on up to five levels across a variety of modules and across isolation plates with the easy-to-use jumpers reducing wiring time and cost. A distinctive status display with a LED that completely illuminates the ejector makes for quick and easy status identification and troubleshooting. The ejector also ensures the safe removal of the switching element.

Weidmuller's isolation plates, which are used to visibly group different signal voltages or currents, add labeling for a better overview or to electrically isolate two modules up to 400V. TERMSERIES relays are installer friendly and reduce the risk of incorrect wiring with the help of color-coded markings designed to be legible in different mounting positions. Colors are marked on the top of the module with blue for DC coils, red for AC coils and white for AC/DC coils. A wide operating temperature range from - 40° C up to + 60° C (-40° F/ 140° F) and international approvals, including cULus Listed, CE and GL, make Weidmuller's large variety of TERMSERIES electromechanical and solid-state relays ideal for a broad range of applications worldwide.

Weidmuller PRO-M Series Industrial Power Supplies Distributors

PRO-M Stable & Electrically Isolated Power Supply with New connectPower DC/DC Converter

Weidmuller introduces a new DC/DC Converter to the PRO-M Power Supplies product line optimized for machinery and offering a host of advantages. This new electrically isolated DC/DC Converter avoids critical earth loops; from an unregulated or distorted input voltage, it generates a stable, low-distortion output voltage. With class III protection the compact converter is ideal for use in earth-free power systems, such as the battery backup systems found in marine technology, as well as in oil and gas, machinery, and factory automation applications.

Weidmuller's DC/DC Converter is a versatile solution for all 24 VDC power supply applications. It features industry leading power specifications, excellent resistance to shock and vibration, an extremely thin profile, over 91% efficiency, and a status signal for remote monitoring.

Weidmuller's thin design, with a width of only 60mm, and the capability to be mounted side-by-side without clearance requirements saves space in the cabinet. The metal clip-on foot provides increased stability on the DIN-rail as well as high vibration and shock resistance. Integrated features such as an alarm output, which monitors the status of the 24V output voltage, and an LED that indicates DC OK status for the output voltage, the integrated transistor outputs, and the on/off status of the relay contact, provide clearly visible visual aids making trouble shooting quick and easy thus optimizing machine up-time. Weidmuller's DC/DC Converter is extensively protected with an internal fuse on the input side and on the output side with short-circuit and overload protection as well as a power boost at 24VDC of 12A for one minute.

As with all Weidmuller PRO-M Power Supplies the DC/DC Converter is designed for extreme environments with an operating temperature range of -25° C to +70° C and approvals ranging from CE, TUV and GL to cULus and cURus for applications worldwide. The 3-year warranty for all PRO-M Power Supply products gives the customer ease of mind.

Weidmuller MICROSERIES Relay Couplers Distributors

New Relays for Use in Hazardous Areas - Class 1, Division 2 Approved MICROSERIES from Weidmuller

Weidmuller expands their portfolio of Class 1 Division 2 approved products with five new MICROSERIES relays designed specifically for use in hazardous locations. The new relay versions are all Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) configuration with screw clamp termination. The five new options include the following versions: 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 24 VUC, 120 VUC and 230 VUC. The three VUC relay versions accept AC as well as DC input signals for greater application flexibility. This feature enables customers to use fewer relay variations, reducing the number of parts in inventory.

The new MICROSERIES Class 1 Division 2 RC version provides an important safety feature that can reduce overall costs and machine downtime. Inductive kickback protection is provided through an integrated RC circuit at the input. This guarantees a safe switching threshold, eliminating leakage currents on the control side. This important safety feature is integrated into the relay so no additional protective circuit or component is needed.

Weidmuller's new relays also offer users the ability to reduce their installation costs. These MICROSERIES relays have been approved according to UL 508 as well as CSA C 22.2 for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada. With their compact design, slim 6.1 mm width and DIN-rail mounting, these relays offer quick and easy installation as well as space savings in the panel. All MICROSERIES relays feature integrated polarity protection for quick and safe installation. Integrated LED status indicators provide easy and instant troubleshooting to minimize machine downtimes. Weidmuller also offers time saving plug-in jumpers in various colors and pole counts for bridging inputs and outputs from one module to the next, minimizing wiring time and expense.

Installation of electrical devices in hazardous areas presents a unique challenge. Factors that include the presence of flammable gases, vapors or combustible dusts create a potentially explosive atmosphere when combined with air and a source of ignition. Using the correct equipment is crucial in these efforts. Weidmuller recognizes the challenges customer face when working in these difficult environments, and is committed to the design and manufacture of connection solutions for hazardous applications.

Weidmuller Electric Manual Screwdrivers Distributors

New SlimLine Insulated Screwdrivers by Weidmuller

Weidmuller announces an addition to their extensive line of high-quality tools with the new SlimLine screwdrivers. Featuring a slim blade, Weidmuller's insulated screwdriver design makes it possible to easily access deeply inset screws and operate the spring of tension clamp terminal blocks.

SlimLine screwdrivers are safe for working in applications up to 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC in accordance with DIN EN 60900, IEC 900. Utilizing Weidmuller's standard insulated screwdriver design, the protective insulation is molded directly onto the screwdriver blade, ensuring electrical safety from the handle to the blade tip. The new SlimLine design features a 33% slimmer blade, ideal for reaching screws that are sunk well below the surface of electrical components and to operate the spring of Weidmuller's Z-series tension clamp terminal blocks.

Weidmuller's premium screwdrivers, like the SlimLine family, offer fully hardened high-alloy steel blades in a black gunmetal finish. The ergonomically designed handle enables fatigue-free, comfortable working and the SoftFinish zone ensures optimum "slip-free" control for high-torque tightening and loosening of screws. Eight new SlimLine screwdrivers are now available with slot-head, cross-head (Phillips) or pozidrive tips and can be purchased in a variety pack of six. Each tool is individually tested by both the International Electrotechnical Commission (EN/IEC) and The Association of German Electro Technicians (VDE) and carries the markings required by current arc flash standards, including those mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-70E).

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With Operating Distances up to 40 mm, the Extreme range senses both ferrous and non-ferrous materials with Factor 1 performance, and is available in sizes from M8 to M30 and C23. The Full Inox family is based on Contrinex's patented Condet technology. These one-piece stainless steel sensors are not only the most durable on the market, they also offer long operating distances on any conductive metal. Full Inox sensors also function according

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