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Neilsen Kuljian

NK Technologies new ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer in a single package.

A prominent feature to the new design is its built-in digital display that provides a quick visual indication of where the contact changes, making it the easiest and most accurate setpoint adjustment available.

NK Technologies ATS Series AC Current Transducer/Switch with Digital Setpoint Display Distributors

New AC Current Transducer/Switch with Digital Display Delivers Quick Visual Status Indication

These sensors provide a solid-state contact that changes state when the current exceeds an adjustable level or falls below the normal running current. This means reduced installation time, plus the option to have local control of a starter coil, while at the same time sending the analog signal back to a controller housed in a separate cabinet.

The factory set analog output calibration produces an accurate and stable signal by eliminating field zero and span adjustments. The trip point is adjustable from 2% to 100% of the analog range, and can be verified at any time by viewing the LCD display on the sensor. Any adjustments made by unauthorized personnel will be displayed, further improving overall system reliability.

ATS current operated sensors are advantageous over electromechanical pressure or flow devices by providing more reliable electronic proof-of-operation, while eliminating the need for multiple pipe or duct penetrations. ATS sensors are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including conveyor jam and overload protection, multiple conveyor section interlocking; pump control monitoring and shut down in the even of current rise beyond setpoint, cooling tower monitoring for time-of-use and clogged filter detection; grinder time-of-use and estimated power consumption monitoring, starter coil monitoring and machine shut down if an overload occurs.

ATS transducer/switch models provide a N.O. or N.C. solid-state switch to control circuits up to 240 VAC. Compatible with most automation systems, ATS models are available with a choice of 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output. Each output offers a range that is proportional to either 0-50 A or 0-200 A.

NK Technologies DS1 Series DC Current Operated Switches Distributors

Detect Very Low DC Current Levels in Compact, Simple-to-Use Package

NK Technologies introduces DS1 DC Current Sensors. DS1 current sensors feature a compact and non adjustable one-piece design to deliver reliable detection of very low DC current levels in a wide range of applications. Their compact and non-adjustable one-piece design simplifies installation, even in crowded control cabinets. DS1 current sensors can be powered by any DC voltage between 10-28 volts and use the same circuit as the one being controlled, or a separate source of voltage to power the sensor as long as the circuit being controlled uses the same ground. This further simplifies installation and operation when compared with other current sensors.

"The DS1 is a truly innovative current sensing solution that delivers significant benefits, cost effectively, on just about any DC motor drive equipment," says Philip Gregory, President, NK Technologies.

"Not only can the DS1 provide instant indication of equipment status, it can be used as a non intrusive safety interlock method to keep personnel safe, as an alarm contact to indicate when a load is operating or when it is not energized and as a means to detect PV system leakage by monitoring the earth bond conductor. The DS1's contact can even be used to turn on a lighting circuit when a load is energized." With the DS1, a solid state contact closes the output when there is current as low as 0.75 amps DC, and opens when there is no current. The contact can control a DC load up to one amp, up to 30 VDC.

NK Technologies ATH Series Time Proportioned RMS AC Current Transducers Distributors

More Simply and Effectively Monitor Heating Element Controls with ATH Series Current Transducers

NK Technologies introduces the ATH Series AC Current Transducer. The ATH is specifically designed to monitor power controlled by phase-angled fired, burst fired or time proportioned silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) in heating applications, without requiring an external current transformer or shorting blocks. Patent pending Time Integration functionality incorporated in the ATH design provides an output signal directly proportional to the RMS amperage to ensure accuracy regardless of the AC current wave shape. The sensor samples the AC current continuously, updating its own time base when the current returns to the load after a pause. Based on the magnitude of the burst and the time interval between bursts, the sensor output represents the amount of power used by the connected load.

"Monitoring the current or power controlled by SCRs can be a challenge, especially the current used by heaters," says Philip Gregory, President, NK Technologies. "Whether the heat is limited by phase-angle fired or zero-crossing (burst) fired SCRs, the ATH provides an output signal directly proportional to the RMS amperage. Zero-crossing fired controls allow current to flow to the circuit for as short of a time period as one cycle, and off for several cycles. Most current sensors will not work well when there is no current present, giving an output which is inaccurate or as our customers describe it: Jittery or jumping around". This capability is important to detect a heating element failure allowing the process to be paused or halted before the processed material is improperly treated, resulting in product being scrapped."

As Gregory explained, the ATH current transducer is ideal for heating applications because it provides faster response time than temperature sensors and is the simplest method to monitor pulsed or chopped wave forms. Unlike current transformers, the design allows the sensor to remain installed over the conductor while the heating circuit is energized, safely, even if there is no load connected to the output terminals.

The ATH also is ideal for monitoring variable frequency drive applications because the sensor output is proportional to the RMS current used by the load. The high sample rate allows for a smooth and accurate output regardless of the distortion of the current wave shape created by the drive. The ATH current transducer installs quickly and easily via a two-screw panel mount or with optional DIN rail brackets, or suspended from the conductor in any position. It is available in three industry standard outputs: 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC. Its split-core case style can be externally powered by 24 VDC. Solid-core models that are externally powered by 24 VAC or DC or 120 VAC will be available in the near future.

NK Technologies AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducers Distributors

Accurately Monitor Loads Up to 800 Amps With the Easy-to-Install AT/ATR-MS

AT/ATR-MS Series Current Transducers combine a current sensing element and signal conditioner into a single package. The large, easy-to-install split-core design allows for installation over existing conductors without the need to disconnect the load, even in applications where there are multiple conductors per phase.

Whether installing over existing conductors or in a new control system, installation is very simple and quick. Just remove the top portion of the sensing ring, place the conductors inside, and snap the top back in place. The transducer uses two wires to connect to the power supply or the load, (a programmable logic controller, a panel meter, or a data acquisition system).


  • Monitor Large Machines: Measure the current use to detect over or under current conditions before breakdowns occur.
  • Water Delivery and Treatment: Detect open discharge lines and locate clogged filters or blocked intake to pumps.
  • Grinding and Shredding: Allows brief periods of drive overload when the processed product varies in density. If the blades hit something foreign the control will alarm or shut down the process.

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