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Sola Hevi Duty

SolaHD has introduced the new 5 Amp and 10 Amp three phase DIN rail power supplies to extend the popular line of the SDN-C series. The introduction of these two models now completes the next generation SDN-C line including a wide variety of power supplies ranging from 5A - 20A in the single phase offering to 5A - 40A in the three-phase offering.

SolaHD SDN-C Compact DIN Rail Series Power Supplies Distributor

SolaHD's Next Generation SDN-C Power Supply Now Comes in 5A & 10A 24VDC 3-Phase Models

Combining a remarkably smaller package with higher efficiency than the legacy SDN-P line, these units also have unique visual diagnostic LEDs to show status at a glance. Designed to be a specification-grade unit that can be DIN rail mounted in a control cabinet, the SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel due to their high efficiency and Power Factor Correction advanced design.

The new 5A & 10A output three-phase models, SDN 5-24-480C and SDN 10-24-480C respectively, provide approximately 32% space savings along the DIN rail as compared to the previous generation models SDN 5-24-480 and SDN 10-24-480. The SDN-C comes equipped with standard screw terminal connections. The metal outer case is rugged, efficiently dissipates heat, and delivers full power in a wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C. The SDN-C is backed by a five year limited warranty. Prices start at $266.29 list for the 5A three phase, and at $383.53 list for the 10A three phase - shipping to begin mid-November 2011.

Sola Hevi Duty S1K Series UPS Distributors

Sola Hevi Duty S1K UPS with Ultra-Secure Mounting Kit

The new S1K series wall/panel mount kit is a permanent mounting solution specifically engineered for its S1K Series Off-line Uninterruptible Power System (UPS). Purpose-built to extend the value and versatility of the S1K UPS, the mounting kit delivers a degree of safety, stability and support not available from lesser quality "off-the-shelf" brackets.

Whether it is used to mount the UPS in a control panel or wall mount, or as an integrated past of an enclosure or a machine, the mounting kit is tailor made to the precise dimensions of the S1K.

The S1K Series UPS provides economical protection from damaging impulses and power interruptions. These uninterruptible power supply units include two types of outlets; three for critical devices needing battery back-up and surge protection such as the CPU and one surge protected only outlet for non-critical devices like printers and fax machines. The S1K Sola Hevi Duty UPS is ideal for point of sale and office applications.

Sola HD K-Factor Transformers Distributor

An Introduction to K-Rated Transformers

In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of the issue of power harmonics, stirred by the proliferation of sensitive electronics, high-powered computers, and more sophisticated equipment deployed in the industrial environment.

In an electrical power system, harmonics are current and voltage with frequencies that are integer multiples of the fundamental power frequency. That is, in a power system with a fundamental frequency of 60Hz, the second harmonic is 120Hz, the third harmonic is 180Hz, et cetera. Harmonics have no useful purpose, yet contribute to losses and lower system efficiency. Harmonics return over the neutral and are dissipated as heat in cables and load devices.

Transformers serving nonlinear loads have increased winding temperatures due to harmonic currents generated by those loads. This overheating likely will result in a shortened service life for the transformer. For example, operating a transformer at 10 degrees C above its insulation-rated class will cause approximately a 50% reduction in the life of the transformer. If the over temperature gets high enough or lasts long enough, the transformer will prematurely fail. Other warning signs of harmonics include: overheated neutral conductors and panels, unexplained tripping of circuit breakers, line voltage distortion, equipment failure, electrical fires, control equipment mis-operation, and interference on communication lines.

The "K-Factor" conveys a transformer's ability to serve varying degrees of nonlinear loads without exceeding the rated temperature rise limits. For any given nonlinear load, if the harmonic current components are known, the K-Factor can be calculated and compared to the transformer's nameplate K-Factor. As long as the load K-Factor is equal to or less than the transformer's rated K-Factor, the transformer does not need to be derated. The higher the K-Factor, the more non-linear loads the transformer can handle. The actual formula to determine K-Factor takes into account the frequency and current intensity of each individual harmonic. The chart below portrays typical load K-Factors.

K-Factor rated transformers are preferred over oversized (derated) conventional transformers because they are designed to supply nonlinear loads, are equipped with 200% rated neutral bus, and are likely to be smaller and less expensive. Disadvantages of an over-sized standard transformer may include the requirement for a higher short-circuit rating on circuit breakers and the drawing of a higher inrush current. Derating a standard transformer is only a temporary fix that often translates into lower efficiency operation.

SolaHD SDP Low Power DIN Rail Series Compact Lightweight 5V DC to 48 VDC up to 100 Watts Power Supplies Distributors

SolaHD Power Supplies Factor in New Design

Dynapace in Arlington Heights, IL has been building industrial robotic and factory automation equipment since 1976. One of their many products is a customizable kiosk dispenser. A current application involves a custom kiosk that dispenses DVDs. This particular kiosk can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores or fast food restaurants. Dynapace has set themselves apart from their competition by employing SolaHD power supplies that drive a PLC-based motion control system. This is a departure from the typically far more expensive, complex servo control based system.

In a traditional kiosk dispenser design, a servo and stepper are used to position the machine. For example, when you make your DVD selection, the servo motor is powered to go and find it. With servos, the machine needs to "go home" and reset before it can locate your selection. This extra movement increases wear on the motor. Given the extra complexity of a servo based system, reliability is negatively affected.

Dynapace replaced the servo control system with SolaHD SDP DIN Rail power supplies and a simple DC gear motor. Dynapace designed an absolute encoder that precisely positions the machine when a selection is made. This revolutionary design resulted in a 75% reduction in price. The SolaHD SDP Series was selected for their superior specifications, reliable operation and great value. Using reliable DC power supplies from SolaHD and Dynapace's unique control design, the dispensing machine doesn't have to reset each time a selection is made resulting in a much more reliable machine. These new machines, driven by Dynapace, are stand-alone and completely scalable to a wide variety of kiosk applications.

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Sentrol Switches

Edwards Signalling 2302A Curtain Door magnetic contacts are designed specifically for curtain style overhead doors. The unique design allows the contact to be mounted directly to the channel of the door, with the magnet mounted horizontally in the door slats, off the floor and out of harm's way. This eliminates the service calls and alarm situations that are created when typical floor-mount contacts become damaged, or as the door becomes misaligned with normal usage.

Marathon Terminal Blocks

The (IEC Style) motor terminal blocks are designed for delta and wye wiring configurations. The studs are intended for use with Listed crimp/compression lugs. They are rated from 35 to 706 Amps and up to 1000 Volts. Marathon Special Products is a manufacturing company engaged in the design and sale of Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders, which provide interconnection and circuit protection of electrical systems.