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The SR060, with its dimensions of only 60 mm, is a compact and economical slip ring for up to 3 load (power) and 2 signal transmissions from a stationary to a rotating platform. The SR060 was specially developed for the heating and monitoring of the sealing rollers with flow pack machines. In the food industry, the requirements for cleanliness are paramount.

Kubler SR060E Compact Low-Maintenance Slip Rings Distributors

Compact Slip Ring SR060 - Now Available with IP64 Protection

The usual open kit slip rings often give rise to undesired abraded dust particles within the application. The SR060 slip rings however, with their fully encapsulated glass reinforced plastic housing shell and their IP64 protection, offer the ideal contamination-free solution.

The rugged design ensures long maintenance cycles of over 100 million revolutions and a long service life of over 500 million revolutions ? longer than most other products on the market. Furthermore, the maximum speed of 500 rpm is an excellent value for a compact slip ring.

The Safety-Trans Design with its two-cavity system for power and signal transmission is a further special feature. The integrated labyrinth seal, which combines internal dust protection with electrical isolation between the power and signal channels, meets the highest quality standards.

In addition the Safety-Trans construction of the springs ensures reliable transmission even with high levels of vibration. Whilst the pick-off springs used for load currents are manufactured using copper graphite, as this guarantees high abrasion resistance, the pick-off springs for signal currents by contrast are made from a high-grade gold and platinum alloy with 50% gold content.

Easily-accessible solidly-built contacts that can be quickly and easily cleaned, a removable maintenance window and brush rings that can be replaced individually all ensure simple, practical use. The minimization of individual components, advantageous mounting and suitable component part design ensure a high level of cost effectiveness.

Kubler Incremental Encoders Sendix 5814 SIL / 5834 SIL (Shaft / Hollow Shaft) Functional Safety Distributors

Incremental & Absolute Encoders for Functional Safety

Safety is - not least since the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG - an "integral part of the construction of drives". When choosing the right encoder for functional safety the principle applies that safety is achieved through the intelligent combination of encoder, controller and actuator. Sendix SSI absolute encoders, with an additional Sin/Cos incremental output, and Sin/Cos versions of incremental encoders are available with certification. But safety goes further than this: safe components are characterised by a robust reliable interface and by the ability to cope with high mechanical and electronic loads.

Safe Incremental Encoder Function

In order to achieve safe incremental information with the encoder, the controller must monitor the validity of the analogue, 90° phaseshifted sine/cosine signals with the help of the function: sin2 + cos2 = 1

Safe Absolute Encoder Function

In order to obtain safe information with the encoder regarding the absolute position, the controller counts the incremental pulses and compares the result with the absolute positions also provided by the encoder.

Safe Mechanical Connection

A 100% reliable mechanical connection is required for a safe function in the applications. Suitably sturdy fixing elements can help eliminate the risk of faults.

Kubler Draw Wire Encoders Type B80 Distributor

Kuebler by TURCK Draw Wire Encoders Measure Distances from .25 to 40 Meters

Kubler by TURCK has expanded its draw wire series with versions that measure 0.25 meters to 40 meters. This system is designed to work with sensors and encoders with analog outputs, such as 0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA and potentiometers, as well as incremental (push-pull and RS422), absolute (SSI and BISS) and fieldbus (CANopen, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and EtherCat) interfaces.

At the core of a draw wire device is a drum mounted on bearings, onto which a wire is wound. The winding takes place via using a constant force spring that results in high traverse speed of up to 10 m/s, and acceleration of up to 140 m/s2. A long service life of approximately 2 million complete cycles can be achieved with draw wire encoders.

The robust draw wire system is constructed with a titanium-anodized aluminum housing and a stainless-steel wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm. The wire experiences no wear due to a diamond-polished ceramic guide. A wide temperature range of -20 to 85°C (options available with -40 to 90°C range), as well as the optional IP67 protection rating, permit use in diffi cult environmental conditions. The systems have a linearity of up to 0.05 percent and can be supplied (on request) with the relevant calibration certifi cate.

Kubler IS60 2-Dimensional CANopen MEMS/Capacitive Inclinometers Distributors

Compact & Versatile - The IS60 CANopen Inclination Sensors

It is their versatility that makes the inclination sensors of the IS series so successful in a variety of industries. They are used in particular in vehicle, crane and lifting technology as well as in solar systems and commercial vehicles.

This flexibility in turn is based on a sophisticated technology that is also particularly characteristic of the latest product from this range: The IS60. This sensor for CANopen field bus networks measures 2-dimensional inclinations. Depending on the version, measurement ranges of ±10°, ±45° or ±60° are possible.

The sensor has a standardized CANopen interface that ensures simple configuration and start-up. In addition, all the parameters are stored in the internal parameter memory.

The IS60 has an extraordinarily compact and robust plastic housing. This is also documented by the high protection class IP68. Icy temperatures, sweltering heat or other inhospitable conditions do not present any problem for it. The range extends from -40°C to +80°C. Other factors are the pronounced resistance to shocks and vibrations and a high sampling rate and bandwidth. Two M12 plug connectors ensure a secure connection. The ideal goniometer for harsh industrial environments also convinces with its high resolution and precision as well as parametrizable vibration suppression. The calibration accuracy (at 25°) is ±0.1°.

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