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Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls announces the latest addition to their rugged PAX2 Series of dual line display meters. The PAX2D Digital Panel Meter is a single package featuring a dual counter and dual rate meter, with a third counter and rate display that allows the user to perform math functions. With universal features and versatile programming capabilities, this single meter can suit virtually any digital pulse application.

Red Lion Model PAX2D 1/8 DIN Universal Digital Input Panel Meter Distributor

Digital Panel Meter Delivers Dual Counter and Dual Rate Meter with Math Functions

Line one consists of a 0.7" high, 6-digit LCD display that can be programmed to show counters A, B, or C; rate A, B, or C; or the high or low values. The main display also offers three programmable, easy-to-read colors: red, orange and green. The color change can be tied to programmable setpoints. This feature provides the operator with a visual display of changing conditions - even when they are not close enough to read the meter value.

A second display line is a 0.35" high, 9-digit, green LCD that can also be programmed for any of the Line One parameters. The 9-digit display accommodates totalizing applications that exceed normal 6-digit displays. The meter also offers a programmable custom unit indicator for both displays.

In addition to the dual displays, the PAX2D offers features designed for maximum flexibility, allowing users to stock a single meter for numerous applications. The meter accepts inputs from proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, photo eyes, length sensors, rotary pulse generators, transistors and simple switches. A universal power supply accommodates both AC and DC inputs.

In addition to easy front panel key programming, the PAX2D can be programmed via Red Lion Crimson 2.0 software with simple mouse clicks and dropdown menus. Eight intuitive programming windows guide users through various parameters, such as input setup, display format and output format.

Red Lion Enhanced Modular Controllers Master Models CSMSTRSX CSMSTRGT CSMSTRLE Distributors

Modular Controller Series Approved for use in Hazardous Locations

The Red Lion Modular Controller series has now been approved for use in Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, extending the products' capabilities to those markets where explosive gases, vapors and/or liquids may be present. The successful Modular Controller series, deployed in countless applications for data acquisition and remote asset management, can now serve a larger audience within the petro chemical industries.

Programmed with Red Lion's easy-to-use Crimson software, all connected devices can share data with the controller and each other, through a simple drag and drop mapping of their registers. The Modular Controller's high-density DIN rail design saves panel space and eliminates cutouts. Replaced modules are automatically programmed from the master, reducing downtime.

All models of the Modular Controller Master, as well as every input module has been approved. Control and output modules fitted with solid-state outputs round out the offering.

Red Lion ProducTVity Station Plant Floor Communications Solution Distributor

ProducTVity Station Transforms Consumer TVs into KPI Production Scoreboard and Andon System, Supporting Increased Profitability

Red Lion Controls introduces their new ProducTVity Station (PTV), the only ready-to-deploy solution for collecting, recording and displaying critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and machine status messages on any TV, monitor or projector equipped with a DVI/HDMI interface. The ProducTVity Station is able to collect data from a wide range of automation components.

Using a library of over 200 communications drivers, the ProducTVity Station can communicate to PLCs, motor drives, motion controllers, bar code scanners and more. Additionally, the PTV can be expanded with CS series I/O modules, allowing it to accept digital and analog inputs from a range of sensors.

An easy-to-use, fully-programmable graphical interface allows users to create high-definition visual management displays - without the limits imposed by traditional LED-based Lean manufacturing displays - visually combining KPIs along with andon messages. The ProducTVity Station's 720p (1280 x 780 resolution) DVI output is compatible with both 720p and 1080p/i TVs with DVI or HDMI interfaces. A built-in data-logger can record key performance indicators, as well as andon events, for later review, and can synchronize the log files with any FTP server and/or Microsoft's SQL Server for further analysis.

The ProducTVity Station extends production monitoring to remote personnel by providing email and text alerts, and its built-in webserver allows productivity information to be monitored via any networked PC or smart-phone. If enabled, personnel can take partial or full control of the system remotely, allowing a maintenance person to affect changes without a site visit.

The ProducTVity Station ships complete with a 2GB CompactFlash card, as well as a DVI to HDMI cable (15') and HDMI/DVI adapter. The device is programmed with Red Lion's popular Crimson software.

OMRON STI Safety Controllers

New Driver Enables Communication Between Red Lion Products and OMRON STI Safety Controllers

Red Lion Controls Inc. announces the addition of a communications driver supporting the OMRON STI G9SP safety controller. This new driver allows the company's popular G3 Series HMIs, Data Station Plus and Modular Controller Series to monitor and control one or more OMRON STI G9SPs. In addition, these Red Lion products add advanced protocol conversion, data logging, and web-based remote access to applications using OMRON STI's newest safety controller.

These products provide some of the most powerful and advanced data management and control solutions available today.

Using this new communications driver, the products that can now support the OMRON STI G9SP include:

  • G3 Series HMIs: Versatile operator interface panels that can connect, convert, acquire and control data—from anywhere
  • Data Station Plus: All-in-one protocol converter, data logger, and remote asset management solution
  • Modular Controller Series: Multi-zone PID control and data acquisition platform with protocol converter, data logger, and virtual HMI

Crimson 3.0 is the complimentary and easy-to-use software platform for programming Red Lion products. The OMRON STI G9SP driver is the latest addition to over 200 protocols that Crimson 3.0 currently supports.

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Panasonic Counters

NAiS LC4H series top of the line multi-function, counter has 140 combined operating configurations and standard or high-speed count modes. Available with pin or screw terminals, it has a 2-color backlit LCD display, waterproof front panel, four signal inputs, and relay or solid-state outputs. Panel mount or PC board mounting are available. These products are of the highest quality and offer our customers an outstanding value.

Marathon Blocks

Marathon Special Products is pleased to introduce our new UL Listed Thermoplastic 135 Series Power Distribution Blocks. The features of the 135 Series Power Distribution Block include high current carrying capacity, wide range of wiring options and suitability for UL508A Control Panel Applications up to Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100,000 SYM Amps. The 135 Series Power Distribution Blocks have been investigated to meet UL1953