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Panasonic Aromat NAiS

Panasonic Electric Works is pleased to announce its new Data Logger Light (DLL). This new data logger has features that offer a more complete package with built-in power supply, and numerous communication connections. The data logger stores critical data with a time stamp, which can be utilized in applications that may require trend analysis.

Panasonic Data Logger Light (DLL) Communication Interfaces Distributors

Making Data Storage & Remote Monitoring Easier

Also, since the logged files are recorded in CSV format, data can be easily imported in various software packages. Whether you need to control power consumption by collecting data from our eco power meters, or improve production yields by analyzing processing trends, the data logger is fully capable of satisfying your application requirements.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated software for setup without the DLL main unit.

    Even if the DLL main unit is remotely located, it is possible to complete the setup of registered devices and conditions on a PC.

  • Easy-to-install and set up all-in-one unit.

    Featuring the USB port, SD/SDHC card slot, and universal AC power supply, DLL can be easily installed with a reduction in required wiring, enhancing the convenience and cost effectiveness.

  • Universal AC power supply and a built-in serial communication interface.

    Equipped with a built-in RS232C/RS485 interface. The power supply is compatible with 100 to 240 V AC. Also equipped with a 24 V DC, 0.2 A external service power supply for connection with other equipment.

  • Equipped with both USB and LAN ports, to change settings.

    Setting data created on a PC can be transferred via the USB port. If the DLL is connected to a LAN, the data can also be transferred via the LAN port. Therefore, settings can be changed efficiently and smoothly either in standalone mode or as a component of a system.

  • Compatible with SD/SDHC cards.

    DLL is equipped with a slot for SD/SDHC cards, which are today's mainstream media. The slot features Class 10 high speed processing and is compatible with cards of up to 32 GB.

Panasonic AFPX Series Ethernet Communication Cassette Distributors

AFPX - COM5 Ver. 1.10 Ethernet Communication Cassette

The introduction of the AFPX-COM5 communication cassette makes the FPX PLC more flexible for local and remote control. This new version ratifies the FPX as one of the most friendly and modular PLCs on the market. The new COM5 works as a server or client which allows the user to access the PLC from local (LAN) and remote locations (WAN).

The COM5 has one Ethernet port and a RS232C port. This cassette with the tool port (programming port) allows the PLC to simultaneously communicate to three communication networks. The COM5 enables regular control task such as:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Data collection
  • PLC to PLC Network (Data exchange)

Working with the AFPX-COM5 requires minimal knowledge of Ethernet networks. Setting up the COM5 in an Ethernet network, requires the use of the Configurator WD (freeware). The RS232 port supports 3 protocols: Mewtocol, Modbus RTU and General Purpose. The Ethernet port allows the customer to work with 4 different protocols: Mewtocol, PLCLink, and Modbus RTU, and General Purpose. The variety of protocols virtually allows the FPX to connect to any device regardless of its protocol. The new COM5 cassette is configurable and provides users with the ability to remotely control and supervise industrial processes. The free configuration software is available to both configure and perform firmware updates of earlier versions of the COM5 cassette.

Panasonic GT05 Series Displays Distributor

Cimrex Series Touch Panels

The Cimrex touchscreens offer advanced TCP/IP network features that are very simple to set up.

It is possible to network and monitor multiple panels through the internet or intranet.

With this capability, you can edit both PLC and touch panel programs, change data points, monitor screens, transfer recipes, retrieve trend files or alarm data, send email, and create customized web pages for each panel.

The CIMREX 91 is a large resistive Panasonic touch screen. The backlit 10.4" TFT screen offers excellent contrast and brightness. The panel supports dual driver capability, data exchange, web features, email, macros, and many drivers for other devices. Pictures and symbols are displayed in 640x480 pixel resolution and 256 colors which makes it possible to use very detailed background pictures. The CIMREX 69 is a resistive Panasonic touch screen that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The panel supports dual driver capability, data exchange, web features, email, macros, and many drivers for other devices. Contrast and brightness can be controlled from the screen by easily creating a link to a touch key. Pictures and symbols are displayed in 320 x 240 pixels and 256 colors.

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Marathon Power Blocks

Regal-Beloit is proud to announce an addition to our Power Terminal Block product line. This addition will fill a void in the market for UL approved terminal blocks to distribute power at high amperage and voltage levels in a smaller footprint. The Mini Bulk Fastening Power Block (mini BFPB) is available in multiple configurations to suit individual requirements. This product is ideal for power distribution

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IndustrialPro Cellular Routers support the latest 4G LTE networks with fallback to 3G networks from leading global cellular carriers. This gives customers the flexibility to choose from a host of carriers that serve different locations. Red Lion's IndustrialPro cellular routers are available with multiple port configurations that include up to five 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports. They also feature one RS-232 port and support