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In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. The transmission between the stator and rotor takes place via sliding contacts and is extremely reliable.

The construction is modular and offers the greatest flexibility in a variety of applications.

Kubler SRI085 Modular Contactless Signal Transmission Distributors

Non-Contact & Maintenance-Free Modular Kubler Slip Ring SRI085 for the Packaging Industry

Thanks to non-contact signal transmission, the maintenance-free slip ring SRI085 offers a long service life. Its modular structure ensures highest flexibility for a wide range of applications. The non-contact transmission is suitable for up to 3 PT100 temperature sensors. An additional load transmission of up to 6 channels can be combined. The slip ring is fully encapsulated in a sturdy housing with a protection level reaching IP64.

In packaging machines, slip rings are in charge of the rotary transmission of energy, signals and data between stationary and rotating platforms.

Today packaging machines, in addition to logistical optimisation and continuous operation, also experiment constant increases in production performance and in products speed on the conveyors. This fast pace results, for example for heat-sealing of blister packagings, in increasingly short contact times for the films. The high rotary speed of the SRI085 reaches 800 RPM and compensates these high speeds without difficulty The load current dimensioning of up to 25 amperes allows very short heating times and thus an optimal temperature regulation - even for shortest contact times. And, as regards flexibility and easy installation, the modular system of the slip ring SRI085 has best arguments for its use.

Kubler Codix 560 LED Preset Counters 2 Presets with Limits Distributors

Power in DIN Format: The Large Kubler Preset Counter Codix 560

With the large preset counter Codix 560 in DIN 96x48 mm format, Kubler is rounding off a complete new generation of preset counters. All application areas for preset counters - including even simple control tasks - are now comprehensively covered.

This DIN size 96x48mm device is full of power: Codix 560 offers very bright, large LEDs that can be easily read - even in poor lighting conditions or from a long distance. Great attention was devoted - as for all Codix units - on a very simple user operation and programming structure.

For this reason the Codix 560 has been equipped with numerous scrollable help texts, which - thanks to the 14 segment LED - are clearly legible, as well as with an intuitive cursor keypad. The new preset counter can be used for pulses, time, frequency and position; it will also serve as an overall total counter or as batch counter.

Further important technical characteristics are the 2 (changeover) relays, the various different count modes and the scalable display via multiplication and division factor. The presets can be set via large keys or teach-in input. The new Codix 560 can be mounted directly in mosaic systems.

Kubler Limes LI50 / B2 Incremental Measurement System Sensor Head, Magnetic Band Resolution min. 5 µm Distributors

Non-Contact Measuring System Limes LI50/B2 - Designed for Outdoor Use

The bearing-free encoder system with the Limes reading head and magnetic rings, as well as the linear measuring system with Limes reading head and magnetic bands, are non-contact systems, which have been specially developed for exacting environmental conditions and for installation conditions where space is tight.

In addition to the standard IP67 measuring head the Limes family now offers a new sensor head specially designed for use outdoors. This has a very sturdy aluminium housing with a stainless steel cover and protection levels of IP69k, IP68 and IP67. The special encapsulation technology provides excellent resistance to humidity. Special tests such as tested resistance to cyclic humidity according to EN60068-3-38 and to damp heat according to EN60068-3-78 substantiate this. Together with its wide temperature range and UV-resistant cable, the system offers the highest levels of reliability for all applications outdoors.

The very compact system can be accommodated in the smallest installation spaces. Setup of the system is particularly easy due to the large tolerances of up to 1 mm (this applies both to the distance between the band and the reading head as well as for lateral misalignment). A built-in red diagnostic LED indicates the index pulse or gives a warning if the tolerances are exceeded, in order to satisfy each application in the best way possible.

The index pulse available on the magnetic band allows for fast re-determining of the position after a breakdown or maintenance. Rings and bands can be customized within a wide spectrum of different geometries to ensure perfect implementation into the application. On request reference signals can be incorporated or ready to be installed magnetic bands with installation kits can be supplied.

Kubler Sendix Absolute Singleturn Type F3653 (Shaft) / F3673 (Blind / Hollow Shaft) SSI/BiSS Distributor

TURCK Compact F36 Absolute Encoders Without Gears Eliminate Wear & Sensitivity to Magnetic Fields

TURCK introduces an optical encoder series designed completely without gears to eliminate wear and sensitivity to magnetic fields. The Kubler by TURCK F36 encoder series' compact size of only 36 mm with a hollow shaft diameter of up to 10 mm makes them well-suited for drive engineering and medical applications.

F36 singleturn encoders have a resolution of up to 17 bits; multiturn encoders have a resolution of up to 41 bits with over 16 million revolutions. An IP 67 protection rating and a temperature range of -40 to 90°C makes the encoders able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Kubler by TURCK encoders employ state-of-the-art OptoASIC technology with high integration density that results in fewer components and connection points to increase operational reliability. Further, a patented Safety Lock bearing structure provides increased ability to withstand vibrations and eliminates installation errors.

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The EZ-SCREEN line of robust safety light curtains now includes models for continuous detection along the entire light screen length. The space-saving, compact profile of the EZ-SCREEN LP is ideal for smaller machines, yet robust enough to meet the demands of large power presses. Plus, with several housing finishes, cascading and many mounting options, EZ-SCREEN LP provides a perfect fit for a wide range of safeguarding applications.

Sentrol 2500 Series

Edwards Signaling 2500 Series is designed to be installed in commercial and industrial environments where a rugged sealed unit is required. It is ideal for metal doors, overhead doors, fences and gates. Each model features a high strength extruded aluminum housing and is completely encapsulated in our exclusive polyurethane potting compound. The 2500 series feature wide gap distances and several models to meet any application need.