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FP-X Series

The FP-X PLC comes with a wide range of features suitable for most applications and is designed to save development cost. Ultra high processing speed of 0.32 µsec per instruction (executes a 5 Kstep program in 1.9 msec). Large program capacity of 16, or 32 Kstep exceeds the capacity of most compact PLCs. Expandable up to 382 I/O points, low cost coordinated motion, analog, and communication cassette options are also available.

Excellent for communication applications with the ability to network 16 FP-X (master to master network), or 99 FP-X (master to slave network). Modbus RTU master and slave supported (will support up to 63 slave per master). Built-in 8 channels of high speed counters with speeds up to 10 KHz per channel (optional high speed counters also available with speeds up to 80 KHz). USB connection, built-in power supply, removable screw terminals are only a few of the well thought out features of the FP-X PLC.

Panasonic FP-X Programmable Logic Controllers Distributors

FPX Series

If you are looking for Aromat NAiS FP-X PLCs, please call us at (844) 331-9378 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the NAiS FPX Series Programmable Logic Controllers that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Aromat FPX Series PLC technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

The transistor type FP-X comes with up to 4 axis of built-in pulse outputs (AFPX-C14 supports 3 axis). Each motion axis can operate independently or as 2 pairs of linear interpolation. The transistor outputs are designed for rugged operation with up to 0.5 Amp load simultaneously on all outputs. The relay type FP-X is also capable of motion by using an optional pulse cassette.

Key Features:

  • High-speed Operation

    The 32-bit RISC processor provides the top-level processing speed in compact PLCs. The scan time is 2 ms or less for 5,000 steps. A high-speed PLC is indispensable for enhancing the functionality of equipment.

  • Large Capacity Program Memory

    FP-X, which is equipped with 32k steps*2 program memory, is ideal for fully covering the increasing functions, such as communications, positioning, and analog control. The sufficient program capacity can also support future equipment modifications.

  • Independent Comment Memory

    There are difficulties with program management on a PC, such as identifying the latest program. The use of the program in the PLC of equipment in operation is often regarded as the best option. Since FP-X has an independent comment memory, all c omments can be stored in the PLC together with programs, facilitating program management and maintenance.

  • Maximum Number of I/O Points

    Since up to eight expansion units can be connected to one control unit, the maximum number of I/O points is 300. Furthermore, with the add-on cassette and expansion FP0 adapter connected, the number of I/O points can be increased to 382.

  • Built-in 4-axis Pulse Output (Transistor Output Type)

    The transistor output type C14 comes with 3-axis while C30/60 comes with 4-axis pulse output built-in the control unit. The multi-axis control, which previously required a higher-level PLC or additional positioning unit, or two or more PLC units, can now be achieved with only one FP-X transistor output type unit in a small space at a low cost. In addition, as this type does not require a pulse I/O cassette needed for a relay output type, other function expansion cassettes such as communication or analog input can be attached for more diversified applications.

  • Modbus-RTU

    Communicates with equipment compatible with Modbus-RTU

  • Expansion Cassettes

    Expansion cassettes are available for Extra digital I/O, analog, motion, Ethernet, Serial communication, etc.

AFPX - COM5 Ver. 1.10 Ethernet Communication Cassette

The introduction of the AFPX-COM5 communication cassette makes the FPX PLC more flexible for local and remote control. This new version ratifies the FPX as one of the most friendly and modular PLCs on the market. The new COM5 works as a server or client which allows the user to access the PLC from local (LAN) and remote locations (WAN).

The COM5 has one Ethernet port and a RS232C port. This cassette with the tool port (programming port) allows the PLC to simultaneously communicate to three communication networks. The COM5 enables regular control task such as:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Data collection
  • PLC to PLC Network (Data exchange)
Panasonic AFPX Series Ethernet Communication Cassette Distributors
AFPX Ethernet Communication Cassette

Working with the AFPX-COM5 requires minimal knowledge of Ethernet networks. Setting up the COM5 in an Ethernet network, requires the use of the Configurator WD (freeware). The RS232 port supports 3 protocols: Mewtocol, Modbus RTU and General Purpose. The Ethernet port allows the customer to work with 4 different protocols: Mewtocol, PLCLink, and Modbus RTU, and General Purpose. The variety of protocols virtually allows the FPX to connect to any device regardless of its protocol. The new COM5 cassette is configurable and provides users with the ability to remotely control and supervise industrial processes. The free configuration software is available to both configure and perform firmware updates of earlier versions of the COM5 cassette.

Control Units

Model Name Power Pulse Outputs DC Inputs NPN Outputs PNP Outputs Relay Outputs Program Size (K)
AFPX-C30R AC100-240V No 16     14 32
AFPX-C60PD 24VDC 4 Axis 32   28   32
AFPX-C30TD 24VDC 4 Axis 16 16     32
AFPX-C30P AC100-240V 4 Axis 16   14   32
AFPX-C30PD 24VDC 4 Axis 16   14   32
AFPX-C60TD 24VDC 4 Axis 32 28     32
AFPX-C60T AC100-240V 4 Axis 32 28     32
AFPX-C60R AC100-240V No 32     28 32
AFPX-C30T AC100-240V 4 Axis 16 16     32
AFPX-C60P AC100-240V 4 Axis 32   28   32
AFPX-C14TD 24VDC 3 Axis 8 6     12
AFPX-C14P AC100-240V 3 Axis 8   6   12
AFPX-C14T AC100-240V 3 Axis 8 6     12
AFPX-C14R AC100-240V No 8     6 12
AFPX-C14PD 24VDC 3 Axis 8   6   12
All these control units support Modbus Rtu

Digital Cassettes

Model Name Analog Types DC Inputs NPN Outputs PNP Outputs Relay Outputs Analog Inputs
AFPX-IN8 n/a 8        
AFPX-TR8 n/a   8      

Digital Expansions

Model Name DC Inputs NPN Outputs PNP Outputs Relay Outputs
AFPX-E30R 16     14
FP0-E16RST27 8     8
AFPX-E16R 8     8
FP0-E16RS-A 8     8
FP0-E8YRS-A       8
FP0-E8RS-A 4     4
AFPX-E30PD 16   14  
AFPX-E30P 16   14  
FP0-E16X-A 16      
FP0-E16P-A 8   8  
FP0-E16YT-A   16    
FP0-E32T-A 16 16    
AFPX-E30TD 16 14    
FP0-E8X-A 8      
FP0-E16T-A 8 8    
AFPX-E30T 16 14    
FP0-E8YT-A   8    
FP0-E16YP-A     16  
FP0-E32P-A 16   16  
FP0-E8YP-A     8  
AFPX-E16T 8 8    
AFPX-E16P 8   8  

Motion Expansions

Model Name Num. Of Axes Output Type Max. Pulse Output Linear Interpolation Circular Interpolation Spiral Interpolation Pulse Inputs Max. Pulse Inputs (Kpps)
AFPX-PLS 2 input, 1 Output NPN 100Kpps Yes No No 2 70

Communication/Network Cassettes

Model Name Ethernet RS232 RS485/422 Max. Baudrate (K)
AFPX-COM2 No Yes No 115
AFPX-COM4 No Yes Yes 115
AFPX-COM5 Yes Yes No 115
AFPX-COM1 No Yes No 115
AFPX-COM3 No No Yes 115
AFPX-COM6 No No Yes 115

Communication Expansions

Model Name Ethernet Modbus Profibus Remote I/O

Memory Units And Rtc

Model Name Real Time Clock Memory Size (K)

Analog and Thermocouple Cassettes

Model Name Thermocouple RTD Voltage Input Voltage Output Current Input Current Output Inputs Outputs
AFPX-TC2 J/K type No No No No No 2  
AFPX-RTD2 PT100 Yes No No No No 2  
AFPX-AD2 No No 0 to 10V No 0 to 20 mA No 2  
AFPX-A21 No No 0 to 10V 0 to 10V 0 to 20 mA 0 to 20 mA 2 1
AFPX-DA2 No No No 0 to 10V No 0 to 20 mA   2

Analog Expansions

Model Name Thermocouple RTD Voltage Input Current Input Current Output Inputs Outputs
FP0-A04I NO NO NO NO 0-20 mA   4
FP0-A21 J, K, and T Type NO 0 to 5 V, -10 to +10 V 0 to 20 mA 0 to 20 mA 2 1
FP0-A21T26 NO NO 0 to 5 V 0 to 20 mA NO 2  
FP0-A80 NO NO 0 to 5 V, -10 to +10 V, -100 to +100mV 0 to 20 mA NO 8  
FP0-RTD6 NO PT100, PT100, Ni1000, Resistor NO NO NO 6  
FP0-TC4 J, K, T and R Type NO NO NO NO 4  
FP0-TC8 J, K, T and R Type NO NO NO NO 8  


Model Name Description
AFC1520M-US9 3m GT-Series Programming Cable for GT01/GT01R(5v/24v) / GT11/ GT21/ GT30.
AFPX-BATT Backup battery for Data retention (battery also supports AFPX-MRTC for realtime clock)
AFPX-EC08 8 cm Expansion cable for FPX (1pc)
AFPX-EC30 30cm Expansion cable for FPX (1pc)
AFPX-EC80 80cm Expansion cable for FPX (1pc)
AFPX-TAN1 FP-X Terminal Blocks for C30R, C60R, & E30R (4PCS)
FP0-PSA2 FP0 Power supply 24VDC , 0.7A, UL/CSA/CE removable terminal
FP0-PSA4 FP0 0.7A Power Supply 85-264VAC TO 24VDC, CE

Whether we have Aromat NAiS PLCs in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from Panasonic Electric Works to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get FPX CPU to you fast and save you some money. Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse stocks some FP-X Control Units enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct FPX Digital Expansions in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It will be very helpful if you have the FP-X Network Expansions part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for FPX Communication Expansions that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for FP-X Temperature Expansions, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers for FPX Analog Expansions and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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