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In 1974 Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America, formerly Aromat was established as a 100% subsidiary of Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. Since then we have emerged as a supplier of choice in the electronic components and device industries. The principles and aspirations of Konosuke Matsushita, the world-renowned industrialist who founded both Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation guide our operations to this day. In keeping with his commitment to local procurement, manufacture and service to the community, our network of sales offices, sales representatives, distributors and R&D laboratories ensure that our products meet the needs of North, Central and South America.

This page consists of some User Manuals, Operating & Installation Instructions for the Panasonic product line. please call us at (844) 331-9378 or email us at if you cannot find the Panasonic PLC technical information (data-sheets) that you are looking for. If you need help selecting an NAiS Operator Interface for your application, please use Datasheets OR Product Selection Guide page links.

Description File Size
FP Series PLC Programming Manual 8, 970 KB
Control FPWIN Pro FP0/FP1/FP-M PLC Programming Manual 3, 663 KB
FP Programmer 2 PLC Operation Manual 608 KB
FP-X Programmable Logic Controller User's Manual 15, 685 KB
GT Series Connecting with Other PLCs Manual 5, 294 KB
GV42/52/62 Series Display Panel Manual 5, 029 KB
KT4 Series Temperature Controller Instruction Manual 615 KB
KT4 Series Temperature Controller Instruction Manual 848 KB
MINAS A4 Series AC Servo Instruction Manual 5, 511 KB
MINAS A5 Series AC Servo Motor & Driver Operating Instructions 9, 232 KB
MINAS E Series AC Servos Instruction Manual 2, 300 KB
Panasonic MINAS A4P Series AC Servo Motor & Driver Instruction Manual 4, 148 KB
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Red Lion Counters

The Gemini 4100 & 4200 offer the features of a single (4100) or dual (4200) level, dual function Counter and Rate instrument or Dual Counter instrument in one economically priced package. The Gemini 4000 Series is ideally suited for applications where rate and count indication or control of a process is desired or where batching and totalizing is needed. The reliability of solid-state MOS technology coupled with the flexibility of user programmability

IDEC Timers

The GT5P Series is single function on-delay timer with 5A SPDT contacts. Octal plug in type with fixed time ranges from 1 second to 10 minutes. With inductive, capacitive, and incandescent lamp loads, inrush current more than 10 times the rated current may cause welded contacts and other undesired effects. The inrush current and steady-state current must be taken into consideration when specifying a timer.