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DC Motors Baldor, LEESON Electric, Lenze
Definite Purpose Contactors ABB, Toshiba
DC/DC Converters IDEC IZUMI, Weidmueller, Sola Hevi Duty
DeviceNet Components ABB Low Voltage, Banner Engineering, IDEC, TURCK, Red Lion Controls
Digital Displays Red Lion Controls, Weidmuller, Kuebler
Digital Pressure Switches TURCK, Panasonic, CONTRINEX
DIN Mounted Solid State Relays ABB, Weidmuller, IDEC, RELECO
DIN Rails ABB Low Voltage, IDEC, Weidmuller
Disconnects ABB, Altech Corporation
Displays IDEC, Red Lion Controls, Panasonic
Distance Sensors Datalogic, Leuze Electronic, Banner Engineering
Door Switches GE Sentrol, Banner Engineering
Drives ABB Low Voltage, Yaskawa, Toshiba, AC Tech, Lenze, SEW Eurodrive, Danfoss, Hitachi, FUJI Electric, Baldor
Elapse Time Indicators Red Lion Controls, Kuebler, ABB, Weidmuller
Electro-Mechanical Drives AC Tech, Lenze, SEW Eurodrive
Electronic Enclosures Hammond Manufacturing, Saginaw Control & Engineering, Vynckier, Red Lion Controls, Weidmuller
Electronic Timers ABB, SSAC, SymCom, Red Lion Controls, Weidmuller, Kuebler
Emergency Stops (E-Stops) ABB, Banner Engineering, IDEC
Enclosures Hammond Manufacturing, Saginaw, Vynckier, Red Lion Controls, Weidmuller
Encoders Encoder Products, TURCK, Red Lion Controls
EtherNet Switches & Cabling Red Lion Controls, TURCK, Weidmuller, N-TRON
EtherNet Communications IDEC, Red Lion Controls, TURCK, N-TRON, Weidmuller
Explosion-Proof Devices TURCK, Weidmuller, ABB
Fiber Optic Sensors Banner Engineering, Panasonic, IDEC, Datalogic, Leuze Electronic
Fieldbus Components Weidmuller, TURCK, ABB, Red Lion Controls
Flashers ABB, SSAC, IDEC, SymCom
Flat Panel Monitors Panasonic
Flow Sensors TURCK, STI, Toshiba, Panasonic
Fuse Blocks IDEC, ABB, Marathon Special Products, Weidmuller

|| A-C || D-F || G-I || J-L || M-O || P-R || S-U || V-Z ||
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WEG Motors

High Efficiency and Low cost of Ownership throughout the entire motor lifetime have been the basis for the W22 development. A design created to maximize performance and energy savings. Designed to provide optimized air flow through all motor frames keeping low operational temperatures and assuring reliability and extended lifetime. The aerodynamic design of the fan cover optimizes effective airflow, thus minimizing losses due to

Banner Interfaces

The Normally Open Safety Contacts of the interface module will follow the action of the safety outputs from the Safety Controller within 3 milliseconds when going from closed to open. All Interface Module contacts are rated for up to 690V ac/dc at up to 10 amps. The SC-IM9 Interface Modules offer a series connection of normally closed contacts (labeled 21-22 on each contactor) for monitoring by the external device monitoring (EDM) function