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SEW Servomotors

The High Demands placed on compact design, dynamics as well as positioning and repeat accuracy make the CMDV servomotor an interesting candidate for use in machine tools. Wear and noise development are reduced because there is no need for mechanical components, such as gear units, ball screws or toothed belts. The high quality of concentricity and control make for an optimum result as seen here when using the motor

Weidmuller Converters

The WTS4/WTZ4 Thermo configurable signal converter with external power supply in 12.5 mm width: for recording, linearising and transforming thermal voltages into standardised DC current and voltage signals. Isolated thermocouples of types K, J, T, E, N, R, S and B can be connected on the input side, in compliance with IEC584. The input and output parameters (e.g. sensor type, temperature range and standardised output signal) can

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MMI's IDEC Corporation, Redlion Controls, Panasonic
Machine Guards Banner Engineering, IDEC, Leuze Electronic, SUNX
Magnetic Pickups Red Lion Controls
Man-Machine Interface IDEC, Red Lion Controls, Xycom, Panasonic
Manual Switches IDEC, ABB Low Voltage
Marking Systems ABB Controls, entrelec, Weidmueller
Measuring Light Curtain (Screens) Banner Engineering, Datasensor, Leuze, SUNX
Measuring Wheels EPC, Kubler
Message Displays IDEC, Red Lion Controls
Meters Red Lion Controls
Micro PLCs and Remote I/Os ABB Controls, Entrelec, IDEC, Panasonic
Miniature Circuit Breakers ABB Controls, Altech Corp., IDEC, Weidmuller
Miniature Switches IDEC, ABB Controls
ModBus Components ABB Low Voltage
Molded Case Circuit Breakers ABB Controls, Altech, IDEC, Weidmuller
Monitoring Relays ABB Controls, Entrelec, SymCom
Motion Detectors/Controls Red Lion Controls, GE Security, TURCK
Motors Lenze, Lincoln Motors, LEESON, SEW Eurodrive
Motor Controls IDEC, ABB Controls
Motor Starters IDEC, ABB Controls, Phasetronics
NEMA Enclosures Hammond Manufacturing, Saginaw Controls & Engineering, Vynckier
Network Cabling and Cordsets TURCK, InterlinkBT
Network I/O Stations and Modules TURCK, InterlinkBT, Weidmuller
Network Accessories (Repeaters, Spanners, Caps) TURCK, InterlinkBT, Weidmuller
Non-Contact Sensors Banner, CONTRINEX, IDEC, SIE, STI, SUNX, TURCK
Oiltight Operators IDEC
Operator Interface IDEC, Red Lion Controls, Xycom, Panasonic
Operator Interface Enclosures Red Lion Controls, Hammond Manufacturing, Saginaw Controls & Engineering
Optical Encoders Red Lion Controls, Kubler
Optical Measurement Sensors SUNX
Opto Touch Buttons Banner Engineering
Overload Relays ABB Controls, Entrelec, IDEC, RELECO S.A. (Spain)
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