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AC Motors LEESON, Lincoln
AC Motor Systems LEESON, Lincoln
Adjustable Frequency Drives ABB Low Voltage, Saftronics, Yaskawa, AC Tech, SEW Eurodrive, Matsushita, Control Techniques, Hitachi, FUJI
Alternating Relays ABB Low Voltage, SSAC/SymCom
Amplifiers Banner Engineering, TURCK
Annunciators IDEC, Red Lion Controls
ASI Components TURCK, InterlinkBT
Axial Flow Fans  
Brake Motors LEESON, Lenze AG, SEW Eurodrive
Cable Interface Products Weidmueller, ABB Controls, Entrelec
CAM Operated Rotary Switches ABB Controls, Entrelec, IDEC
Capacitive Sensors SIE, SUNX, TURCK, CONTRINEX
Circuit Breakers ABB Controls, Entrelec, Altech, IDEC, Weidmuller
Climate Control Products Hammond Manufacturing, Saginaw
Color Sensors Banner, IDEC
Connectors Entrelec, Weidmuller, Accucoders, IDEC
Contactors ABB Controls, Entrelec, IDEC
Controls ABB, Entrelec, SSAC
Cord Grips TURCK, InterlinkBT
Cord Sets Banner Engineering, TURCK, InterlinkBT
Counters IDEC IZUMI, Red Lion Controls
Current Transducers NK Technologies
Cylinder Position Sensors TURCK, InterlinkBT

|| A-C || D-F || G-I || J-L || M-O || P-R || S-U || V-Z ||
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Kubler Encoders

Kubler incremental encoders 7014FS2 of the Sendix SIL family are suited for use in safety-related applications up to SIL2 acc. to EN 61800-5-2 or PLd to EN ISO 13849-1. In addition, these devices ensure Ex protection in a compact 70 mm housing out of seawater-resistant aluminium. The Sendix SIL 7014FS2 (Shaft) SinCos encoder provides Ex protection and Functional Safety in one device. The incremental encoders 7014FS3 of the Sendix SIL family are

NK Accessories

Sensicast Wireless Transceivers offer a cost-effective way to connect sensors or KW meters where output wiring is a challenge. SensiNet Smart sensors allow output from NK Technologies transducers and KW meters to be communicated real-time via wireless mesh network to PLCs or other controllers. Battery powered options allow for true wireless installation and associated software enables multisensor network configurations.