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The Comat Releco Group is a leading global supplier of high-quality components, systems and services in Industrial Automation, Electrical Installations and Railway and Transport Applications. Our core competencies are Industrial, Time and Monitoring Relays. The product portfolio enjoys an outstanding world-wide reputation.

RELECO Genaral Purpose Relays Distributors

General Purpose MR-C Series

RELECO general purpose relays are used for most general applications, such as automation, pneumatic, heating appliances, signaling, as an input or output interface, etc.

35 x 35 mm round plug-in relay, 8- or 11-terminals multipole connector according to IEC 67 with 2 or 3 contacts up to 10 A and different contact types and contact materials. Standard relay 35 x 35 mm with flat blade connectors with up to 4 contacts and up to 16 A with 3 contacts.

When the coil is disconnected from an electromagnet, peaks of inverse voltage appear at the terminals which can reach very high values. These pulses can be transmitted down the line associated with the coil and could possibly affect other components. In the case of a realy being operated by such devices as transistors, triacs, etc; it may be necessary to protect against transients.

If you are looking for RELECO Relays, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Comat timers that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for TURCK relay sockets technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

RELECO Bifurcated Contacts Relay Low/Current Level Loads Distributor

Bifurcated Contacts

There are different contact types. The main distinction is between single contacts and twin contacts. While single contacts are more suitable for higher loads, twin contacts are significantly more reliable at small loads, i.e. < 24 V, < 100 mA.

RELECO relays with twin contacts are used to switch low currents with high operational reliability.

Twin contacts increase reliable switching by factors of 10 to 100 times. 10µ hard gold plated contacts help to avoid contact oxidation. Together this allows reliable switching of very low level signals through the contacts.

Low level voltages in analogue circuits and signal voltages <10V/5 mA are not easily able to overcome contact resistances. Twin contacts increase contact reliability and gold contacts avoid contact oxidations and are especially suitable to switch low power signal loads.

RELECO Open Contacts DC Load Switching Relays Distributors

Open Contacts DC Load Switching

An open contact arrangement allows an increase in the contact gap, increasing the DC "break capacity" without altering the AC performance.

Relays with increased contact distance of at least 3 mm allow safe separations in power circuits of high voltage currents and increase the protection degree from potentially lethal currents.

Releco offers a wide range of relay types and versions and associated sockets and accessories. Suitable sockets are available for the different relay series for DIN rail mounting or panel mounting. In addition, retaining clips are available for the relays, some of which are included in the scope of supply. Suitable bridges for cost-saving wiring in series are also available.

RELECO relays are made from high-quality, carefully selected materials. They comply with the latest environmental regulations such as RohS.

RELECO Double Make DC Load Switching Relay Distributor

Double Make DC Load Switching

RELECO double make relays are designed to switch high DC loads at voltages of 110 and 220 VDC.

Increased contact gaps, double make contacts, and arc blow-out magnets to reduce contact erosion (burn offs). Compared with standard contacts, the reliability can be remarkably increased when using customized contacts for switching DC loads with breakaway sparks. Increased contact caps, double make contacts and blow out magnets are causing a longer distance for the electric arc. Electric arcs are extinguished quickly and increase significant the lifetime of the contacts.

If consists of one normally open contact with a gap > 3 mm so that the arc length is divided by two.

Isolation between contacts is > 2000 Vrms.

X version RELECO double make relays are available in MR-C and QR-C type housing.

RELECO Latching/Remanence Relays Distributors


While "normal" relays are monostable, i.e. they return to the idle state when the excitation is switched off, remanence relays are bistable, i.e. the current switching state is retained irrespective of the excitation. Relays of this type are available in different versions.

A high remanence magnetic circuit allows the relay to latch positively when the current applied flows through the coil in a direction and delatches if the current flows in the opposite direction.

Electronic circuitry is added inside the relay to control this action and also protects against transient voltages.

There is one winding for AC coils and two windings for DC coils.

All coils withstand permanent connection. The relay can be operated with pulses of 50 ms, minimum, at nominal voltage.

RELECO Magnet Blow-Out Relay Distributor

Magnet Blow-Out

RELECO magnet blow-out relay versions are similar to X types (Double Make Relays), however they have an addition of a powerful magnet which "blows out" the arc generated when the contacts are opened, therefore quenching the arcing quickly and increasing the contact life.

They are able to switch DC loads of up to 10 A @ 222 V DC1 and 2 A @ 220 V DC13.

There is no all-purpose contact! AgNi is used as standard material for a wide range of applications. AgNi contacts with hard gold plating (up to 10 µm) are offered for applications in aggressive atmosphere. Relays with gold contacts are approved for relatively high currents (e.g. 6 A, 250 V), but in practice values of 200 mA, 30 V should not be exceeded for operation with intact gold plating.

RELECO Sensitive 500 mW - 800 mw Relays Distributors


RELECO sensitive DC relays adjusted to work at lower power, available in both MR-C and QR-C versions. Relays with sensitive coils have considerably less power consumption than standard relays. This allows up to 90% energy saving with practically identical switching capcity.

Relays with sensitive coils have improved and more effective magnetic circuits than coils of standard relays. The result is a considerably reduced coil current compared to a standard relay but with an almost identical switching capacity per contact. This means lower power consumption and therefore more economical operating and less heat. Under some circumstances, the user can provide a smaller power supply and save costs.

35 x 35 mm round plug-in relay, 8- or 11-terminals multipole connector according to IEC 67 with 2 or 3 contacts up to 10 A and different contact types and contact materials. Standard relay 35 x 35 mm with flat blade connectors with up to 4 contacts and up to 16 A with 3 contacts.

RELECO High Inrush Current Relay Distributor

Lamp Switching

The movable relay C7-W10 is ideal for industrial applications. The tungsten (W/AgSnO2) pre-contact makes it possible to handle inrush currents up to 500 A for 2.5 ms. Tungsten contacts have a higher melting point that help resist high power peaks and protect main contacts High power peaks during switch-on of electrical loads, for example when switching power supplies and ballasts can lead to welding of the contacts. Early make tungsten contacts resist high inrush currents and avoid contact welding.

Lighting technology has been changing for some years now. Traditional light bulbs are rapidly being replaced with energy-efficient light sources such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs. All of these lamps have one thing in common: they require electronic control gear (ECG). The contacts on conventional relays wear out very quickly if used for triggering these devices. Pre-devices such as relays and contactors are placed under an increased strain when switching ECGs and energy-saving lamps with integrated ECGs. This has to be taken into consideration when planning a new system.

RELECO Railway Applications Relays Distributors

Railway Applications

Relays as per Railway standard EN50155/EN60077/EN61373 are more suitable for applications with shock and vibration and have a higher degree of surge protection. Many of these railway relays also comply to additional fire protection standards, have lower inflammability and develop less toxic smoke and gases in case of fire.

Relays specially developed to comply with railway standards are designed for higher vibration, shock and surge values and allow higher tolerance in the voltage supply. Some of these relays additionally comply to special fire protection standards in regard to inflammability and the development of toxic smoke and gases in fire accidents.

Although specially designed for railway applications these relays are also suitable for other industrial applications where increased product safety is required.

RELECO Solid State Relay Distributor

Solid State

RELECO solid state relays are used to switch up to 50 VDC, heating elements electrovalves, motors, input/output signals on PLCs, solenoids, incandescent and fluorescent lamps, etc. Inductive loads must be shunted with an antiparallel diodes.

Long Life relays are relays of robust mechanical structure with 5 times longer life cycles compared to standard relays. Unlimited switching cycles are reached with solid state relays.

The Long Life Relays with a more robust design provide a 5 times longer service life. Standard relays are designed for 10 to 20 million mechanical switching cycles.

For periodical switching frequencies in the second or minute range, the standard relays reach their life cycle within a few months. The long life relays are specially designed for frequent switching applications.

RELECO Comat Timer Modules Distributors

Time Cube

The modules CT2 and CT3 are electronic RELECO timers that are designed to be inserted between a standard plug-in relay and its socket, enabling the relay to be operated as a timer relay.

The CT modules are able to accept any standard 8- or 11-pin RELECO series C2 or C3 as well as those from any other supplier.

The relay coil voltage must be in the range shown for each model.

RELECO RINT Interface Relay Modules Distributors

CRINT Interface Module

Comat Releco Group hereby gives notice that the line interface relays S CINTLim, will be replaced by the new CRINT line. Thinking on constantly improving the products we offer, Comat Releco have developed a new line of slim interface relays 6.2 mm. The new CRINT line has its optimum production value and offers a better cost benefit to our customers and possess a more cost competitive, but keeping the same characteristics and quality of the line relays CINT.

Basically, nothing changes in the new CRINT line relays, only that the injection of plastic is now made at a new plant in China. The other components are still with the same country of origin. This change impacts heavily on the cost of production. This allows us to offer a product with better cost without changing the existing technical quality in recent 10 years.

RELECO Relay Sockets Distributors


New S10-M and S12 sockets and new connection bridges B20, V10 and V40 permit quick and easy wiring for relays in battery, in groups or in any other combination of voltages, coils or contacts.

Every bridge allows mounting with a hybrid configuration of S10-M and S12 sockets. The immediate identification of the different circuits means a lower mounting cost, inspection or maintenance.

Available in grey (standard), red (AC) and blue (DC), following the same color coding adopted by RELECO in testing buttons to identify its relays.

RELECO IR-C Series Interface Relays Applications Distributors

IRC Interface Applications

In combination with I/O sockets and the plug-in jumpers, the IRC relay series permits low-cost, clearly arranged and reliable realisation of interface circuits for the input and output ends of PLC and control systems. S10-M and S12 sockets with one and two contacts, with inputs in series and identical arrangement of the contacts. Identical order of coil and contacts on both sockets.

V40 bridges join four similar points in four aside adjacent sockets. They can join up either among themselves or to V10 units, to bridge an unlimited number of sockets S10-M and S12 in any combination.

V10 bridges are units to connect a single socket to the next one, so you bridge less or more than 4 sockets. Made of copper with a current capacity of 40 A.

All plug-in jumpers are insulated. The plug-in jumpers at the drive end (coil) can be split manually to the required length, thus enabling the creation of any required interface groups.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho stocks some TURCK products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct RELECO relays for your application in the USA. Whether we have TURCK relays in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from TURCK to any USA cities; Clearwater Tech can get RELECO relays to you fast and save money! It will be very helpful if you have the TURCK relay part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for RELECO relay bases & sockets that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for TURCK Relay, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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IDEC Relays

Featuring The Same Contact Ratings as the larger RR series, the RH series uses silver cadmium oxide contacts to help reduce voltage arcing. Available in 1 to 4 poles, with either .187" blade plug-in or PCB terminals, the RH series is known for going the distance. Options include manual check buttons, LED indicators, and top flange covers for direct surface mounting. All models carry worldwide approvals including UL, CSA, TUV and CE.

ABB Relays

Both the Easy Connect Technology with push-in terminals and screw connection technology with double-chamber cage connection terminals have the same connection geometry as well as terminal position. The three-phase monitoring relays CM-MPS.x1 are designed for use in three-phase mains for monitoring the phase parameters phase sequence, phase failure, over- and undervoltage as well as phase unbalance. The CM-MPS.21 also monitors