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Red Lion Controls

As the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion Controls has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over forty years. Our automation, Ethernet and cellular M2M technology enables companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity. Red Lion first provided sensors, counters and panel meters to monitor and display data within a plant or process.

Industrial Automation Product Guide

Process Control, HMIs & Panel Meters

Supports 300+ Protocols for Any Industrial Application

Industrial RTUs & I/O Modules

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Panasonic Displays

The GT05 Series comes in three different models - GT05M/GT05G (Monochrome) and GT05S (Color). Continuing Panasonic's commitment to crisp and clear displays, the GT05 series is sure to fit into all of your factory automation tasks. Panasonic GT02 HMI offers 3.8-inch sharp image with remarkable functionality. Panasonic GT-32 raises the bar for what slim and compact screens can offer. The GT-32 HMI is very bright, using a 4096 color

SEW Servomotors

These Compact Servomotors are integrated directly into the machine. Their innovative design, including the latest in winding and magnet technology, offers a wide variety of standstill torques as well as high overload capacities. Their reliability and optimized size make these new compact CMDV servomotors an affordable solution for a variety of tasks in automation engineering. The compact CMDV servomotors come without housing and