August 28, 2009

ABB Monitors

The CM-ENN UP/DOWN monitors levels of conductive liquids and media and is used e.g. for liquid level control in pump systems. The measuring principle is based on the resistance change sensed by single-pole electrodes. The function of the output relay 11-12/14 can be selected by a selector switch on the front of the unit to fill "UP" or drain "DOWN". If the "UP" function is selected, the output relay is energized until the MAX electrode becomes wet.

LEESON Gearmotors

Bravo Series 12 Sub-FHP DC worm-type right-angle gearing features hardened, steel worm with bronze worm wheel for long life and quiet operation. Single-piece die cast aluminum alloy housing is vacuum impregnated with Resinol RT for protection and sealing. This gearbox combines light weight with high tensile strength along with being precision machined for alignment of bearings and gearing.

SEW Eurodrive

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SEW Eurodrive

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If you are looking for SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors, please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the SEW Eurodrive Gear Motors that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for SEW Eurodrive Constant Speed Gearmotor technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Parallel Helical Gearmotor
SEW Eurodrive R-Series Parallel Helical Gearmotors Distributors

Sew Eurodrive's R-Series Parallel Helical Gearmotors deliver exceptional performance and reliability combined with low maintenance. Available in many configurations, they have proven themselves with their efficiency and durable gearing. SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors are manufactured from certified steel, heat treated to a case hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C for long gear life.

Helical Worm Gearmotors
SEW Eurodrive S-Series Helical-Worm Gearmotors Distributor

Sew Eurodrive's S-Series gearmotors offer helical-before-worm gearing combining durability with power-packed performance in a compact design that requires no motor belts or couplings. SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors worm shaft and helical gears manufactured from certified steel, heat treated to a case hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C for long gear life.

Parallel-Shaft Helical Gearmotor
SEW Eurodrive F-Series The Snuggler Parallel-Shaft Helical Gearmotors Distributors

Sew Eurodrive's F-Series parallel helical gearmotor lives up to its name as the ideal drive for tight space conditions. This compact drive, with its multiple mounting configurations, is a rugged alternative to right angled gearmotors. SEW Eurodrive Gearmotor Gears manufactured from certified steel, heat treated to a case hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C for long gear life. SEW Eurodrive Gearcases are made of high strength gray cast iron, SAE Class 30.

Helical-Bevel Gearmotors
SEW Eurodrive K-Series Helical-Bevel Gearmotor Distributor

Sew Eurodrive's K-Series right angle helical-bevel gearmotors deliver maximum performance and reliability with 95%+ efficiency and high torque density. Durable gearing designed for long service life makes this drive an ideal choice for rugged, around-the-clock applications. Double output seal design consisting of patented bi-helix inner seal made of Viton and double-lipNitrile (Buna-N) outer seal. Only materials of the highest quality are used in the manufacture of the units.

Low Horsepower Right Angle Gearmotor
SEW Eurodrive W-Series SPIROPLAN Low Horsepower Right Angle Gearmotors Distributors

SPIROPLAN gearmotors are robust right-angle gearmotors with SPIROPLAN gearing. They have three main differences from the helical-worm gear units: the material combination of the steel-on-steel gearing, the special tooth meshing relationships and the aluminum housing. These features make SPIROPLAN® gearmotors very quiet, wear-free and lightweight. The particularly short design and the aluminum housing make for very compact and lightweight drive solutions. The wear-free gearing and the life-long lubrication facilitate long periods of maintenance-free operation. As the oil fill is independent of the mounting position, SPIROPLAN gearmotors can be installed in any mounting position without altering the quantity of oil. Identical hole spacing in the foot and face as well as the equal shaft height to both provides you with diverse mounting options.

Heavy Industrial Planetary Gearmotor
SEW Eurodrive P-Series Heavy Industrial Planetary Gearmotors Distributors

SEW-Eurodrive's P-Series combination planetary Gearmotors offers high power density in the high power range. Inline co-axial and right angle configurations add design flexibility.

MOVIMOT Integrated Drive

SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor with Integrated Frequency Inverters Distributors

MOVIMOT is the success product in decentralized drive engineering: the ingeniously simple idea of combining a gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter in the power range of 0.37 to 4.0 kW.

Despite the integrated frequency inverter, the unit needs only a minimum of additional space compared to the standard gearmotors and can be supplied in all standard versions and mounting positions with and without brake for supply voltages of 380 to 500 V and 200 to 240 V.

Servo Gearmotors
SEW Eurodrive Servomotors Gearmotors Distributor

SEW-Eurodrive servo-drives offer many advantages over conventional drive systems; faster cycle rate, greater positioning accuracy, higher dynamic performance, wider speed control range, full torque at zero speed, and higher overload capability. SEW servo-motors can be combined with either our modular or stand-alone MOVIDYN servo-amplifiers and low-backlash planetary gearing, or with any of SEW's wide range of conventional helical and helical-bevel gearing.

SEW Eurodrive VARIMOT Friction-Disc Variable Speed Gearmotors Distributors
SEW Eurodrive VARIMOT Mechanically-Adjustable Gear Units

SEW-Eurodrive's VARIMOT mechanically-adjustable gear units deliver straight forward operation and robust performance in applications requiring mechanical stepless speed variation.

  • Power ratings from 0.5 to 15 HP
  • Output speeds up to 2235 rpm
  • Output torques up to 64,800 lb-in.
  • Combine with Speed Reducers for Variable Speed Applications requiring low output speed and high output torque
  • Speed variation may be performed manually by means of a handwheel, or electro-mechanically using a Servo-Motor
  • Foot or flange mounted configurations
  • May be used without reduction as a direct machine drive
SEW Eurodrive VARIGEAR Belt-Type Variable Speed Gearmotors Distributors
SEW Eurodrive VARIGEAR Mechanically-Adjustable Drives

SEW Eurodrive VARIGEAR mechanically-adjustable drives can be combined with a large variety of SEW speed reducers in virtually any system requiring variable-speed gearmotors with low output speed and high output torque. They can also be used without reduction as direct machine drives, either in the foot-mounted or flange-mounted configuration. The speed adjustment range of SEW mechanically-adjustable variable-speed gearmotors may be further extended through the use of multi-speed motors.

  • Power ratings from 0.5 to 60 HP
  • Output speeds up to 3910 rpm
  • Output torques up to 427,455 lb-in.
SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC Keyless Hollow-Shaft Mounting Systems Distributors
SEW Eurodrive TorqLOC Mounting System

A typical keyed hollow shaft is made from carbon steel and is likely to corrode to a customer's solid shaft. In time, an attempt to separate the two shafts may prove to be impossible. In contrast, TorqLOC Requires No Key and should remain corrosion free, even after years of service. It contacts the customer's solid shaft in only two places - at the support bushing and at the torque bushing.

The support bushing is bronze and will not corrode to steel due to the nature of dissimilar metals. The torque bushing is either electro less nickel-plated 1045 carbon steel or stainless steel - neither of which corrode to carbon steel. Furthermore, the high clamping forces located at the torque bushing prohibit the presence of oxygen so oxidation (rust) cannot occur.

Our industrial factory automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho USA stocks some SEW Eurodrive products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct SEW Eurodrive geared motors in the USA, Canada and Mexico Whether we have planetary gear motors in stock in Boise, Idaho or need to ship direct from SEW Eurodrive to any USA cities, Clearwater Tech can get SEW Eurodrive F-Series to you fast and save you some money! It will be very helpful if you have the low horsepower geared motor part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for SEW Eurodrive R-Series that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for helical-bevel gearmotor, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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