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The C512 & C513 temperature monitors are display based units for all types of sensors: PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84, NTC-B57227-K333-A1. Depending on the device up to 3 sensors can be connected and different supply voltage versions are available. Basically over- and undertemperatures (window monitoring) can be monitored. For status indication LEDs are included as well as 1 n/o and 2 c/o (SPDT) contact. The temperature

Weidmuller Optos

The TERMOPTO Optocoupler Module is used in industrial applications in which electrical isolation and signal conditioning without switching amplification is sufficient. The compact design in terminal-block format saves space on the terminal rail and offers the option of a pluggable cross-connection. The option between 10 input voltages and 3 output voltages as well as screw or PUSH IN connection enables 60 versions for various


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This page consists of some catalog specifications for the SSAC product line. please call us on (800) 894 - 0412 or email us at if you cannot find the SSAC Timers technical information (data-sheets) that you are looking for. For more detailed technical information, please use Cut Sheets or Product Selection Guide pages.

Description File Size
SSAC ProgramaCube Timers 499 KB
SSAC Multifunction Timer 238 KB
SSAC Single Function Timers 6,295 KB
SSAC Dual Function Timer 260 KB
SSAC HVAC Timers 275 KB
SSAC Dedicated Timer 6,706 KB
SSAC Flashers/Relays/Chasers 255 KB
SSAC Voltage & Phase Monitors 269 KB
SSAC Current Sensors & Monitors 205 KB
SSAC Liquid Level Controls & Alternating Relays 639 KB
SSAC Tower & Obstruction Lighting Controls 177 KB
SSAC Solid-State Relays 165 KB
SSAC Accessories - Sockets, Terminals, Varistors, Cover, Marker, Dials, Motor Protectors, Probes & Probe Holders 1,438 KB
SSAC Appendix - Functions, Diagrams & Drawings 1,503 KB

SSAC designs and manufactures electronic controls for original equipment manufacturers: commercial appliances, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, vending equipment, pumping equipment, elevators, etc.; for process control and automation designers; obstruction lighting control designers; and for a large group of industrial customers and service contractors. Sales representatives and stocking distributors are located throughout the world.

May 31, 2010 SSAC was sold to the shareholders of SymCom Inc. of Rapid City, South Dakota. All the employees were offered positions with the newly formed SSAC LLC. company. Most elected to stay and help SSAC grow within the new privately held structure. Prior History: April 2001, a friendly takeover bid for the Entrelec Group was launched by ABB Inc. This takeover bid was accepted and finalized in June 2001, thereby integrating Entrelec and thus SSAC Inc. into the ABB Group.

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